Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy?

Rabbits are usually kept as pets because of their playful and active nature. They tend to move around the house a lot, and they will also play with toys if they are given toys. They might even be extremely playful with you once they begin to feel quite comfortable around you. They may play with your finger and your feet if you tend to leave them outside the cage a lot. Rabbits can actually be a good company to have around the house if you are willing to put in the effort of taking care of them daily.

Do not be fooled by their smaller size; these little creatures require a lot of your effort and exertion. They may not be able to survive if you do not pay proper attention to them. You need to give them the right food and the right drinks to make sure that your little bunny stays happy and healthy. Their activity actually depends a lot on the kind of food that you are giving to them. If you are giving them food that they are unable to digest properly, not only will they not be as active, but they also might fall sick much easily.

High cholesterol leads to obesity.

Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy? |

If you give them food that is high in fat or cholesterol, they will start to get obese, and obesity usually comes from being extremely lazy. They will become lethargic and will want to stay in one spot for the rest of their lives. When they become lethargic, they will no longer want to play with you or your kids. They will prefer staying in their little cage for the rest of their lives and avoid going out. Even if you take them out, they might end up staying in one spot, similar to a cat.

What you have to understand is that all of this is quite dangerous for the rabbit. Nature requires them to be as active as physically possible. Their entire being revolves around being able to stay alert and active and not falling prey to the other much larger animals.

Their activity is usually what helps them to get away when they are in dangerous situations. The fact that they are so active allows them to get away quite easily. The fact that they have really quick reflexes and legs which will allow them to run much faster is the reason why they are still alive.

The best diet for rabbits

Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy? - Furry Facts

All of these are very important reasons to consider when you plan on giving your rabbit any type of food. Rabbits are herbivorous creatures. They are incapable of eating meat, and most of the protein that they receive is from the vegetables and greens that are given to the rabbits. Herbivores are unable to digest meat, and if you do happen to give them meat, it is very likely that they will begin to have extreme digestive problems, and their tendency to fall sick might become quite high. Avoid giving them any type of meat.

Bok choy is a leafy vegetable that a rabbit is capable of eating without it getting into any harmful and dangerous circumstances. Bok choy is actually quite leafy and green, and it can be very attractive for a little bunny. They will want to eat this just by looking at it. There are many advantages to giving your little rabbit Bok choy.

What exactly is Bok Choy

Can rabbits eat Bok Choy? - Animal farm yard

For starters, Bok choy is high in calcium and iron. Both of these substances can be used to make sure that your little rabbit stays healthy and happy in terms of what body parts will grow stronger. When there is enough calcium in the diet of your rabbit, it will begin to develop stronger bones and muscle tendons. Your rabbit may be sturdier than it was formerly. Another huge advantage of eating the right amount of calcium is that it will reduce the chances of any bladder stone formation that might occur in the future. You will be protecting your bunny from any specific urinary infection or urinary tract issues. All of these will improve the lifespan of your bunny, and it will allow the rabbit to live an average or above-average life where it will be happy.

Another advantage of eating Bok choy is that it will contain different kinds of vitamins. This vegetable also contains a generous amount of vitamin K. The importance of vitamin K is evident when your bunny undergoes some sort of mishap, and it starts to bleed. When its body has plenty of vitamin K, the blood clotting process on the surface will start to speed up, and the rabbit’s wound will begin to heal a lot faster. The vegetable also provides the rabbit’s body with Vitamin C and A. All of these vitamins, especially K, can be excellent if, by any chance, your little rabbit has to undergo surgery of any sort.

The vegetable also contains a high amount of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are very important for the body because they improve the immune system of the body very easily. They make sure that the body stays healthy and is able to fight off the bacteria and other harmful substances that may try to attack the body’s vital organs. All of these are extremely important for the rabbit to survive and live a long and happy life. Without anti-oxidants, the rabbit will be more prone to falling sick, and it will have a much shorter life span.

Bok choy is also quite low in terms of calories and such, and it will not cause your little rabbit to gain a lot of weight. The rabbit will be receiving more energy than it would have been receiving fatty substances like cholesterol. Also, the vegetable is quite crunchy, and your rabbit will enjoy it a lot.


It is important to do your research before you start to give your rabbit any type of new vegetables and such. Consider that your rabbit may actually fall sick if it is given a substance that is not good for its body.

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