Can rabbits eat hamster food

It is the luckiest feeling in the world to have several pets around you. Those too the epitome of cuteness an animal can reach. But what happens when one of the pet’s food runs out? Several pet owners have been in a situation as such countless times. When you’ve had a busy day and forgot to go grocery shopping for pet food, the best alternative seems to feed your pets the same food. They’re all animals, aren’t they? Well, yes, but it is also true that there are certain complications. It may or may not be harmful to one or the other animals. Your effort to save time might lead you to spend a lot of it in a vet’s waiting room. For this reason, it is always best to ensure the food your pet is being fed is safe. 

Can rabbits eat hamster food?

Without going around different paths, let’s get straight to the point. Your bunny can not eat hamster food or any other type of animal food for that matter. Bunnies are creatures of extreme sensitivity and cannot tolerate anything, even a little offbeat. They can easily be victimized by what might only be a bowl of innocent hamster food to you. For a thought, consider a herbivore munching on the diet of an omnivore; it doesn’t sound very promising, right? Similarly, hamsters (being omnivores) are huge fans of seeds and nuts, therefore, have a diet rich in them. On the contrary, a proper hamster diet wouldn’t even be the last preference of a rabbit. 

Why can’t rabbits eat hamster food?

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No matter how psychologically convinced you are that both your rabbit and hamster are the same, it is only a misconception. Trust us, if your rabbit could speak, it would tell you. They belong to two diverse species; hamsters are classified into rodents, and rats are to Lagomorpha. 

Therefore, rabbits are creatures of habit and do not have a positive approach towards change, even in their appetite. Bunnies being herbivores, prefer and need a diet filled that contains fiber as well as is leafy. There is a reason that green hay is known to be their best friend! If you don’t trust us, try taking them on a field trip to a place of greenery. Having said this, hamster food is an utterly different mixture of other materials fit for their consumption only. 

Another highly significant default in feeding your bunny hamster food would be that it may be left underfed. Hamster food will not meet a rabbit’s ideal bodily requirement, eventually leading it up to weakness. Other medical conditions also have a higher risk of arising if you continue to feed it an insufficient diet. 

Did you know?

After noticing weariness and gradual loss of weight in their rabbits, several pet parents tend to overfeed them. You would be alarmed to find out that overfeeding a rabbit can be the underlying cause of diarrhea. This approach can be detrimental to a bunny’s health in uncountable ways. The accurate way of dealing with this would be to switch back to rabbit food immediately. If that is not possible, we strongly suggest switching to any other more herbivorous diet. 

Be careful to avoid these!

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When you walk into a grocery store, you may be tempted to buy one pack of food for both your pets. Being economical never hurts anyone, right? Unfortunately, either of your pets might have to pay for the money you saved with their health. We know how dreadful of thought it seems for a pet parent, for which reason we are bringing your worthy attention to this matter. Several animal food companies manufacture food which is ‘apparently’ suitable for two opposite types of animals. We strongly suggest you walk past the isle of these and never look back. You need your rabbit and your hamster to be physically well; however, this might be a route of the exact opposite cause! 

What are some food alternatives I can use for my pet?

Did you run out of rabbit food and have no clue regarding what to do? Need not worry; you have arrived at the right place. We are not only going to educate you about the don’ts of a rabbit’s diet, but the do’s as well. At times catering to more than one pet or even just the one can get exhausting. This, in no matter, makes you a bad parent. None of us are perfect at the end of the day! This might be just the time to allow your pet to relish on other healthy delights. 

Who doesn’t like vegetables?

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They might not taste as good as your chicken lasagna, but they are sure what your rabbit requires. However, if you are a vegetarian, this is your time to shine! Serve your furry little bunny all your favorite vegetables and wait for it to grow healthier and happier. Nonetheless, be careful that the vegetable your rabbit is dining in on is not sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals. 

A few suggestions from our side would include; 

  • Lettuce 
  • Carrots 
  • Carrot tops
  • Parsley 
  • Dill (if available)

Go for hay!

What is better food there to feed your furry friend other than hay? It is rich in fiber and all the supplements a rabbit needs. And if that wasn’t enough, the process of pulling out and chewing the grass hay gives structure as well as strength to the little fellow. One might even call it the most integral part of a rabbit’s lifestyle and appetite. It should make up 70% of your adorable bunny’s diet. However, several different types of hays are considered beneficial for their role in a rabbit’s growth. E.g., timothy hay is conventionally fed to rabbits that have almost grown fully. 

Concluding note

With this, we come to an end. We hope your time spent while reading this article was worth it. Finally, we want you to know that you are doing a remarkable job being a pet parent. Your animal friends would undoubtedly be proud of you! 

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