Can Quails Eat Lavender?

A lot of people tend to be interested in the farming of chicken and quails, as the industry has been booming for the past decade. Both quail and chicken eggs sell out quickly due to the nutritional advantages they provide to people’s health. Quail eggs are mostly preferable for health-conscious people as they contain more beneficial elements than regular chicken eggs. This is why quail farming is a trend now. However, it is not easy as it seems as some the diet and meal plans can be an issue. Not many people know what to feed a quail and what not to? If you are a person who wants to start quail farming or has a quail as a pet, then this article might help you get answers to that. To have fully grown and healthy quail, you need to make sure you feed them well and right. There are a lot of herbs that can help to grow your quail faster. One of the most popular ones is lavender. However, most people are confused about where quails can have lavender or not. Let’s discuss:

So, Can Quails Have Lavender?

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To directly answer the question, yes, they can indeed eat lavender. Lavender is a well-known growth-inducing herb. That can be found in various forms, in a new form, in essence, etc. If quails have lavender in their diets, they can have many benefits related to growth, which is why many quail farmers tend to use lavender essence and lavender power in the food of baby quails to help them grow faster. Lavender smells excellent and can also help in reducing body odor issues; it also lowers the strain of muscle and stress level of quail and increases blood circulation. Most people also use lavender as an anti-insect spray. However, Lavender is not only the one herb that helps in growth as there are plenty of other herbs present as well.

Substitute of Lavender For Quail Diets

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Lavender is not a cheap item to get your hands on, which is why some affordable and easy-to-find growth herbs will help your quail grow and are pocket-friendly as well. Here are some of the best substitutes you can opt for:

  • Basil is the first option on the list as it is commonly present in almost every household in various forms. It can help in growth-inducing as well. Basil is not only cheap but also has multiple benefits. It can boost the development and security of the mucus membrane and consists of antibodies and antibacterial aspects.
  • The second place is the Catnip herb; this can also be found at your local spice or grocery store. It can work wonders by avoiding insects as it is best to be used in liquid form as an insect repellent spray. It can also be used in sensations and relaxation.
  • Cilantro is on the third rank of this list as it is a common herb found in almost every household and is also used in human cuisines; however, it has benefits for quails as well. As cilantro is plant-based, there are a lot of benefits, such as keeping the quail away from any kind of fungus. It also helps in providing the necessary antioxidants for growth. Cilantro also helps in solidifying the bones and providing needed amounts of vitamin A. With sufficient vitamin A, quail eyesight is improved as well.
  • Dill is also a good contender in this list as it provides huge benefits in breathing issues of quail. Dill is known to be a herb that is massively beneficial for the respiratory organs of the quail; it also can be beneficial for relations and soothing body muscles.
  • Fennel can also be a very good replacement for lavender as it is cheap and also helps in the egg-laying process of the quail. Not only that, but it also helps in increasing the fertility rate as well.
  • Garlic: as used in most cousins for humans, garlic is very nutritional for quails as well. It helps in enhancing the representative system and eases the egg-laying process.
  • Lemon Balm: it provides a good smell, just like the lavender. It may not smell as good as lavender; however, it is still a good alternative and works very well. It helps to lessen the street level of the quail and works as an anti-parasite spray as well.

Feeding Guide Regarding Lavender

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As mentioned earlier, lavender comes in various forms, which is why it is essential to know which form suits your quail. You can use the liquid form in liquid meals such as porridge, or you can also use lavender powder. However, make sure to use a sufficient amount of lavender according to the size and age of your quail. If you are not equipped on the topic, you can go to a vet for a calculated prescription. Try not to overfeed or overdose; otherwise, the results can be very bad health issues.

Can Baby Quails Eat Lavender?

To answer the question, yes, they can eat lavender; most of the quail owners tend to put lavender in their diets so they can see growth quickly as lavender is known to be a big growth inducer for quails. It can also help in early grooming and solidifying the bone structure of small baby quails.

That’s it!

To sum up, all the information provided in this article, yes, quails can eat lavender as lavender is the best growth-inducing and grooming herb you can have for your quail. If you can’t get a hold of any kind of lavender, we have provided a waste range of substitutes you can choose from. Each substitute covers about 89% of the benefits provided by the lavender. Lastly, make sure to feed lavender about two times in one week and avoid access to lavender in quail’s growth; also consider a vet before feeding a certain amount to your quail for its health as you want the best for the little creature.

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