Can pigeons eat grapes?

Let’s all face it! Pigeons might seem buff and flexible especially when it comes to foods. The truth however is quite contrary.

They are one of the most fragile groups of birds amongst all that are kept as pets. They might not be able to say it to you, but they are in constant need of your attention and affection.

They look up to you to meet all of their bodily needs as well as their expectations. We know, it can be exhausting at times but the love you have for it can overshadow the fatigue for any pet owner in a whoosh. 

What probably drove you to read this article was the same driving force that keeps you in the loop in regards to your pet. Owning and caring for a pet can easily be said to be synonyms with always wanting to make them try new things.

You want to allow them to explore and be able to experience all the enjoyable things in the world – including food. We bet your pigeon is much like your best friend, except that it is unable to talk back when you ask for advice.

However, it is the first bird you think about when you visit an interesting tourist resort or try a different food cuisine. You always think, how would my pet find this? Not too different, it is imaginable that you want to let the feathery fellow dig into a bowl of grapes.

Being sure of their safety when it is the best way to go about it. For this reason, we are going to inform you of all that we know regarding grapes and pigeons. Alongside this, we are going to go across all the trivial details that might come in handy.

Therefore, if you are a new pet parent, buckle up! We’re going to go on a worthwhile journey. 

Can I feed my pigeon grapes?

Without any further ado, let’s let the cat out of the bag (pun intended)! Your pigeon can eat grapes. Who can’t? Grapes are God’s gift to mankind as well as all other ‘kinds’ in the universe.

We are convinced grapes are irresistible by all means – particularly to birds. They will jump at every given opportunity to eat the bite-sized pulpy fruit. Fortunately, there are little to no reservations from the health experts when it comes to grapes.

Bird owners are encouraged to feed fruits to their pets often as treats. This will not only be a fresh and delicious experience for their taste buds but also their health welfare as a whole. It is often said that a healthy treat is a pet owner’s right hand.

This is because treats make up for any deficiencies that the animal’s base diet is lacking. Having said that, you can easily feed them grapes as per their likeness and preference without having to worry about any consequences. 

How should I feed my pigeon grapes?

It is a common query amongst new pigeon parents in regards to the feeding of the fruit. You may serve grapes as a dessert after the main course of the meal.

If that does not go in line with the likeness of your bird, you may add them to their meal. An excellent example of this would be oatmeal.

Since pigeons are known to be granivores, they adore oatmeal, often on the breakfast menu. If you are one of the few hardworking and affectionate bird parents who prepare oatmeal for their birds, this is your time to shine!

You can easily add the fun-sized fruit as a topping in the oatmeal container. Lastly, you may mix grapes along with other fruits and feed your pigeon as a treat or a snack between meals at long intervals.

However, be mindful of the fact that your feathery friend is likely to pick out the fruit or vegetable it likes best and leave the rest as they are. To avoid them from going to waste, we strongly suggest you combine all the fruits that you are certain your birdie is fond of. 

How do I know if my pigeon likes grapes?

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Unfortunately, you can’t ask your pigeon whether it has taste buds for grapes or not. For which reason, you are going to have to observe their actions and conduct a great number of harmless experiments. First and foremost, we are going to need you to get a protective helmet. Don’t worry, we’re just kidding! All you have to do is slice 2-3 grapes and put them out for your pigeon. After it is done eating them, observe for any unpleasant behavior. The probability of you coming across a detrimental or health deteriorating factor is rather less. If your bird’s best friend is quick and eager to taste the fruit, they are sure to have a liking for the fruit. 

Do I need to take any precautions when it comes to feeding my pigeon grapes?

Indeed, you have to take certain precautions to avoid your lovable birdie from facing any unease. 

Choking hazard 

This is exceptionally integral if you are the parent to a baby pigeon or an elderly pigeon. In both cases, your bird may not have the ability to swallow a seed. Even though pigeons are natural seeds and grain eaters, you never know what might turn into a problem. Thus, it is best to feed your pigeon-sliced grapes or ones that are seedless. This way, it can enjoy the wholesome taste of the fruit without any hindrance at all.

Serve grapes as treats only

No matter how much we emphasize this, it still won’t be enough. No food can be the replacement for the basic diet of your food. Pigeon food is a necessity for your precious friend under all circumstances. Any other treat including grapes can only play the role of a topping or a treat in your bird’s diet. If it is introduced in their food plan as a daily meal, little Kevin is likely to be left underfed. It will also be lacking several minerals and vitamins which are integral for its growth. With that being the case, you must balance your pet’s diet accordingly.

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