can turtles eat frogs

Turtles have somewhere around 300 species, which differ in various characteristics. These 300 species are categorized into two groups according to their feeding needs. 

A good amount of turtles are Omnivores. They feed on whatever meat and greens they can lay their mouths on. The rest is strictly Herbivores and only eat fruits and vegetables. 

Turtles are mainly amphibious reptiles that fall under the category of predators when they are living underwater. They live the longest in almost all the species that live underwater. They also feed on fish and can swallow them whole if they get the chance. 

can turtles eat frogs?

Frogs are also amphibious creatures. They are also very small than a turtle and can, in theory, become a snack for your turtle. They might even be readily available to you to feed your turtle as soon as you can find them. 

The answer to this question is a resounding No! Frogs and turtles hate each other for some reason, and one will eat the other if given a chance. Let me explain further as I go into the intricate details.

Are frogs bad for turtles?

If you put a frog and a turtle in a tank, then immediately, there will be a very stressful competition between them. They will try to kill each other the moment they see each other. If the Frog is bigger, then the turtle will be swallowed whole at the very first chance the frog gets. If the turtle is bigger, then the frog will be swallowed whole. If they are of the same size, then they will be competing for the food they get, and either one or the other will expire from the stress of the competition, which could be the frog, and the turtle will eat it afterward. However, whichever one wins, both will die at the end. 

How may you ask? Well, Amphibians are known to produce toxins through their skins. These toxins are very toxic and can even knock down the oldest and strongest of the turtles. So If the Frog is eaten, it will release the toxins through its skin as the last hail mary and then be chopped to pieces. The Turtle will later on collapse from all the toxins it ingested. So when a frog and a turtle are kept together, none of them is coming back out alive.

what should you be feeding your turtle instead:

As I might have already made the point that feeding frogs to your turtles are a very bad idea, you might be wondering what you should give your pet turtle, especially if you are a new pet owner. Turtles are one of the lowest maintenance pets in the animal kingdom. They will eat almost everything that is imagined in the realm of possibilities. You should know what type of turtle your pet is and if it is an herbivore or an Omnivore. Once you do that, come back to this article as we show you what most turtles will eat.


Turtles are big fans of the greens. All turtles enjoy eating vegetables. From carrots to beets, if you got a vegetable with you to feed your turtle, then go ahead and feed it to them. Your pet turtle will thank you for it. 


Almost all fruits can be fed to your turtle. You can feed them all of the seasonal offerings as well. Just be cautious of oranges as they might give your turtle diarrhea.


When Turtles are underwater, they are predators. They usually try and find whatever fish they can find and eat them whole.


Turtles also enjoy mollusk shells as they have nutrients inside of them that help in their bone development. Not all turtles will, however, eat mollusks.


There is a lot of variety when it comes to worms and insects. Turtles will eat earthworms and other crawlies like crickets as they are a good source of nutrients for them. However, they should stay clear of the worms and insects that have defense mechanisms attached to them, which can, in turn, make them sick and even kill them in some situations. 


Meat is a great source of protein, and all turtles under the age of 18 months should receive as much meat as they can find. One of those meats can be beef.


There are a lot of options available nowadays in the supermarkets as amphibious pets are being kept by people all over. These over-the-counter options are great to feed your pets.

how often you should feed your turtle:

The often factor varies by their age. If you have a turtle that is under 18 months, then feed them proteins and some vegetables once a day. If the turtle is over 18 months, then feed them once every two days. If they are old, then you can get away with feeding them once every three days.


Frogs and Turtles are not the best of friends in the animal kingdom. For some reason, they hate each other. In the wild, a turtle will always go after the frog, and the frog will always go after the turtle. This mainly depends on who is the smaller of the two. If you have frogs readily available to you and you think that they will make a good and tasty snack for your pet turtle, then you are wrong in assuming that. Amphibians have a hail mary in their skin. Whenever a predator eats them, they will release toxins from their skin. These Toxins will kill the predator as the time comes. If you are worried about what you should be feeding your turtle, then you should not be worrying as turtles are very low maintenance and will almost eat everything. So it will not take much time for you to find something to feed them.

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