Can Turtles Eat Flies

Turtles tend to be one of the most nonchalant and effortless pets to keep in your home. They do not require much of your attention, and you will rarely have to interact with them if you do not want to.

Granted that you fulfill the turtle’s needs in every way, there is very little that the turtle will ask from you. Even the needs that need to be fulfilled are not excessive. It is very much the basics that the turtle will need to stay happy and healthy for a long period.

For starters, we will talk about their habitat. Turtles are amphibians. This means that they are capable of surviving on both land and water. They will need both elements to survive, as well. You have to remember that you can not simply put your turtle inside a fishbowl and expect it to thrive to the best of its abilities. It will need to go into the water to swim and hydrate now and then. In the absence of water, the turtle will begin to feel quite dehydrated and irritable. Its comfort level will begin to deteriorate.

What you have to remember is that when you go out to buy an aquarium for your turtle, you must consider the fact that they will need both dry land and wetland. The aquarium should have a spot where the turtle can sit outside of the water and relax. It should also have clean water at all times to maintain a hygienic environment for the animal. You can not just leave it in the surroundings in which the turtle feels uncomfortable and unlike itself. You will have to make its habitat as adaptable as possible. Apart from that, serenity and calmness are quite essential for turtles.

Everything that you want to know about Turtles

Turtles are the kind of animals that easily tend to get scared and startled. When they do so, they may go into their shell and not come out for a long period. This level of discomfort may also cause their mental health to deteriorate, and you will find that they are not happy in their new surroundings. Remember to buy an aquarium, which is sizable enough that it fits into a secluded area inside your house where it will not have to experience too much chaos and such.

Another, and the most important thing that you need to pay attention to if you do decide to bring a turtle home, is their diet. You have to take care of what they eat, and you may have to do some level of research to make sure that the turtle remains healthy and gets the nutrition that it needs to be active and alert. It should be strong enough to be able to hold its weight and defend itself if the situation arises and presents itself to the turtle.

Taking care of Turtle’s diet

Speaking of the turtle’s diet. Since turtles are amphibians, people tend to relate their habits to that of the frog, and a question often arises regarding whether or not a turtle can eat flies. The turtle was formerly living in a pond, or a lake and flies may have been its source of protein at the time. It may be eating all sorts of flies. So, to put it simply, yes, turtles can eat flies. Their digestive systems do allow flies, and their body can process these creatures with much ease. Their organs become resilient when they live in the great outdoors.

When you decide to keep turtles as pets, you may question whether or not letting the turtle eat a fly now and then is good for its health.

It depends a lot on the area in which you live. Not every location may be suitable to allow the turtle to start devouring every insect that it might find. If you live in a location where there is a lot of pollution and dirt everywhere, flies will usually fly in through your window from a pile of garbage. Of course, this sounds disgusting to you, but it may not be the same way for the turtle.

The turtle might not care enough because the only thing it will be seeing is food. However, if a fly has flown in from a pile of garbage, it will likely hold countless parasites and germs. It may also contain all sorts of diseases. Once your turtle eats the fly, it will likely fall sick, and you might not even find out why until it is too late. Your responsibility in a situation like this is to keep your turtle well fed and make sure that it is not too hungry.

You may also keep the windows closed most of the time to make sure that no flies fly into your home.

Of course, if you are someone that lives in the countryside or in an area that is much cleaner, it is possible that the flies that fly in are not as detrimental to the health of the turtle. You may allow the turtle to eat a fly in a clean location, now and then, as they are a tasty snack for them and a decent source of protein even if the amount is not a lot.

However, it is always much better to stay on the safe side and keep your turtle well fed to make sure that it does not get too attracted towards these flying objects because you can never be too sure if the insect is clean or not. It is your responsibility to keep the turtle protected and safe and to make sure that its health is not affected too much.


On the bright side, it might be a rare occasion in which the turtle eats a fly, and it may not have that much of an adverse effect on the turtle’s body.

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