Can Quail Eat Hornet

Quails are small, plump, and hardy with beautiful feathers. These are typically found in woodland, bushy places, and large open spaces. Most people use their feathers for decoration, and some keep them as poultry because quails are highly reproductive and produce high-quality eggs. 

If you are planning to keep a quail in your backyard, you may be thinking about what to feed them. Are insects safe for them? And, most importantly, can quail eat hornets?

To answer this question and all other queries related to what quails can eat is discussed below in the article. So, let’s not waste a minute and read down below!

Can Quail Eat Hornet?

Hornets are no different from wasps. Instead, they are a subspecies of it. Most people think that hornets are aggressive as they look. But, unless you come close within the radius of their nest, they are relatively passive creatures.

Different types of birds, including quails, love to eat insects. As soon as the baby quail hatches out of the egg, it feeds upon small insects. These insects are rich in proteins and help them to grow.

Wasps and hornets are also such insects on which quails feed upon. Baby quails mostly depend on insects like these in the first few weeks after hatching. After that, they start to eat fruits and vegetables too. 

If you want a healthy, high reproductive quail, you should give them a high protein diet. Wasps, hornets, bees, and other insects are rich in such nutrients. 

These peasants not only feed upon hornets but also love beetles, ants, grasshoppers, crickets, roaches, spiders, and even scorpions!

Importance Of Protein In Quail’s Diet

It is a known fact that carbs and fats provide fuel to the body. But, proteins are also not behind. The building blocks of protein are amino acids. And, you can find it in insects like wasps and hornets. 

The protein helps their body in several ways like:

  • Better reproduction
  • Healthier growth
  • Construction of tissues and enzymes
  • Resistance against diseases

Quail’s need a protein-rich diet around the breeding and migrating season. This is why you might have noticed them catching bugs more often around this time of the year. 

Where Can You Find Hornets?

It depends upon the species of the hornets where they will create their nests. The majority of them like to build their nests in high spaces like:

  • Treetops
  • Attics
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Hollow tree trunks 

You don’t need to find these nests in the above places. Sometimes hornet’s nests are free hanging with a petiole attached to any object.

There are also chances that you find its nest in the ground where it is safe and secure to populate their colonies like abandoned rodent burrows. 

Relationship Between Quails And Hornets – Good Or Bad?

Insect-eating birds are beneficial for your garden. And quails are one of those birds too!

Quails eat the nasty bugs out of your garden. These bugs do not harm the health of your feathery friend.

Quails are used as commercial birds in most parts of the world for their meat and bright eggs. In such agricultural settings, there are chances of destructive insects that can harm your crops.

You can also find nests of hornets in agricultural settings where these insects will act as a great pest controller. 

But the question is, why does the cycle work this way? Why do quails eat them if they are suitable for the environment? 

The food chain works in a pretty fantastic way. If the quails do not eat upon the hornets, its population will keep increasing, and instead of providing benefits to you and the crops, it will harm them.

The more the nests, the more chances they will scrape more wood off your houses to build their nest. 

What do Other Food Do Quails eat?

As soon as the baby hatches out of the egg, the mother quail puts them on an insect diet for their growth. But as they grow up, they start eating varieties of food.

The reason is that quails are omnivores, which means that they can feed on meat and vegetables. They also eat seeds, grains, and commercial feed.

Seeds And Grains:

An adult quail’s diet mostly comprises grains and seeds. According to researchers, 90% of a quail’s diet comes from plants. Such food has vital minerals and nutrients that ensure the good health of the bird.

Fruits And Vegetables:

80% of the adult quail’s diet comes from seeds and grains, while the rest is obtained from fruits and vegetables.

Quails love to eat different types of fruits and vegetables. It depends upon the area they live in. These are beneficial for their health and provide resistance against diseases. 

Commercial Feed:

Quail farming has become increasingly popular nowadays, and it is a good source of income for them. In such places, quails are raised in captivity, and people feed them commercial bird feed.

Every type of feed is safe for quails. You can also give other poultry feeds to your feathery friend. Some people like to add additives to their diet, but there are chances it might harm them. Ensure the size of the feed particles is consistent, not too large, not too small.

Final Verdict:

If we talk about birds in general, almost every type can eat insects. These birds can be quails, and every insect includes hornets too.

Baby quails survive upon these insects and worms because of the amount of nutritional value it holds. As soon as they get mature after 3-4 weeks, they shift upon different varieties of food.

At around the 7th week, quail hens can start to lay eggs. If their body lacks nutrients like protein, their eggs will not be as good as you want them to be. 

Therefore, if you have quails in your backyard or run a quail poultry farming business, make sure you give them enough proteins and feed them insects so they can grow into a healthy bird!

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