Can Turtles Eat Bananas?

Turtles are reptiles with rigid shards that guard them against predators, and some can even fold their skulls up inside their shells for additional safety. They are among the oldest groups of reptiles, having advanced millions of years ago. They are spotted all over the world and in any climate. Turtles come in all figures and dimensions. They all fit into a set of reptiles named Testudines, consisting of turtles, tortoises, and terrapins. From gigantic, slow-moving surface-dwelling tortoises and tetchy terrapins are reclining in their fresh-water ponds to the agile lashes of an aquatic turtle gliding over our sea. Turtles are incapable of coming out of their shell. Their shell nurtures them, so it’s intolerable for them to breed too large for it!

What can Turtles Eat?

Turtles are just like the humans who cherish them. There are over 300 classes of this olden reptile, and each one has its ideal intake. Some of them are meat-eaters, whereas others follow vegan nutrition. However, most turtles are omnivores, intaking both wildlife and plants. Moreover, it also depends on the jawbone they have for crunching food, where they live, and what nourishment sources are accessible.

Turtles are usually omnivores, ingesting a diverse food that consists of:

  • Market turtle diet: Turtles cherish turtle tablets and freezing dried out fish provisions; it should be provided in a low volume infrequently to dodge overdoing it or contaminating the water too much and quit giving it to your Turtle when it is showing no notice in it.
  • Protein: You can serve turtles, crickets, mealworms, or feeder seafood to their ample protein consumption. Additionally, you can feed them comet goldfish. It is an invaluable root of protein and equilibriums natural resources like calcium and phosphorus and sufficient vitamin A levels.
  • Greens: You can give them greeneries such as kale, collards, or mustard greens; however, get rid of any plants they don’t consume within a few hours. Further, carrots, squash, and zucchini are also particular food types that turtles can consume. You can also feed them edible oceanic shrubs such as sea lettuce, aquatic hyacinth, and duckweed.
  • Fruits: You can give them worn apples, bananas, cubed berries, and melons.

Can turtles devour bananas? 

Yes, they can feast on bananas. Bananas contain many vitamins and natural resources that are important to the well-being of turtles and Potassium, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium. Though, bananas should be given to turtles in moderation and must never constitute further than 5-10% of their available food. Turtles must have Bananas in moderation because of their high sugar and starch intake.

However, bananas are a wholesome treat, so you do not need to supervise how much you feed them. It would be best if you restricted their consumption.

Is feeding a banana to your Turtle a safe idea?

Feeding bananas to your Turtle is harmless, but does it mean that you must?

Well, the well-being of your Turtle is the most critical factor, and it’s your obligation as its parent to guard and look after them. Many turtle keepers are quite amazed that their turtles cherish and crave bananas. Moreover, some turtles become disreputably annoyed and demanding with their diet in anticipation of extra bananas. Being a turtle owner can be exasperating when you are not sure whether to feed them a banana or any different fruit for that matter. Then you should initially supervise how much fruit you are sustaining them with and authenticate that you are not overdoing it. You can quickly overfill your turtle sugar if you give them a variety of fruits in their food.

Moreover, it also rests on if your Turtle displays any craving towards bananas. You will first have to give some little servings of it to perceive how they reply and respond. Lastly, you’ll have to supervise how your Turtle reacts to the banana and whether it is helpful or harmful? 

How Much Can Turtles Consume Bananas?

Bananas should not be given to turtles frequently due to their high sugar content. The acid and sugar found in bananas and other fruits can be poisonous if they habitually chew on them. The fiber in bananas makes their intestines swell and leads to severe abdominal distress and even diarrhea, in addition to other health problems.

Though, bananas do contain high nutritious substances and can be specified to pet turtles rarely. The safe tactic would be to give your Turtle assorted food, which may incorporate bananas once in a while.

Another problem that may arise while feeding them bananas is that it can also endorse weight increase. Subsequently, turtles already have a significant volume of heaviness they carry everywhere through their shell, so keeping their weightiness low is at all times advantageous. Furthermore, it’s advised to avoid giving them banana peel because the banana covering carries lethal elements cast off as insect killers and can root problems for turtles. 

How can you serve bananas to your Turtle?

If you do plan on giving your turtle banana, then you should do it carefully. Gradually start and oversee how turtles act and react to it. However, if you notice adverse signs and indications, then avoid going onward. Apart from this, you may feed them bananas in balance. Other fruits that you can also provide them are Apples, Melon, and Grapes. It is significant to recall that turtles are tiny little beings and fragile. They scrape to intake sugar in the measures that we beings can. So, it is authoritative that you do not give them a portion of banana any more prominent than a grownup’s thumb at any one time.


Turtles can eat bananas safely but in moderation. They generally enjoy feeding on them and if you want to offer them a banana, be sure to present it in small amounts. There are plenty of vitamins and natural resources in bananas and fiber, but the sugar can formulate complications if given excess. Even so, bananas are an exciting and robust treat that your Turtle can relish occasionally. 

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