Can Parrots Eat Yogurt

Parrots are quite entertaining to have inside your home. If you are someone who is used to having birds in your house, or if you are someone who is just starting, the parrot can be one of the ideal pets to keep in your home. Parrots are one of those kinds of birds that may easily be able to learn tricks to keep you engaged for a while. They can also repeat what humans say when you keep repeating the same phrase in front of them for some time.

Parrots do have some set of requirements; it is not easy to have them in your home. If you are someone who has had no experience with keeping birds in your home in the past, you may have to consider research regarding what measures are to be taken. You can not just put the bird in a cage as most people do. Yes, it is a common way, but it is starting to be deemed cruel to keep birds in cages for long periods or throughout the day. You may keep the cage for nights or times of the day when you will not be able to tend to them.

What you can do is train them to stay on the ground for most of their time. Some even cut off their wings to make sure that they are unable to fly. This is one of the cruelest ways to keep the bird on the ground. Training them to stay on the ground is important because keeping a bird indoors comes with its own set of hazardous situations. The bird might fly into an air vent or a ceiling fine. This may even prove to be fatal.

Apart from that, you may have to take into consideration what you are feeding to the parrot. Parrots are not like other domestic animals and what you feed them plays a huge part in how they will act. If they are fed a well-balanced diet, they will usually be in a better mood, and they will readily engage with you. They may be easier to condition, and they may become a better companion to you and other people in your house. It will also be easier to domesticate the animal if it feels comfortable in your home.

Knowing about your parrot’s diet

Parrots are generally considered herbivores. They are predominantly herbivores, but they will eat a worm now and then, which may not be entirely good for its digestion if it keeps eating worms on the regular.

 It may lead to hygiene issues because warms aren’t generally considered clean. The fact that they contain parasites and germs may even cause your bird to get sick in a very short amount of time. You have to prevent any such situation from happening, and you can do this by paying avid attention to what is going inside the bird.

Benefits of Yogurt

Dairy is one such example of a food that you will have to pay extra attention to. Yogurt is dairy and whether or not it is good for the bird is quite questionable. Dairy is not exactly built for birds to consume, and their internal organs do not function in a way that they will readily be able to process dairy into the system. However, there is some flexibility with giving the bird some dairy on occasion. However, you can not give it every type of dairy, or it is very likely to get sick and have some digestive issues.

Can parrots eat yogurt?

Yogurt is one of the forms of milk that is quite processed. Especially if you are purchasing the yogurt from some company, it is very likely it may contain some preservatives and additives. Additives usually aren’t good for humans, let alone parrots, with their much fragile digestive systems. There can be some ingredients present in artificially made yogurts that are flavored to give them that flavor. Some of the substances in these ingredients can easily be poisonous for the parrot. Your responsibility is to research what ingredients can be harmful to the parrot and what ingredients are generally considered safe.

Greek yogurt, for one, is considered to be exceptionally high in the amount of dairy which is present in it. Parrots are known to not be able to digest dairy as well as humans. It does not make sense at all to give them a kind of yogurt that contains high dairy content. Your parrot is not able to know what it can and can not eat, and it is up to you to pay extra attention to what you give to them to make sure the parrot does not experience any harmful consequences within its body.

The best form of yogurt that you should be giving to your parrot is naturally made, plain yogurt that does not contain any form of ingredients that the parrot may not be able to digest. The best option would be to give the parrot dairy-free yogurt. The ingredient in yogurt that gives parrots the hardest time digest it is lactose. If you can find yogurt that is made without lactose, purchase that and use that to feed your parrot. It is the healthiest option for birds in general, and it will keep the digestive system of the bird quite sound.

Another issue that comes with flavored yogurts is the high amount of sugar content. Sugar is bad for the parrot as it can raise blood sugar levels and also the chance of obesity.

There are no benefits that come with giving your parrot dairy, but it will not kill your parrot either. There is no good reason to be giving your parrot yogurt. It is always better to find alternatives that you can give to your parrot without harming it even slightly.


It is always better to be safe than sorry and do your research before giving your parrot any new foods.

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