Can Rabbits drink apple juice

Being the parent to a rabbit is a lot of responsibility. They, being extraordinarily fragile creatures, need intensive care and attention. Though we are sure, they get plenty of attention because of their adorableness! One of the many things which ask for dire consciousness when it comes to rabbits is their appetite. What goes inside their stomach dictates how untroubled and jovial they are. On this ground, we will make the best of our attempts to convey any necessary information regarding whether rabbits can drink apple juice or not. There are certain complexities in the topic of discussion which are imperative to be detailed. We are going to walk you through all of them. The only thing we ask for is your undivided attention till the very end. We promise the read will be worth it! 

Can rabbits drink apple juice?

Without any further stall for time, yes, your rabbit can drink apple juice. However, we are saying this literally. You may pour your rabbit half a cup of apple juice, and it will drink it without any reservations. Rabbits are extensively open when it comes to what they can eat or drink. Their first instinct after grabbing at anything will most likely be to try and nibble at it. Therefore it can be rightfully be concluded that rabbits are not the best judges of their appetite. Giving them apple juice just because they can drink it without any immediate harm might not be the best strategy. 

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You may be thinking; apples are considered quite a healthy fruit. Why is juice any different? You are correct. An ideal diet for a rabbit does contain a good portion of fruits. Nonetheless, the two of these are contrasting in numerous ways. Apple juice may harm your bunny’s body mechanism, which a fruit itself would never come close to doing (if fed in the right amount) 

Why is apple juice not good for your rabbit?

There is only a certain amount of sugar; the tiny body of a rabbit can tolerate. More than that amount can be deteriorating to its health. In like manner, apple juice contains an unrestrained quantity of sugar if looked at from a rabbit’s perspective. Where apple juice might be your go-to whenever you feel hypoglycemic, it certainly isn’t the same for your fluffy friend. The content of glucose and sugar in a rabbit’s diet is minimal under any casual circumstance. If this is not strictly taken care of, it can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach aches in your rabbit. A box of apple juice isn’t worthy of the agonizing risk. 

Another alarming consequence of letting your rabbit drink apple juice is obesity. Sugar is highly fattening when it comes to your bunny. We know, imagining a fluffy fat bunny is the most lovely thing ever. But trust us when we say, this is not something you want to be anticipating. Like humans, obesity never arrives alone but always with its fellow companions when visiting rabbits. You might not notice any apparent harm in apple juice if your rabbit luckily didn’t encounter any stomach issues after drinking apple juice. The long term effects are ones you may regret deeply. Obesity can make your rabbit more susceptible to heart diseases, arthritis. In extremity cases, obesity is singled out as the underlying cause of rabbits having unusually short lifespans. 

Do rabbits like apple juice?

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Yes absolutely! Rabbits are a sucker for anything sweet and a treat for their taste buds. Remember how we said they’re not the best judges for themselves! You can expect your bunny to be well enough refusing food unless it’s apple juice after having tasted it once. There is always a charm about the forbidden. Despite this, you are the one who has to take charge and decide for them. You might not like being a strict mother or father to the fluffy cuteness, but it is only for their wellbeing. Being a parent is a tough job, and that too a pet parent! 

Are there any scenarios in which a rabbit can drink apple juice?

There are always exceptions, aren’t there? We realize how difficult it is to live because there is something in the world your pet might not get to enjoy. Owing to this reason, we have ruled out several irregular situations in which apple juice might be just what the jumpy fellow needs. 

If your rabbit is dehydrated from spending a hot day outside, and apple juice is all you have in the fridge. What more are you looking for? We know how gravely we highlighted the rejection of sugar for your rabbit. In times like these, one should measure the pros and cons of both circumstances beforehand. Dehydration is the sort of crisis that can push your bunny into severe health concerns if left unhandled. Whereas sugar would be toxic if given in excess quantity as well as frequently. If you believe you can be mindful of these concerns. Go on and grab the bottle of apple juice.

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Furthermore, rabbits are not a majorly massive fan of water. Getting a rabbit to drink a sufficient amount of water is a task. Even so, we have the best solution for you! Pour a bottle lid full of apple juice in a spraying bottle and spray it on the water your rabbit is supposed to drink. It is bound to work like magic. Your tiny cuteness will itself do what you had been trying to make it do for probably a stretched period. Once you can get your rabbit to walk into your little scheme, it will be no time before it is drinking plain ole’ water. You can thank us later! 


To wrap it all up, your rabbit can drink apples but only under specific circumstances. Otherwise, several health concerns may arise and cause the poor thing to suffer. Any drink or food with an excess amount of sugar is not the best for your rabbit. 

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