Can Rabbits Eat Gerbil Food?

Let us make a wild guess as to what brought you here. You probably had a rough and long day at work or just couldn’t simply find any spare time in the day. But then you came home and found out your pet had run out of food to eat and you had to go grocery shopping. And so ultimately here you are, looking for alternatives that your bunny can fill its stomach with. Don’t get us wrong! We’re not blaming you in any manner. We understand how difficult it can be to juggle and balance your own life and your life as a pet parent. But worry not, we’ve got your back.

Deciding what your pet can and can’t eat is a huge responsibility. You have to take the place of the better judge in your rabbit’s life and make orders about its dietary regimen, but lovingly. Being pet parents, we want to feed our animal friends with the best that we can and sometimes that includes going against our wishes as well. This is owing to the reason that safety comes before everything else does. If a particular food item does not bring your rabbit any good in terms of healthfulness or can be a source of harm, it should be crossed out of the list straight away. Having put this out there, let’s see if gerbil food comes in the safe zone for the tiny creature.

What Is The Ideal Diet Of A Rabbit?

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Naturally, rabbits are herbivores and enjoy eating a diet filled with varieties of plant-based food, completely ignoring the meat portion. Keeping this in mind, conventionally a rabbit’s diet should have a lot of hay (high-quality grass hay) daily along with other healthy treats to incorporate both, a good variation in taste, and the addition of extra nutrients. In addition to this, a rabbit’s dietary regimen should include small amounts of fresh vegetables like lettuce, mustard greens, and carrot tops. Lastly, don’t forget to feed the bunny a minimal amount of pellets as well.

Having put this out there, you mustn’t end up switching the quantity consumption of a food item that is meant to be a treat with that of your rabbit’s actual daily meal. Doing so may cause it to weaken and fall deficient in fulfilling its bodily requirements.

Can Rabbits Eat Gerbil Food?

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Now let’s get down to answering the real question; is gerbil food safe for a rabbit to eat? This is a common concern for people who are parents to a variety of small mammals, but unfortunately, gerbil food is not the best food alternative for your pet. To begin with, rabbits and gerbils are two completely contrasting species and so, it should be a matter of no surprise that their dietary requirements are different. An example of this would be that your rabbit has a high need for fiber, which it receives from fruits, vegetables, and other food items. Whereas, a gerbil does not need as much fiber in its daily intake, automatically differing its path from that of a rabbit. Henceforth, the constitution of a gerbil’s food does not fit with your bunny.

It is justifiable for you to think the opposite because both the small mammals look alike in some way or the other. It is a common misconception that the two can share the same diet or feed off one another’s meals, but we would strongly advise you to not experiment with your beloved little rabbit. It indeed is as fragile as it seems and bearing in mind your feelings of adoration for it, we are sure, you won’t be able to bear seeing it in an unpleasant state either.

In addition to this, the body autonomy of a rabbit and a gerbil are two poles apart. If your rabbit hops onto a gerbil food diet over a stretched period, its digestive organs will fail to break down and absorb advantageous nutrients from the meal. Eventually, this will leave your pet compromised on supplements, etc. of its necessity. To illustrate the concept, if the gerbil food that you feed your pet is low on a particular vitamin that it needs, your rabbit will eventually grow weak and not be able to live up to its true potential each day.

What Should You Do If Your Rabbit Eats Gerbil Food?

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First and foremost, you need to relax. We promise, your rabbit is going to be fine, you don’t need to listen to your paranoid neighbor or the thoughts in your head that try to tell you the opposite. One-time food accidents aren’t death statements in this case. Gerbil food will not prove to be harmful to your bird as long as you don’t feed it over a prolonged period.

At the same time, don’t consider this as an exemption voucher for feeding your fluffy little fellow gerbil food a couple of more times. If you have run out of rabbit food at home, there are several other wholesome substitutes you can opt for.

What Other Food Alternatives Are There For A Rabbit Instead Of Gerbil Food?

We’re glad you asked! As we mentioned above, you can delight your rabbit with some hay if it is available at hand. It will bring your bunny trucks full of fiber which it needs to grow and gracefully mature. And as if this wasn’t already enough, hay will also aid your furry friend in strengthening its jaws and gums.

Furthermore, there is quite a long list of vegetables that your bunny will jump at the sight of. A few examples of the healthy treats you can feed your rabbit include;

  • Parsley
  • Lettuce
  • Mint
  • Celery
  • Basil

What about fruits? Yes exactly, what about them? One can’t just omit fruits from the menu card of your adorable bunny. If you were thinking the same thing, you’re right. Like all other treats and snacks, fruits too should only be fed in moderation. You can feed the following sweet-savory natural snacks to your hungry rabbit;

  • Pineapples
  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries

We hope reading this article helped and added to your information about rabbits and their diet. Don’t forget to share this with other curious gerbil and rabbit pet owners you know.

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