Can Pigeons Eat Grapes?

Pigeons are friendly birds that will get comfortable with anyone who feeds them. A pigeon’s diet usually consists of seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, and even dry fruits. Some pigeon owners might even convert them to a pellet-based diet. Feeding pigeons is not a hard task, it is relatively easy to figure out what they might or might not like. Pigeons are not very fussy eaters and will feed on just about anything, even human food. They are not herbivores- as they might even eat worms or insects.

Feeding your pets is always a soothing task. As a dedicated pet owner, doing your research to figure out what best fits your pet’s needs to make sure they live a healthy fulfilling life is part of everyday life. 

If you’re a bird lover or owner, you must know, fruits are usually added, along with other seeds, grains, and vegetables, to a bird’s feed to provide them with essential nutrients to maintain their physical well-being and nurture them to thrive fully. And while all fruits seem like viable options and harmless, you might be wondering if pigeons can eat certain fruits. 

Like grapes! If you have a pet pigeon, you might even be concerned if grapes can be potentially harmful to your beloved bird, or is it beneficial instead? Should you be adding them to their diet?

The answer is yes, pigeons can eat grapes, so much so, they love grapes! Grapes are considered one of the fruits that you should add to your bird’s diet as they will benefit from it. What’s even more delightful is that they might even enjoy it!

Why You Should Feed Pigeons Grapes!

Grapes are every bird’s favorite fruit. These little fruits are not only high in nutrition but also contain fructose, which gives them a sweet taste that highly appeals to birds. Along with providing them with an energy boost they might need every once in a while- it is also a great treat for pigeons. Although you might want to make sure you don’t feed them grapes excessively as it might not be suitable for them. Once every two days is good! 

Pigeons might even love grapes enough to discard other fruits from their feed, ignoring other fruits and vegetables they might need to feed on, so it is always good to keep an eye out and make sure they’re not missing out on other nutrients while indulging on these specific fruits. 

Grapes are high in potassium and fiber that might be healthy for your bird. They also include some vitamins that are beneficial for pigeons in many ways. There is no downside to feeding grapes to a pigeon.

How To Feed Your Pigeons Grapes

You might find many ways to feed your pigeon grapes! All your local stores would commonly have grapes, seedless or not, available at any time.

It’s always easy to buy grapes from your local store, especially seedless ones as it might be easier for your bird to consume without the possibility of having a choking hazard. Seeds are not harmful; they’re filled with nutrients as well! But while big sized birds might not have trouble consuming the seeds, little ones might not be able to do so. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

It is important to be aware that grapes are exposed to several chemicals in the form of pesticides which can be fatal to your birds. Make sure to clean the grapes thoroughly to make sure there are no potential health hazards that might affect your pigeon, pesticides being the most common concern. 

While treating them with this fruit, considering the quantity is important as well. Too much fructose can affect their health severely. Ideally, one grape for smaller-sized pigeons, cut up into small pieces should be fed to them as their delicate little digestive systems might not be able to handle larger pieces. Or for bigger birds, two grapes should be enough every once in a while.

Are Grapes Dangerous For Your Pigeon?

As their caretaker, it’s our responsibility to be aware of all the potential risks any food could have. Keeping pets is no easy task, especially when it comes to delicate creatures like birds and their feeding habits- being knowledgeable about potential risks is always a good idea. 

While grapes are not harmful to any bird, it is important to be aware of certain hazards that might affect your pet bird. 

Pesticides are a common concern as in the case of your birds ingesting these harmful chemicals, it might lead to them having serious health issues or worse. It is important to make sure grape peels are clean and they are free from any chemicals that can potentially endanger the life of your pigeon. 

Another hazard might be the fructose present in them. Although your pigeon might love these little fruits, it is important to be aware that the high fructose content can create health issues like obesity. Instead of making them a staple in their feed, it is good to use it as a treat for your beloved pet once in a while instead. It’s always good to keep an eye out if you’re over-indulging them.

One last thing to be alert about is the seeds in certain grapes. While seeds are not harmful when consumed, your birds can choke on them which might prove to be fatal. 

If any other concerns arise, you should always immediately consult a veterinarian! 


Pigeons are relatively the easiest birds to feed. They are not picky about food at all. As a pet owner, you are always concerned if you’re doing everything right when it comes to your beloved animals and that’s indeed how it should be. 

Now that you know all there is to feeding your pigeons grapes, you can be more confident in your pet caretaking abilities. 

Just make sure to keep all of this in mind and you’re good to go! 

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