One of the most commonly found birds in the world is a pigeon. These urban birds are everywhere. They are also some of the smartest birds to grace the earth. In the World Wars, Pigeons were used as messenger birds by spies who did not want their message to be intercepted by radios. They are also some of the most beautiful birds around. 

When it is time to feed them, however, you might know that most birds tend to live on seeds. Pigeons are also one of them, and their balanced diet does constitute the right amount of seeds. However, feeding them just seeds every day without supplementing their diet with other things that can fulfill their nutritional needs can lead to some problems in their health due to nutritional imbalance. Some of these medical complications that can occur are fatty liver and obesity. They can also suffer from egg binding, which causes their egg to take a lot more time to pass out. Hence you might want to learn if broccoli is something you can feed your Pigeon. 



Broccoli is one bland vegetable. Neither one of us can claim to have liked it in our younger years. However, you might be surprised to learn that this bland vegetable is not only entirely safe for your pigeon to eat, but they also enjoy eating it. Unlike you or I, who do not see the appeal of eating broccoli, your pigeon thinks of it as a treat. It also gives them the required amount of nutritional benefit they need, which is usually lacking in seeds. You can also provide them with the broccoli in a cooked or a raw form; however, what type you should give will be discussed later on.


Broccoli is a very nutritional food. It is low in calories which can help in weight loss and control. It also has a myriad of dietary supplements which will not only make a tasty treat for your pigeon but also give them all the vital nutrition which they lacked from an all seed and grain diet. Here are some of those nutritional benefits.


The most significant source of Vitamin D is the sun. You nor your bird will ever be deficient in this vitamin if you and your bird get enough sunlight. However, If you do not let your pigeon spread its wings from time to time, It will suffer its deficiency. So to counter it, you can feed your pigeon some broccoli so that it would get the needed vitamin D and compensate for its deficit. 


Vitamin K helps a vital nutrient that is very important to improve bone health, increase metabolism, and improve heart health. Broccoli is not only a great source of this crucial and essential nutrient but also is a safe source for it as many industrial sources can have carcinogens in them.


Another nutrient that is available in broccoli is called Vitamin A. This nutrient also has many incredible benefits.

  •  It reduces the risk of cancer. 
  • It can improve the immune health of your bird. 
  • It also helps to improve the skin health of your pigeon. 
  • It is suitable for the bones as well.
  • It also improves feather health.


Broccoli is a rich source of Vitamin B. This nutrient is essential to maintain good physical health. Here are the benefits associated with Vitamin B:

  • It Improves the heart health of your bird.
  • It helps to achieve healthy brain function.
  • It helps in metabolism and digestion.
  • It controls cholesterol
  • It improves your pigeon’s eyesight.


Calcium is an essential nutrient that is important in the formation of a healthy bone and skeletal structure. Broccoli is an excellent source of calcium for your pigeon. Some other benefits of calcium that can be important for your pigeon are:

  • It can improve heart and cardiovascular health.
  • It helps in the lowering of cholesterol.
  • It also maintains blood pressure.
  • It also helps in healing wounds.


Broccoli is also a source of potassium which has the following nutritional advantages to your bird.

  • It helps in the normalization of blood pressure.
  • It helps in metabolism and digestion.
  • It improves heart health.
  • It helps in improving muscle health.
  • It helps in improving the nervous system.


Iron is an essential nutrient that helps in the formation of blood. If your pigeon is deficient in Iron, then it can contract a disease called Anemia. In this disease, a body will not have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to the tissues which can make it so that one feels lethargic all the time. Broccoli is an excellent source of Iron, and you should give it to your pigeon regularly to reduce the risk of anemia. 


Now that we have understood the nutritional benefits of giving broccoli to your pigeon, we now need to know how we go about doing that? How should you be giving it to your pigeon, should it be cooked or uncooked? Well, let us dig more deeply into it. 

The first question we need to tackle is whether you should give your pigeon the broccoli boiled or raw. To answer that question, we first need to understand that cooking or boiling up a vegetable which can be broccoli or any other can lead to it losing most of its nutritional benefits as they are very heat sensitive. Hence you should always serve your pigeon the broccoli uncooked to let it take all the advantages the vegetable has to offer. However, there is no harm in giving it cooked or boiled, and you can be assured that it is safe for your pigeon to eat.

You can also go with frozen broccoli for your pigeon. However, you can microwave it before serving. Microwaving it will not damage any of the nutritional benefits on offer as opposed to when it is boiled.


One of the most important practices you should follow whenever you want to feed your pet is practice moderation in providing them. Do not stuff your bird with one thing every day and always be sure to practice giving your bird a healthy and balanced diet. This will not only help your bird achieve all the nutritional benefits it needs but also live a long healthy life.

So, in the case of broccoli you can feed your pigeon this at least 3-4 times every week. It will not only like it as it is an excellent treat for it but also give it all the nutritional benefits it needs.


Moderation in feeding your bird should be practiced. So, what should you feed your pigeon the time between the broccoli? And what are some foods you should always avoid as they are toxic to it? 

The first thing we are going to talk about is seeds. Your pigeons live and die for seeds. This satisfies most of your pigeon’s nutritional needs. They are not only crucial for your pigeon’s well being but also improves their aesthetic features by strengthening and nourishing their wings. They are also vital to keeping their immune system healthy. Seeds should constitute at least half of your domesticated pigeon’s food to balance its diet. 

You can also give your pigeon fruits like apples and grapes from time to time. You should cut it up into small pieces and serve it to them. You should, however, beware of apple seeds that have trace amounts of cyanide inside of them which can ultimately kill your bird if consumed in higher doses.

Other vegetables like lettuce and spinach can also be given to your pigeon as they are full of vitamins and minerals which can make your pigeon healthy.

One vegetable you should never consider to feed your pigeon is Avocado which has a toxic substance called Persin, which is responsible for the spread of fungus in plants. Feeding your pigeon this vegetable will cause it to develop diseases like asthma and heart disease.

You should also stay away from chocolates as they are very high in caffeine for your pigeon. This can cause hypersensitivity, which can ultimately lead to the death of your pet bird.

You also might be tempted to give them fried items like french fries, but they are also banned in the birdie balanced diet as they will cause your pigeon to have difficulty in passing it on and can lead to diseases like indigestion.


Broccoli is a superfood in the most real sense. It has the lowest amount of calories while having some of the best nutritional benefits available in the food chain. These are not only good for the physical and mental well-being of your pigeon but they also act as a treat for your pigeon. You should always give your pigeon frozen or uncooked broccoli to preserve all of its nutritional benefits. Boiling the broccoli, however, does not pose any threat to it, but it is not recommended as this can make it lose most of its nutritional benefits.

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