Do cats eat roaches?

Why my cat hunts insects?

The cats are carnivores, which means they love to feed on other animals. This feeding depends on the size of the hunting animal and the prey. Some well-known carnivorous animals are,

  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Eagles
  • Saltwater crocodiles
  • Sharks
  • Snakes

The list goes go on. And the animals must eat meat for their survival. The other categories being herbivores (plant-eating animals like Cow) and Omnivores (Both plant and meat-eating animals like Rats, pigs, chickens).

Though we have made wild cat animals to domestic cats through centuries, the inheritance still exists in one or the other form. Cats love to hunt on small insects, rats, lizards, and so on.

One such type of prey for the feline animal is roaches.

Does my cat love to eat roaches?

In the wild forests, cats find many food items ranging from insects to lizards to roaches to flies. But the possibility of finding and hunting these food animals is less in urban areas compared to rural areas. No wonder why farmers used and use these animals as pets.

Imagine these animals helping the people by hunting and removing the small disturbing insects from entering the house. In cities, the mothers are the ones who fight with lizards, switch off the lights to distract the flies to a brighter area, and hunt the rat that disturbs the sleep of everyone at home.

If my cat could give a helping hand, then my time spent on this would reduce my stress and keeps me relieved. Roaches are just one type of prey for the cat. Just chill!

Why do my cats come with a dead animal to me?

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Do you see your cat offering you a dead animal as something irritating? If yes, you have mistaken your feline friend. Imagine from your cat’s perspective. The animal it has hunted for the dinner, it has not eaten that and offered it to you (for eating), which means it is sharing food with you as a token of love towards you.

How rude are we to blame that little animal(!)? Only some indoor cats know exactly how to hunt on their prey. Only very few cats know how to catch the flying insect and eat roaches, anyway.

Throw your food offering when your cat is not watching you because let us not disappoint the animal that is offering.

Does my cat enjoy prey on?

A cat generally loves to play. Be it with humans like cat owners or kids or their favorite and small animals like flies and roaches. The flying nature of flies makes it attractive for cats to catch them and play. The case is similar for cockroaches too. The fast-moving creature builds curiosity in cats to try and catch it. The cats prefer to play with it, not hunt and eat it.

A cockroach mostly avoids coming in contact with cats and dogs. As far cockroach is concerned is their big fussy eyes, fur on the body and sharp nails. For all these reasons, the cockroach avoids contact. In case they come in contact with cats, they run away which for cats are funnier and loves to play by catching it.

Is it related to the behavior of the cat?

Yes, in one way it is related to the behavior of the cat. Some cats prefer to just play and not eat them. The cats think roaches as their toys and not as an animal. They kill it for fun and not for taste. But some cats do kill them for food.

Most domesticated cats do not hunt because they would get some good delicious food and why wasting time on this animal is what they imagine.

Do cats do this for fun?

Yes, most of the cats do for fun and in playful nature only. First, it notices the cockroach running from one place to another. Your cat gets curious and finds it attractive. Then he tries to catch it by running behind and chasing. Finally, after a long chase, the cockroach gets tired and gives up. Now, your cat catches that in its mouth, but the effort is too large for a small animal. If the cat has enjoyed the fun, then it returns. It is not necessary that a cat must eat that since it hunted.

That is the exact reason why you see a lot of dead animals in and around your home even though your cat hunted, it didn’t eat because it didn’t feel so.

Is it safe for my cat to eat roaches?

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Absolutely fine. The cat’s nature is to hunt small insects and eat but our concern must be in knowing whether the roaches are infected with any diseases or sprayed with pesticides or insecticides as those chemicals used are harmful to the cat and its digestive system.

Moreover, the cockroach’s skeleton is rough, and eating it might sometimes cause counting or throw up by the cat.

Should I consult a vet doctor?

Unless and until your cat does not have difficulty breathing or choking, it is fine. Watch out for the unusual behavior of your cat. If, it is throwing up or behaving weirdly, then immediately take it to the nearby hospital or the preferred veterinarian.

If the case of any such incidents in the past, then keep your cat away from such cockroaches. Use some types of cockroach spray to get rid of roaches.

Distract your feline friend as much as you can till you get rid of the poisonous roaches.

Conclusions are,

The cats being sociable and friendly love to play for fun. In case any discomfort in health conditions seen or behavioral changes are noted, then do consult with a veterinary doctor for reasons.

Do comment below on how funny is your cat and how are you enjoying the moments with your cat.

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