How Much Space Does A Guinea Pig Need?

Guinea pigs are very bright and cheerful creatures. You do not have to invest too much time in their maintenance, and it is straightforward to take care of them once you get the hang of it. They are playful and can be a joy to keep around your home. However, there are some aspects of keeping a guinea pig as a pet that you will have to pay a little extra heed to. There is a certain way that you will have to hold your guinea pig and the food that you give it.

The most important thing that you will most definitely have to pay attention to is how much space a guinea pig will need. It needs enough space to roam around and play. If you are not letting it out of its cage, then it can stay active and alert. It needs to maintain a certain shape to be healthy and strong. By nature, they will find a way to move and run around, but it is essential that they are not extremely confined and stuck in a tiny space.


If you are keeping the guinea pig’s hutch inside your house, then it has to be big enough to maintain an environment that will be similar to that if the guinea pig was outside. Most people tend to keep their guinea pig’s hutches indoors if it’s winter, to protect the guinea pig from falling sick and becoming unhealthy and weak. It is always better to keep them preserved in weather like that. If you keep the hutch indoors, it is always better to make sure that the hutch is large enough to sustain a decent amount of guinea pigs because that is exactly the amount of space one guinea pig needs. Mainly because they run after companionship, and you will have to get more to make sure the guinea pig does not get depressed and sad. This is a common occurrence because guinea pigs are used to living with others like their kind.

Another thing you have to pay heed to when keeping the hutch indoors is that you can not keep it in areas that tend to get too hot. You can not keep them behind refrigerators or near radiators where they tend to get much too hot. 

When it comes to noise, guinea pigs are susceptible to noises, and they can hear them from far away distances. If you are planning on keeping a guinea pig hutch indoors, then you have to make sure that they are not kept in a region where the noises are too high and can hurt their overly sensitive eardrums. You have to keep them in an area where the noises will not hurt them, and they will stay secure and safe. Loud noises can severely hurt guinea pigs, so make sure that you control your voice as well if you have a guinea pig nearby.

Another important thing that you have to take care of is if you have any other pets nearby or if you are the owner of multiple animals, you have to make sure that the guinea pigs are far away. If you tend to keep multiple animals, then you have to make sure that the guinea pig is not within easy reach of these other animals. You have to keep them at a safe distance because if the other animals are carnivorous, then they might try to eat the guinea pigs, and they might become successful if the cages are not safe enough.


There are some instruments and supplies that you will need to keep inside the cage to make sure that the animals are taken care of in the best way possible. It would help if you had a water bottle that needs to be cleaned so that the water that the hamster is drinking is not contaminated. If the water bottle is disgusting, you are risking your hamster getting very sick, very easily. Make sure to keep the hamster’s eating instruments very clean.

It also needs to have an ample amount of hay inside its cage. It needs the hay to sleep in, and if the hay is in a small amount, then your hamster will be sleeping very uncomfortably. This may cause the hamster’s body to start aching very easily.

You can also get a salt lick for your hamster. A wooden chew is also perfect for the hamster. The hamster can use these items to chew. Hamsters like exciting things to put in their mouths and chew. This helps their teeth and gums to stay healthy, and the whole experience is delightful for them.


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If the hamster hutch is kept outside, there are multiple ways to keep them secure. The walls of the hutch need to be tall enough that they can not get out, but at the same time, the boundaries have to be wide enough that the hamster has plenty of space to move around. It can not be confined and restricted too much, or it will start to get irritable. Its health will begin to deteriorate, and sooner or later, the hamster will begin to get depressed. This leads me to my second point. The hamster will need companionship because they tend to be amiable animals, and you can not keep in singular numbers. You will need to get more of its species for the hamster to stay happy and healthy and in its best condition possible.


The best part about keeping guinea pigs is that they are small in size and very fun to hold once they become comfortable with your touch. Your guinea pig needs to be in a secure and safe environment for it to be playful and lively. Do your research regarding this before you purchase a guinea pig.

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