Can Pigeons Eat Salted Peanuts?

Peanuts are a good treat, whether they are salted, unsalted, honey-coated, or just roasted. However, the different processes can lead to a variety of benefits, and some of them may be good for us, but bad for pigeons or other birds. As humans, we can take a lot of something, and it won’t cause many problems, because we can handle such things. However, just a slight deviation from their regular diet and digestive issues can be lethal for pigeons.

Their bodies are small, so they can’t overeat or drink a lot of water. Salted peanuts in a reasonably large quantity for the pigeon can be harmful if they aren’t presented with enough water. Even then, it’s not too good because drinking a lot of water can cause liquid droppings and affect their health.

So how exactly can you feed them salted peanuts? And should you even provide them with such things in the first place? To answer those questions, we will need to discuss this further and consider all factors. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Pigeons Can Eat Peanuts

They can eat peanuts well; in fact, this treat is filled with vitamins and minerals that can improve their health. Some of them love it a lot and can eat a lot of it. Moreover, they also eat peanut butter, because it’s not sticky and doesn’t cause irritation to them, and sometimes can improve their health more. Pigeons can eat a lot of nuts; some may be bad for them due to added preservatives, that’s why it’s good to keep their diet all-natural.


The problem arises when those peanuts are salted, because salted peanuts dehydrate the bird, and they need to drink water to cope with it. However, too much consumption of water can cause liquid droppings and even make them sick or lose appetite.

So, if you want to keep things safe, you should feed them a lot of salted peanuts, and resort to the small Spanish unsalted peanuts for their treats. Still, we say “a lot” because a few salted peanuts don’t hurt them much, and they are OK with this quantity. As a result, if your pigeon loves salted peanuts, you can give them a few every once in a while, and make sure you also provide them with enough water.

They Can Also Eat Peanut Butter

It’s no surprise, because we have seen pigeons eat a lot of the same food that we eat, and since they are fond of peanuts, adding some butter to it doesn’t make them unappetizing for our flying friends. They are used to eating foods that aren’t found in their natural habitat. Still, if you want to keep things natural for them, you should keep their diet healthy and free of preservatives even though they can eat almost everything, it’s better to stay cautious and keep them happy with better foods.

But what else can they eat that’s healthy? What does their regular diet look like?

A Typical Diet for Pigeons

Pigeons eat a variety of things daily, and if you want to keep them healthy, then you should focus mainly on the following items. A balanced diet should always be decided after consulting with a vet or a professional because individual pigeons can have their preferences.

  1. Seeds – If you go to a pet shop or any other place which sells pet food, then you will be able to find mixed seed and grains food for them. Pigeons love this thing, and many people keep it in a bowl for them 24/7 because they don’t go bad quickly. These things are filled with nutritional benefits, so make sure your bird gets enough of this, along with a bowl of water present at all times. Still, their diet shouldn’t be entirely seeded, at max, it should be only 50%
  2. Pellets – Pellets are specially made to meet every bird’s needs, and fill up the rest of their nutrient deficit. If you have hand-raised pigeons, then it’s all the more reason that you feed them with pellets and provide them with healthy food. These are considered better for the pigeons and should make up around 50% of the diet. The number can go low depending on the seed and other’s amount.
  3. Fruits & vegetables – Fruits and vegetables should be finely cut and presented for the pigeon, always in bite-size. Your bird benefits from this a lot, and it’s a great addition to their diet. However, please make sure the fruits and vegetables aren’t high in water, because they provide little nutrients.
  4. Beware of avocado – Avocado is highly toxic for birds and should never be given to them. It can cause several conditions and become lethal for the bird, so make sure you don’t provide it unintentionally. 

Things to Keep in Mind while feeding those feathery friends

There are several things you should always keep in mind when feeding your pigeon; some of them are:

  1. Monitor their eating habits, and keep track of how much they eat and what they eat every day; it can help you further understand their nature.
  2. You can offer fresh water every day and make sure you change it often because it can get bad quickly.
  3. Offer them new and delicious fruits and veggies every day so that they can cheer up. Pigeons should be treated like a small child and be given different things to eat.
  4. Wash their food thoroughly, and if they don’t eat something one day, it doesn’t mean they won’t eat it forever, so keep on trying and feed them properly.


Pigeons are fragile and great buddies as pets, so it’s essential to feed them the right things. If you want to provide them with peanuts, go for unsalted Spanish peanuts instead, because they are much safer and are useful to improve their health.

Also, you don’t have to keep feeding them the same things every day; it’s essential to change their fruits and other seeds daily so that they can have preferences and different benefits of each food.

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