can turtles eat zucchini

Turtles are one of my all-time favorite pets. They are quiet, they do not make any fuss, they are not that much tricky to feed, they will eat almost anything available to them, and lastly, they are super low maintenance. 

If you have ever kept a turtle for any period in time, you will also know that not all turtles are the same. They are a very diverse bunch. There have been somewhere around 300 species of turtles discovered, and they all have some characteristics that vary from another, which affect what type of food they can or cannot be fed.

Turtles fall into two categories when we talk about their feeding habits, Omnivores, and Herbivores. Omnivore Turtles derive most of their food from plants and animal sources, while herbivores are strictly green as they only eat fruits and vegetables.

Feeding your turtle Zucchini might be a good idea, then. But before you go in to buy or acquire it for your turtle to feed them from time to time, let us get into the turtles feeding Habits and what turtles eat mostly.

what to feed your turtle:

As I said earlier, Turtles can either be strictly Herbivores or Omnivores. This depends mostly upon their species, and if you have a pet turtle, you should know about their feeding preference. However, here is a list of the types of foods you can be sure that your turtle will surely like to eat. Foods from this list will satisfy your turtle’s appetite, but you should be sure to mix and match and not stick to one form of food for your entire life as you might make them deficient in their nutritional and caloric requirements.


You can go ahead and cut up a piece of whatever fruit you have in your kitchen and feed it to your turtle for their lunch. When it comes to fruits, turtles are not picky and will eat almost any fruit you offer them. However, it is my responsibility to warn you that you should not be feeding your turtle any citrus fruits like oranges or lemons as you will have a turtle with stomach problems on your hands if you do. Citrus fruits can give them bouts of diarrhea, which can make them sick for some time.


Vegetables are all fair game when it comes to turtles. You can go ahead and buy any vegetable you like, and your turtle will eat it as the time for dinner comes around. However, some turtles can be very picky eaters and might make you guess what they want and do not. So vegetables are all safe for them to eat, but it mostly depends upon your luck if your turtle is going to dig in or not.


Your turtle is going to enjoy meat if your pet turtle is from a species of omnivores. They love their meat and will eat anything from beef to chicken. So please do not shy away from giving them a few pieces from time to time. Meat is also good for their protein intake.


Your pet turtle has a lot of protein-filled choices and variety when it comes to worms and insects. If you want to feed them worms, then you can mostly do good with any fish bait you can find. Caterpillars are also fair game as they have proteins in them. However, it would help if you did not think that all worms and insects are safe for them to eat as some may have toxins in them, which can knock out your turtle after they have fed on them.

aquatic-based meals:

Turtles are cute and quiet pets mostly, but in the sea, they are feared, predators. You can give them fish from time to time. If you have a pond where your turtle lives, then dump some live feeder fish in there from time to time to give them the exercise so that they can flex their predator muscles as well. Fishes are mostly chewed up and swallowed whole with all their sharp scales and bones intact. However, not all aquatic creatures are good for them as some people might think that frogs are good food for them when in reality they are not, and they will release toxins from their skin as they are chewed up. These toxins can also kill your turtles.

foods to avoid:

There are also certain foods you will need to avoid. 

DAIRY: Turtles are lactose intolerant and do not have the necessary enzymes to break down and digest things like milk and cheese. So never feed them any dairy.

SWEETS: Anything that is processed sugar and unnatural is not going to make it to your turtle food. So never try to feed your turtle things like chocolates or cookies.

feeding your turtle zucchini:

 Zucchini or courgette is a vegetable that is eaten by millions of people around the world. It is normally cooked, but a lot of people do like it raw as well. 

Feeding your turtle is Zucchini or Courgette is okay, and you can do it. However, it is mostly water, which is not good for your turtle’s diet. It does not give your turtle a lot of nutritional benefits as well. So you can feed it to them, but do not make it a frequent dish and do it sparingly. 

Your turtle might sometimes even refuse to eat it as well, so you will have to be ready for that possibility too. But if you see that your turtle does not like eating zucchini, then there is no need to feed it to them anymore and switch to something they like. Turtles are very infrequent eaters, and adult turtles only need to eat once every three days. Hence it would help if you were sure to pick what they like. So, as far as zucchini is concerned, it ranks very low on a turtle’s choice of food.


You can feed your turtles a lot of stuff, but as far as zucchini is concerned, it might be okay for us to eat from time to time; for turtles. It does not make much sense from a dietary perspective, as it is mostly filled with water.

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