Can rabbits eat peanuts?

The pets are generally as a family to most of the pet owners since the pets live in and around the house and people develop a close bonding with their pets over a period of time. This is why it is important that if you have a pet like a rabbit then you must ensure that it is taken well care of thoroughly and all aspects of rabbit care are undertaken effectively. This includes the diet of the rabbit.

The rabbits are generally affectionate pets that are intelligent and cheerful and they usually love to be in the company of the people. The rabbits first originated from the southwest of Europe as well as northwestern Africa. As per historical records, the Romans were amongst the first ones to adopt the rabbits as their pets. The rabbits have had various cultural as well as symbolic significance and importance in the different regions as well as eras. The rabbits are also considered as the symbol of love, harmony, and happiness. If you are thinking of adopting the rabbits as your pet then you must provide them with the ideal conditions to thrive and give them the necessary nutrition so that they can be well fed at all times.

Tips on handling rabbits

Various categories or species of rabbits are available. For instance, small or dwarf-sized rabbits are amongst the most popular option for pets. These rabbits come in various color combinations and their fur is usually soft. The rabbits do love a cuddle and it is recommended that you must hold them in your lap or hands from an early age so that they can get used to your presence. You must always treat the rabbits gently and with extreme love as well as care.

The rabbits don’t like to be pulled or raised by their skin or ears as is the case with the cats. If you want to pick them up all you need to do is just place a hand at the lower body and one hand under the breast and pick them up gently. Like with most pets, the rabbits also seek attention and tenderness from time to time. However, the rabbits love attention only when it suits them so you must give proper attention to that. Some rabbits might take time warming up to their owners and giving them their trust. So you must act accordingly and ensure that all of its needs are met regularly.

Dietary requirements of the rabbits

The right and proper nutrition provided to the pet will ensure that the specific pet will be satisfied and happy. Similarly, the rabbit requires all the necessary ingredients and nutrition for it to be fully healthy as well as regular development. The primary diet of rabbits should consist of commercial seeds mixture from the pet shop, fresh hay, and multiple herbs as well as vegetables like carrots, basil, parsley, dandelion flowers and leaves, broccoli leaves, green wheat, chard, and lettuce. Hay forms the basis for a good rabbit diet and you must ensure that you provide your rabbit with ample Hay right from the start as it forms a vital part of digestion for the rabbit. You must also ensure that the rabbit gets fresh as well as clean water regularly so that the pet can quench its thirst.

The rabbits are also known to love raw fruits and these raw fruits tend to be good for their health. The pears, bananas, and apples are great and it is recommended that you must feed these fruits to the rabbit. Besides this, you can also choose to give them Oranges, Pineapples, Peaches, Blueberries, Plums, and similar other fruits. Here one important thing to note is that all the raw fruits, as well as vegetables, should be washed thoroughly and dried accordingly before you serve them to the rabbits.

Are peanuts a good diet for the rabbits?

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The peanuts tend to be high in fat and thus they don’t contribute significantly to the health of the pet such as the rabbit. The peanuts cause fattening and also might lead to multiple health issues within the pets. The peanuts are considered heavy for the gentle belly of the rabbits and the rabbits are known to have great difficulties digesting the peanuts, especially in the cases where they are fed overly.

This is why it is not recommended and the experts usually discourage the pet owners from feeding peanuts or peanut butter to their pets like rabbits. The peanuts can also cause various illnesses and make your rabbit sick plus they don’t get any special nutritional value from these peanuts. Additionally, an overdose of peanuts is also likely to lead to obesity.

Having said if you do give a small number of peanuts for the rabbit to eat occasionally as a treat then it is fine and likely it won’t cause any side effects or notable health issues. Anything in relative moderation is alright and when it comes to peanuts you must be extremely careful as to how much you feed and the frequency of feeding. However, as a general rule, the nuts are not the most healthy or the safest option when it comes to feeding the rabbit and thus it naturally involves the peanuts.


The delicate and gentle tummies of the rabbits usually don’t go well with most of the nuts as is the case with peanuts. This is because the rabbits don’t have a natural capability of digesting the nuts and the nuts, especially the peanuts, don’t add any special nutritional value which can’t be provided from other food sources. So you must avoid giving peanuts to the rabbits as much as possible. You can instead go for the different varieties of vegetables and fruits that are generally a healthy source of various nutrients. Stick to these raw vegetables and fruits in moderate amounts to keep the bunny rabbit happy and cheerful.

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