Can pigeons eat sesame seeds

Pigeons are extremely intelligent home birds, and are usually very calm, and have a mild disposition. They are probably the safest, and least problematic pet anyone can have; they don’t bite, chew or scratch, and are very quiet. Pigeons are easy-going birds that quickly learn household routines and do okay in homes with other pets and luckily, can live peacefully and unafraid with cats or dogs as long as they are kept safe. That being said, the very important task of having a pigeon is their food. 

Feeding your pigeon is easier because you have a variety of options to choose from. Pigeons eat a variety of grains, greens, seeds, berries, fruits, and occasionally eat insects, earthworms, and snails in the wild. But that does not mean that you can feed every fruit, vegetable, or seeds, there are exceptions and you must be aware of them to keep them healthy and active.

Wild Pigeons do eat leftovers from people but that is not a normal pigeon diet and pet pigeons should not always be fed the leftovers. The reason being that wild pigeons find other sources in nature to get what they are not getting from the leftover, whereas pet pigeons entirely rely on you when it comes to food. So, educating yourself on the needs of your pigeon and providing them with a better diet is your responsibility. Seeds are one of the favorite foods of pigeons which raises the question of whether pigeons can eat sesame seeds or not? Well, the answer is Yes and we will explain why ahead.

Can Pigeons eat Sesame Seeds?

Pigeons naturally love seeds and only feed on insects occasionally and in small numbers. So, when it comes to sesame seeds, they for sure can eat sesame seeds. Sesame Seeds are safe for pigeons and they love eating them. They contain protein and are an excellent source of B vitamins and minerals, and also contain some calcium. Overall, if you give them unlimited access to sesame seeds, they will be very happy to eat them.

But, feeding the pigeons only sesame seeds or any other seeds is an old way and not healthy for your friend. Although sesame seeds are good for pigeons they should be fed a well-balanced diet. Normal pigeon diet also includes corn, cereals, wheat, and other seeds. You can also add fruits like grapes or apples and some green vegetables like lettuce, or spinach to their diet. 

Nutrients in Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are exceptionally rich in iron, manganese, calcium, and magnesium, all of which are essential for the birds’ diet. Additionally, Sesame seeds contain sesamin and sesamolin. These are unique fibers that are known as lignans and have been shown to prevent high blood pressure and increase vitamin E supplies in animals like birds.

What can Pigeons not eat?

Pigeons feed on a wide variety of food and usually wild pigeons do eat several leftover food items by people. But that does not mean they can eat everything without having any negative effect on their health. To make sure that your pigeon is having a healthy diet, you must include the grain intake they get in the wild. That means you should avoid foods that are meant for people like bread, cheese, and meats, these are not in any way healthy for your pigeon. You should prefer non-fiber items like grains and seeds.

Can pigeons eat bread?

Many pigeon owners are careless when it comes to feeding their pigeons and offer them bread pretty often. Bread is not a healthy source of nutrition for the birds. White bread contains none of the fats and proteins that the pigeons need to sustain their daily energy and health. The pieces of bread that are big can affect their health and may cause digestive blockages. Also, bread that is left outside quickly develops mold, which may make your bird ill.

What kind of fruits and vegetables do pigeons usually eat?

Grapes, Lettuce, apples, and spinach are the most popular fruits and vegetables in the pigeon’s world that they love to eat. These fruits and veggies provide all of the remaining nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that a pigeon needs for a healthy life. Avocado is a fruit that is usually fed to pigeons but is not good for pigeons as it harms their immune system.

What should I feed my pigeon?

Although, seeds are a go-to food item for pigeons that does not mean that they should only be fed the seeds. They too need to have a well-balanced diet throughout their lives just like us. Following are the food items you should be giving to your pigeon.


Well, Seeds are the most important food item for pigeons; and there are formulated pigeon diets available in the market. A commercial diet consists of mixed seeds, grains, and vegetables, and some even have brewer’s yeast along with minerals and vitamins. Keep in mind that pigeons are prone to calcium deficiency from eating only seeds; that is why seeds should be 50 percent of the overall diet of your pigeon.

Pelleted Diets

Pellets meet all your bird’s nutritional needs. Babies are the easiest to feed a pellet diet. These are the ideal bird diet; therefore, you should slowly start feeding your seed-eating birds to the pelleted diet. Thus, a pelleted diet should also consist of almost 50% of a pigeon’s diet. Luckily, you can easily find pellet foods in the market from many good brands. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Seeds or Pelleted diet is not the only food your pigeon needs. There are some fruits and vegetables that are not only good for pigeons but they also enjoy eating them. The fruits and vegetables that we already mentioned above are: grapes, apples, lettuce, and spinach should be finely chopped and offered as part of their daily meal.

To make sure that the fruits and veggies are good to be eaten by your bird, they must be washed thoroughly to remove the chemicals. After that, nicely cut them into pieces that are easier to eat, keeping in mind the size of the bird. Put fruits and vegetables in different dishes and if your pigeon specifically eats any one of them, try adding less the next day or completely change it with the other fruit/vegetable to ensure a balanced and healthy diet. Try giving small pieces of other food items for a well-balanced diet, but always search before giving to ensure that it is safe for your pigeon.


Water is an essential part of the diet for every living being. Pigeons should have fresh and clean water every day, for this purpose, dishes should be cleaned with water and soap if needed. Tap water is a preferred option but if your tap water is not healthy then you can give bottled water.

Can Pigeons eat human food?

Generally speaking, if you are eating nutritious healthy food, you can give it to your bird. We have specified what food is essential and beneficial for pigeons, keep that in mind and use your common sense before giving anything unhealthy to your pigeon. Pigeons may enjoy small pieces of cooked meat, egg, fish, or cheese but that does not mean you can feed them these products often. Dairy products are not healthy for pigeons regularly.

What should I keep in mind while feeding a pigeon?

These are some of the common points that you should keep in mind when feeding your pigeon. 

  • Monitor the amount of food every pigeon eats in a day. 
  • Change their water every day. 
  • Give fresh foods every day, you can try a variety of items (after researching).
  • Fresh fruits and veggies are always appreciated by pigeons.
  • A general rule is to clean the water and food dishes daily.
  • If your pigeon does not eat an apple or any other food item one day does not mean that it dislikes it, try giving that another day.

How many times a day do pigeons eat?

It is recommended to feed your pigeon at least twice a day, and if they are with the babies, add some extra food. 

How long can pigeons go without food?

Though not all pigeons are the same, pigeons can live without food for a minimum of 2 to 3 days, always remember that not all pigeons are the same.


This article answers your question of whether pigeons can eat sesame seeds or not including some of the essential food items to feed to your pigeon to ensure a well-balanced diet and a healthy pigeon. We hope this article cleared all those confusions and guided you to feed your pigeon a balanced diet. Remember that they are dependent on you in terms of food so be sure to take extra care of them. Pigeons are lovely and smart pets and can become a part of your home in no time. Be a good parent, feed them well, and keep them healthy, so that they can be active and happy.

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