Can quail eat mustard greens?

Let us give a guess to what you’re thinking about. You are probably going around in your head about what a weird question this is. Out of everything else they could devour on, why green beans? We know this because that’s what we thought as well and we understand. It may seem odd at the moment but if you are a pet owner it is sure to be of use to you. E.g. you might come across a situation in which you realize you have run short of quail or bird food. In situations like such, the only possible alternative to feed your pet is human food or vegetables. Therefore, it is always a sound decision to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstance, especially if you are a pet parent. 

Raising a pet is a huge responsibility; you are responsible for the food they eat, the environment they live in, etc. At times you might find yourself lost even on the internet. A sea of information and you still can’t find what you’re looking for. We realize how arduous it must be without a clue regarding where to find authentic information. For which reason, we are going to guide you through this particular topic of discussion; can quail eat mustard greens?

Dietary Habits of quails

We are going to begin from scratch so you don’t find yourself stranded in the desert without any guidance. Especially if you are a new pet parent, this is for you.

By nature, quails are omnivores. However, if we talk about their personal preference, it is undoubtedly plants and vegetables. Meat is not conventionally incorporated in a domestic quail’s diet. It is only given as a treat at times. Additionally, like several other birds, quails are head over heels for seeds and grains too. Interestingly, for this reason, they are also known to be ‘granivores’. Bird or quail food that is usually sold also consists of great content of grains. More than half of their diet is comprised of grains, etc. such as 

The good news however is that quails are not picky eaters at all. But the bad news is that it is only so if you have figured out the complexity of their eating habits. You may go along conducting different food experiments on your precious pet to figure that out. The only thing that you need to be extremely careful about is if the food of debate is toxic to them. It is also integral that they are not overfed. 

What are mustard greens?

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You may not have heard of the name ‘mustard greens’ previously. This is because they are known by several different names around the world. A few examples of these are; Indian mustard, vegetable mustard, and lastly Chinese mustard. However, they are universally known as mustard greens because they originate from the plant that produces mustard seeds. As the name suggests they are rich green. If you haven’t had a chance to taste the leafy goodness, it is piquant in taste. They also have a slightly bitter taste similar to gourds. Green mustards are one of the few vegetables that are relished both in their raw and cooked form 

Can quails eat mustard greens?

Now that we know the background of the story, let’s get to the climax! *cue the drumroll* Yes, your quail can eat mustard greens. The leafy vegetable is abundant in nutrients and minerals that your pet needs. They contain no ingredient which may be harmful or toxic to your lovely quail in any way possible. You can share your bowl of mustard greens with the quail once in a while. At the same time, some cautions need to be strictly taken. That’s what being a pet owner all is about. We think that it wouldn’t be wrong to say; being a pet caretaker is synonymous with being possessively careful. 

Everything you need to be heedful about while feeding a quail mustard greens?

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First and foremost, you should not feed your pet mustard greens (or any other vegetable) in surplus amounts. Overfeeding can lead to a good number of complexities in a bird’s body. Overfeeding might also make them overweight, which in itself is a matter of seriousness. An excessively overweight bird is vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases more than a bird that is well fed. Additionally, a quail’s digestive system may not be capable of breaking down an excess of a supplement. We often tend to forget that their body mechanism is dissimilar to ours and needs extra care. Overeating a specific food might be harmful to us too. Even though we have a far more complex and stronger body system. Accordingly, it is a thin line that you as a pet parent have to walk, ensuring your quail is neither malnutrition nor overfed. 

Secondly, mustard greens should not be a replacement for your quail’s routine diet. It is no doubt that they are nourishing but are also insufficient in a manner. You must be wondering, ‘how is that so?’ Let us explain it to you with an example. Pet parents are always on the lookout for better treats and foods for consumption for their pets. This is because birds and quails, in particular, need a variety of tastes. You would be surprised to know that birds can be ill-fed even if they are only on a grain or seed diet. Keeping in mind that quails are overly fond of them and even still! This is precisely the most accurate example of why birds need a combination of different foods to make up their dietary program. Similarly, if your quail is fed mustard greens regularly, you will be depriving it of a significant number of nutritional benefits. Therefore, in conclusion, mustard seeds should be integrated into your quail’s food menu, but as a treat only.

What do mustard greens have to offer?

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‘Only the best of the best’, is the motto pet owners live by. Your precious tiny pet looks up to you to fulfill all of its needs. It trusts you to make all of its life choices and so the responsibility falls upon you. A significant, as well as an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your birdie, is the diet it is fed. Accordingly, we are going to give you a handful of reasons to let your quail dig in on a bowl of mustard greens. 


It can rightfully be said that a bunch of all vitamins is found in minimal quantities in the vegetable. It envelops in itself the following nutriments;

  • Calcium
  • Iron 
  • Potassium 
  • Magnesium 
  • Thiamine 
  • Vitamin B2
  • Folate
  • Selenium 

Iron is given the most recognition of them all. A sufficient amount of the mineral will help keep your pet robust and upbeat. Additionally, iron also helps red blood cells carry oxygen by making hemoglobin. Hence, it is a necessity for the growth and evolution of a bird. An iron deficiency in quails can rather be alarming for a pet owner. 

Stronger immune system

There has been little research done on the topic of mustard greens. Nonetheless, the researches and analysis that have been conducted show that they are plentiful in anti-oxidants. You can’t keep an eye on your birdie 24/7. Consequently, it might swallow something that can be toxic to it. We know how unbelievably harmful and mad you may feel in such a situation. Nevertheless, we have just the solution for such an unpleasant circumstance; mustard greens! The anti-oxidants they contain will continuously fight against the free radicals in your pet’s body. This continuous action will diminish most of the bacteria in your buff birdie’s body. 

And as if that isn’t enough for you, quails have packed into themselves, Vitamin C as well. It is an essential prerequisite to have a strong and strengthened immune system. Results of several biological types of research are a witness that a deficiency of vitamin c can result in vulnerability to diseases. Coming to an end, debatably mustard seeds take the shape of an internal shield for your pet and keep it protected. What more could a pet parent even ask for? 

What is the healthiest form of mustard greens?

As we mentioned previously, mustard greens can be served in both forms; cooked as well as uncooked. In terms of taste, raw mustard greens have a stronger and sharper taste as compared to cooked ones. While cooking mustard greens you may add other ingredients that can neutralize the natural taste of the leafy vegetable. Commonly, birds, as well as animals, prefer to eat raw mustard greens to enjoy its taste to the fullest.

At the same time, if we put both kinds of mustard greens in comparison in regards to nutritional benefits; cooked mustard greens are healthier. It contains a high quantity of nutrition even if eaten less than raw mustard greens. The only vitamins that are lesser after cooking mustard greens are Vitamin C and E. 

Consequently, it depends on how your bird finds the vegetable more tasteful. It is always better to keep a balance between both the preference and nutritional values of food while feeding your pet. The more your feathery mate likes a particular food, the easier it will be for you to feed it.

You can thank us later!

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