Can rabbits eat rhubarb?

Diet and food are one of the most important requirements of taking efficient as well as effective care of your pets. As a pet owner, it is your duty and responsibility to ensure that you feed healthy food to your pets in sufficient quantity that will help them in their growth and provide them with the essential nutritional numbers. This is why you must learn about the different food items, the impact that these food items have on your species of the pet, and the ideal quantity as well as the frequency of feeding for your pet as a part of complete dietary care.

Plants based diet for rabbits

Can Rabbits Eat Rhubarb? | Rhubarb, Rhubarb plants, Calcium rich foods

It’s a known fact that the rabbits are herbivore animals and thus they feed on a diet that is based on the plants. The rabbits don’t eat animal-based products because their digestive system is not suited for that food, The digestive tract of the rabbits is best suited for different plant-based diets. Having said that the rabbits don’t need to eat all of the plant-based diets. You need to find out what the staple diet of the rabbits is and which plants or plant-based food products are safe to be consumed by the rabbits. This is because there is some plant-based food that is not safe for the rabbits whereas there are other food items that must only be served in moderate or low quantities. Here we will discuss the rhubarb and its impact on the rabbits and whether you should feed it to the rabbits.

Understanding the rhubarb in detail

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The rhubarb is one of the most poisonous and dangerous plant-based diets that are potentially harmful to the pets such as rabbits. Thus it is one of those few plant-based diets that should never be fed to the rabbits as it will cause health problems. The rhubarb is also known as rheum rhubarb is basically a plant from the family of Polygonaceae. It is a perennial plant that has thick as well as short rhizomes. The leaves of the rhubarb are triangular in shape and the stalks of the plant are edible and fleshy. The rhubarb is essentially a vegetable however it is mostly used as if it was a fruit. The rhubarb stalks are cooked along with sugar and they are used in the preparation of pies as well as desserts.

The rhubarb is also used in the preparation of compotes and fruit wine. The laxative properties of the rhubarb are well known and thus it is very beneficial in the cases of constipation. Another important advantage of rhubarb is that the regular and constant consumption of rhubarb is known to slow or delay cancer cell growth in human beings. Well with all these beneficial properties for humans you might think it should also be good for the health of the rabbit. Well, the answer is no. The rhubarb is not a good food option for the rabbits and is known to cause issues if you feed it to the rabbits.

Rhubarb for rabbits: What should you know?

Can Rabbits Eat Rhubarb? (Plants, Leaves, Greens + Stalks)

The experts and those in the know suggest that you should never feed the rhubarb to the rabbits. The rhubarb under those categories of food which should never be fed to the rabbits. This is because each part of this plant can serve as an irritant and might even be poisonous to the rabbit. There are some typical symptoms of rhubarb poisoning and if you give proper attention you will be easily able to identify them. These symptoms of rhubarb poisoning include mouth irritation, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dehydration, and lethargy amongst others. So if you notice any of these symptoms then you should realize that your pet, which is a rabbit, in this case, is suffering from the poisoning of rhubarb and thus you must corrective treatment measures as soon as possible.

Besides this, the rabbit might also start vomiting after it has eaten a rhubarb-based diet. The rhubarb diet potentially causes bloating as well as other stomach-related issues. The digestive system or the digestive tract of the rabbit is one of the most gentle and thus it will not be able to cope with the properties of the rhubarb-based diet. When you notice any of these symptoms you must make sure that you take your rabbit to the vet for effective and efficient treatment. This is because at times the effects of rhubarb poisoning can even prove to be fatal in some cases. So you can’t take the risk.


The rhubarbs are not safe for consumption for the rabbits and you must not feed them to the rabbit under any circumstances. There are many times when your friends or acquaintances suggest specific food items to be fed to the pets. However, feeding anything to the pets you must always consider the effects and impact of that food on your pet. Go on the internet and search about the properties of that food item and how it can affect your pet. Or even better you can consult a vet to find which food items are best for the maximum nutritional value for your pets.

When it comes to rabbits, the primary and staple diet of the rabbits includes commercial seeds mixture, fresh hay, multiple herbs as well as vegetables like carrots, basil, parsley, dandelion flowers and leaves, broccoli leaves, green wheat, chard, and lettuce. The hay is the most standard and basic ingredient of food for the rabbits. This is why you must make sure that you feed your rabbit with ample Hay right from the start as it forms a vital part of digestion for the rabbit and it helps in developing good eating habits for the rabbits. Besides this, you can also feed them other food items as a form of treats occasionally but you must remember never to feed them rhubarb or their leaves as part of their diet.

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