can turtles eat bok choy

Turtles are a breeze to care for. They are very low maintenance and can eat and be happy to eat a variety of foods. Their only requirement is for them to be happy most of the time is that they get fed and the space they live in is kept clean.

There are almost 300 species of turtles known to us around the world. These Turtles according to their characteristics vary in their food but there are generally accepted foods that almost all turtles will dig into too. 

Some species of Turtles are Herbivores meaning they will only eat fruits and vegetables but most of the species are omnivores meaning that they will get their food from plants and animal sources alike.

what do turtles eat:

Now, what do turtles eat depends on a multitude of aspects? As there are almost 300 species of these creatures roaming around the world, there might be slight changes and alterations in the things they eat. However, we have compiled a list of things that generally will be followed by most of the species of turtles.


It does not matter if the turtle you own is an omnivore or a strict herbivore, If it is a turtle, then it will love its veggies. Juvenile turtles like small human children do not like their vegetables, but they prefer and need proteins but as they exceed 18 months in age, they will go for an all-greens yet somewhat varied diet.


Apart from the citrus fruits which give them strong bouts of diarrhea, fruits of all types and shapes are enjoyed by turtles. They will eat whatever fruit is available to them.


In the Seaworld, a hierarchy is prevalent. Turtles will go into the sea and eat whatever fish is smaller than them. They will eat it raw with all their scales and bones intact.


Mollusks are also a healthy source of calcium for the turtles. Their preference for them will however change according to their species and not all turtles will have a go at the Mollusk shells. These shells are very healthy for them as they help in their bone development.


This option of worms and insects is full of varieties and choices. Not all worms and insects are edible either. In theory, turtles can go and enjoy as many insects and worms as they like, however, there are some insects like stinging caterpillars that have defense mechanisms attached to them, which will make the turtle sick. The remaining insects and worms are mostly fair game for them and are a good source of a variety of nutrients.


Turtles love their meat. They can go to town on almost whatever meat they can get their hands on. Meat is a good source of proteins for them and juvenile turtles should be given a lot of meat.


The market is nowadays full of options to feed your turtle. There are processed turtle food pellets you can find sometime in over-the-counter stores. They have all the essential nutrients in them that are needed for their growth.

how often should you feed your turtle:

Depending on their age, the often aspect of feeding your turtle varies. This variance also affects the type of foods they can have.

For Juvenile Turtles it is recommended that they be fed at least once a day. They need to grow and get strong as quickly as possible and most of their diets consist of protein sources like eggs, worms, snails, and crickets. They are also not fans of eating vegetables but they should be given vegetables from time to time. You should also give them fruits to eat as well.

For young adult Turtles that exceed the age of 18 months, you should be feeding them twice every two days. They have mostly outgrown their protein requirements but they still do need to eat it. However, you should keep proteins in moderation from here onwards. Turtles at this age mostly need to feed on vegetables which should be given to them as their meals. These veggies can include bok choy, corn, carrots, beans, beets, peas, squash, and yams. 

Turtles who have grown fully can be fed at least once every three days and will be okay with it.

can turtles eat bok choy

Bok Choy which is also called Pok Choi is a type of vegetable that belongs to the mustard family. It is a leafy green vegetable. 

Now as I mentioned earlier, turtles are fond of eating vegetables as it gives them their necessary nutrients. Bok choy is a great thing to feed your turtle.

Here are the nutritional benefits of Bok Choy:

  • It is full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. These nutrients help in boosting the immune system and making the bones strong. They are also good for the heart.
  • It is also a great source of Potassium.
  • It is extremely low in caloric quantities.

There however may arise a problem of Bok Choy belonging to Goitrogens. Yes, they might give your turtle goiters if you feed it to them often. Hence you should practice moderation when feeding your turtle Bok Choy. So just give it to them from time to time but do keep changing to other vegetables and only feed it to them after regular intervals. This is not the type of vegetable that should be used as a daily feeder.


Turtles are low-maintenance animals. They do not need much. But you should vary the type of food you go on feeding them. Bok Choy is an excellent vegetable to feed them which is full of the necessary nutrients. However, there have been instances of these vegetables when fed in excess given a few turtle’s conditions like goiter. Hence you should practice moderation in feeding this to your pet turtle.

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