Can pigeons eat brown rice?

Pigeons are one of the most loved and appreciated birds that are kept as pets. Let us tell you, if you are a pigeon owner, you are one of the luckiest people alive. A good relationship is always 50-50; therefore, they need the utmost care in return for all the love they provide. We already know you are doing an exemplary job fulfilling your duty. You reading this article is contemporary proof of this! All we intend to do is help you raise your birdie and keep it healthy! 

If you have been a pet parent for long, you would know pigeons are picky eaters. The only flaw is that they pick the food based on their likeness instead of their welfare. Therefore, this is the part where you come in. It is no doubt that the taste of a particular cuisine is fundamental, what overshadows it is its benefits. Your pigeon needs energy and the right supplements to stay robust and upbeat. Let us see whether brown rice is one of such meals that will be wholesome for little Kevin. 

Can pigeons eat brown rice?

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Yes, speaking. Brown rice is not a poisonous food that you need to keep away from your pet at all times. It may be that you have run out of bird food that you feed your pet conventionally, and the only alternative is brown rice. In such a circumstance, you can surely provide your pigeon rice. No one can resist their puppy dog eyes, now can they? It will look at you as if it’s been starving for a decade…or is it? Don’t worry; we’re just kidding! The only thing that you need to be mindful of is whether they are fresh or not. Pigeons are likely to eat any fresh food, even scraps! If the rice has been sitting in your cupboard untouched for a while now, it’s time for a quick trip to the grocery store.

However, there are several additional complications to the topic of debate. For which reason, we suggest you don’t take this away as a final response. Instead, please read this article till the very end for you to truly benefit from it. 

Brown rice is indeed fit for consumption once in a while. But would it be beneficial for them in the long run? The response to that would be, not really. Your pigeon will not refuse to eat it because they’re always hungry. And if that’s the only option they have, they would go along with it willingly. It would be best if you didn’t mistake this willingness with brown rice being advantageous instead. Feeding your feathery fellow brown rice over an extended period can cause it to be undernutrition. Undoubtedly, they do contain a surplus amount of specific vitamins and minerals. These supplements are still not enough to fulfill the physical requirements of your bird. Each food item has its benefits and negatives. A pigeon’s needs in terms of diet and minerals are incredibly particular. Brown rice lacks these supplements and vitamins majorly. We believe that would be reason enough for you as a pet parent not to incorporate brown rice as routine food in your pet’s diet. 

In case of a situation where rice is the only option instead of bird or pigeon food, make sure you feed it other healthy treats. Not only will there be a variation in taste, but additional vitamins will be provided to your pet as well.  

A common misconception

Feed birds, but with care

We are not sure about such a myth’s originating grounds but let us warn you; it might make you laugh a little! If you have been a pigeon parent for quite a while now, likely, you are already aware of this. Nonetheless, we consider it integral to be communicated and to diminish any false information. 

The Misbelief suggests that once a pigeon (or any other bird) swallows brown rice, they start to expand. This expansion can also prove fatal to the bird over a stretched time. There is not even a minor amount of truth in this statement. Whatever a bird eats is broken down in its stomach during the process of digestion. A human’s digestive system and that of a bird or animal are not exceptionally contrasting. Keeping that in mind, the myth doesn’t seem even in the radius of rationality or reality. 

There have been no bird cases, or particularly a pigeon meeting its death after having eaten brown rice. You can feed your parrot the delight without having any such fear. We understand being a parent brings with it the quality of being overprotective and cautious. It is no abnormality if you tend to eliminate certain foods from your pigeon’s diet based on myths. After all, you are only trying to protect your pigeon from any biological complications. Nonetheless, trust us when we say brown rice is guaranteed to be safe for your pet (as a treat)

Is brown rice better cooked or uncooked?

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If we are completely honest with you, there are no specificities as brown rice is concerned. Nor do either of them have an advantage over the other due to more minerals or lesser bacteria. Pigeons and birds in the wild are in the habit of eating raw brown rice. For this reason, they naturally tend to digest uncooked brown rice. Pigeons are whole-grain eaters; after all, how could a few grains of rice affect their appetite adversely? You may have raised your pigeon domestically all its fault, but it is still a pigeon at the end of the day. A pigeon’s biological properties and strengths are loyal to it like anything. You can take the pigeon out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the pigeon. 

However, if you have cooked brown rice readily available, there is nothing to fret about in this case, either. Your feathery fellow will eat the rice as happily as anything else. Pigeons indeed are thankful and humble companions. They are also considered to be one of the most economical pets for this reason. All they need is your love and devotion!

What does brown rice offer?

Brown rice, in comparison to white rice, has a lot more to offer. Food growers and experts worldwide have advised people to eat brown rice because of its qualities. Similar is the case with birds. 

One of the most highlighted positive factors of brown rice is the content of the fiber it contains. It is one of the few foods fed to a pigeon if it is suffering from stomach indigestion. The fiber-filled part of brown rice is known as bran. It adds bulk to the stomach, consequentially easing bowel movements in a parrot. Due to this process, it is easier for the pigeon to get rid of fodder, and along with it, the culprit that was causing it unease. 

As a bonus point, fiber also counters the heart rate and cleanses the body of cholesterol and any other harmful toxins. 

Obesity is one of the most severe conditions your pigeon can fall into. If it is left untreated or uncontrolled for a considerable period, it can also prove fatal! Nonetheless, guess what could be the perfect diet food to feed an obese pigeon? Yes! You got it right. Brown rice is the savior in this case too. It is not only unbelievably low in calories but is also a no-fat food. Your precious pigeon will be eating a highly energizing meal without you having to worry about it turning obese. What more could a pet parent ask for? Rightfully, brown rice is a bird parent’s best friend in the absence of any other preferred food. 

Let’s take a walk around the vitamins and minerals compartment of brown rice as well. We already know it is healthy in terms of supplements, but does it contain the nutrients your pet needs? It’s a yes to this too! No amount of minerals is too much for a bird. To keep it filled with energy and enthusiasm, its diet is required to be rich.

Iron, which is the primary requirement of any living being, is present in surplus amounts in the food goodness. Iron is essential for the blood to carry oxygen in the red blood cells. It also lessens sluggishness and exhaustion in the bird.

Vitamin B has a component known as folic acid. We are assuming you would not be aware of the complex biological term. Please don’t beat yourself up about it; we weren’t aware until we did our research as well! Folic acid is responsible for aiding the production of cells in the body. If a bird’s diet is deficient in folic acid, certain health complications can take place. One of such misfortunes is severe anemia. But worry not, brown rice has just the adequate amount of vitamin B (folic acid). All the many reasons to let your lovely pigeon dig in! 

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