Can Quails Eat Tortillas?

We know exactly what brought you here! You were probably in the kitchen one sunny morning preparing tortillas perhaps for your family or friends when you were reminded of your bird. We’re not blaming you at all, being a pet parent automatically means everything even remotely good will remind you of your bird. And so, you thought about how ideal it would be to share a tortilla with your little pet’s best friend as well and so, here you are.

Conversely, it may be the case that you were eating a tortilla yourself and the curious bird around your humble abode decided to take a peck of it as well. Consequently, you decided to spare a few to quickly surf the internet regarding whether they are fit for the consumption of a bird. After all, finding a wholesome food item to serve one’s pet is just as exciting as being the one to eat it is.

Either way, the point is that through whatever path or road, it is ultimately the love and adoration you have for your bird that walked you to this article. And you are just in luck because it is one of our many rules to never defy and always contribute to any act that is being done out of sheer love.

P.s. If you simply couldn’t sleep and decided to google this nagging question that refuses to leave your mind at any cost, you are just as welcome to read ahead as well!

All That You Need To Know About The Diet Of a Quail

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As a pet parent, it is of utmost importance that you are cautious and alert about what your quail consumes. Keeping in view the fact that it is extremely fragile by nature, anything slightly off the grid can prove to be injurious to the bird’s health. Therefore, the best way to go about this is to be aware of quail diets and what nutrients they bring. We will make sure that we give you a rough outline of what the ideal diet of your bird would look like so you don’t have to conduct further desktop research.

To put it simply, alike in several other manners, quails are almost entirely identical to chickens as well. By nature, quails are known to be omnivores meaning they are capable of thriving on both; seeds, vegetables, and as well meat, well….insect meat to be precise. By this, the best dietary regime for a quail should be one that includes seeds, vegetables (preferably leafy green), and insects. Anything short of this is likely to fall short of the bird’s requirement and bind it behind the walls of physical weakness. Over and above this, nourishment shouldn’t be the only thing that matters, right? After all, the taste of a particular cuisine is what will pull your bird towards itself. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the taste of the food being equally important as its nourishing qualities should be shed light upon as well. And how do you do that? Aside from buying and preparing tasteful food for the greyish brown bird, you may also treat it with several human foods, but only after you have made sure they are safe. We know it can seem like a chore at times, but we promise, it will be worth the effort.

What are Tortillas?

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To put it simply, tortillas are thin and round in texture, made out of maize (cornmeal). Tortillas are considered to staple food in Mexico and are an integral part of Mexican cuisines, the most renowned of them all being tortilla wraps. Tortillas are prepared from different varieties of ingredients around the world. To put it into illustration, in south Asian countries, tortillas (more often known as ‘rotis’ are made from wheat flour).

Can Quails Eat Maize (Corn) Tortillas?

Let us begin with the primary ingredient of a tortilla; maize, which is composed of corn. And subsequently, as we know, corns are considered to be a healthy addition to the diet of a bird (namely, quails). Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that uncooked tortillas can be considered harmless for quails, if not nutritive.

WAIT, there’s so much more to it you are going to want to know, hang in there!

The controversy regarding whether corn tortilla is unobjectionable or not for your bird relies entirely on the step that comes after you have given the corn delight a neat and nice round shape. If you plan on frying the tortilla and then serving it to your highness on a silver platter, we might have some bad news for you! Similar to how fried items are not the best pick for us humans, they aren’t for your pet quail either. Their digestive system is not developed or capable enough to break down complex fatty acids and carbohydrates into energy. Henceforward, we would advise you to keep your precious little quail away from tortillas and other fried human foods that contain within themselves a probability to become disastrous.

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In addition to this, salt as an ingredient in any food more than a pinch can be bad for backyard birds including your quail, as it can turn out to disrupt the bodily equilibrium of your bird and act as a toxin. On that account, since a tortilla can not be prepared tastelessly, we would suggest you entirely steer clear of them, that is; fried or not fried.

We understand how disappointing and helpless it can feel within oneself upon having to refuse your pet bird a treat that you want it to savor, but you should try and remind yourself that it is in the best of your beloved pet’s interest. A stitch in time saves nine!

What Other Human Foods Can Quails Eat?

Fret not! There are still countless scrumptious yet healthful food options that you can pick and choose from for your house pet birdie. We have listed a few of them down below;

  • insects (your pet is going to love love love this one)
  • Broccoli
  • Pasta
  • Cake
  • Rice
  • Lettuce
  • Sweet corn (uncooked)

You can thank us later!

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