Can Parrots Eat Strawberries?

When it comes to berries, you must be thinking of something juicy and delicious. There are many types of berries, and they are all unique in terms of taste and color. The most popular type of berries is strawberry. This bright red and juicy fruit is used in making various things such as cake toppings, ice creams, smoothies, and salads. It has many nutrient benefits. Its nutritional benefits are not limited to humans, but birds can also benefit from it. 

Can parrots eat strawberries? It would be better to ask what they cannot eat. They love to eat every fruit. The bright colors always attract them. They can be an excellent addition to parrots’ diets.

Eating Strawberries Can Be Mess

It would not be wrong to say that strawberries are delicious and have many nutritional benefits, but you cannot ignore the mess strawberries make. Parrots can make a mess by notching the strawberries. So what are the alternatives having the same amount of nutrients? 

Can Parrots Eat Strawberry Leaves?

Strawberry leaves are very useful in making medicines. Some people even make tea out of them. They also make food look more appealing than before. You can use them in garnishing smoothies, salads, and cocktails. You must be thinking, are they a safe consumption for your parrots. Yes, they are edible and perfect for your feathered buddy’s digestive system. Where they are rich in minerals and have a low PH level, there are side effects. They can cause allergies and sharpen the parrot’s breath. Be present if testing them the first time. 

What about Strawberry Juice?

As stated earlier, feeding parrot strawberries can create a great mess and make the parrot and his place look tidy. Strawberry juice can be a good alternative with fewer chances of mess. You can give them strawberry juice with their regular diet as a treat snack. 

Strawberry jams 

We all know strawberry is a seasonal fruit and only available in summers. Strawberry jam is an excellent way to store them and make them useful for a more extended period. You can give parrot jam as a light meal.

Strawberry Seeds

Parrots love nibbling everything, and they do the same with strawberries. You may know they are seed junkies and also love to eat notch strawberry seeds. They are also a good source of polyphenols. 

Dried Strawberries 

We all know strawberries come with short shelf life and are only available in summers. You can make jams, beverages, or can freeze or dry. This way, their shelter life increases and provides you almost the same nutritional benefits that fresh strawberries do. They become tastier after getting dried. There are two ways of drying them; one is freeze-drying, while another one is convection drying.

Freeze drying in this method; you first put them in the freezer until they become icy and then put them in the microwave. 

Convection drying Motive of drying is to preserve them for a more extended period. In this method, heat is provided directly to the hot air as gas is blown to dry the water. You can buy a food dryer for this purpose.  

Dried strawberries are good midday snacks for your parrots. There is only one con of giving them dried strawberries, and that is they are high in sugar as compared to fresh ones, but at the same time, they are good antioxidants and help your parrots fight illness. 


Strawberries contain a lot of nutrients, such as fiber and minerals. They contain folate, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, K, and E. They also provide iron, copper, potassium, and manganese. Let’s see what benefits these minerals and nutrients provide individually.

  • Copper plays a vital role in bird growth. Reducing disease factors make your parrot’s immune system more robust than ever before.
  • Manganese also helps in reducing illness risks. Its antioxidant properties make bones more substantial and also have fertility properties. 
  • Vitamin B6 If your parrots look tired and have low energy, it cures all of both problems. It also improves brain health and proves to be suitable for their immune system. 
  • Vitamin K helps wounds heal fast. It also metabolizes bones and plays a crucial role in blood clotting. 
  • Vitamin E helps your parrots to absorb fatty acids and converts food into energy. It restores damaged cells and repairs digestive disorders. 
  • Potassium is good for diarrhea and vomiting. It regulates muscle contraction and helps your parrot’s body to work correctly. 


All vegetables and fruits contain pesticides on their outer layer that help them to stay fresh. Incase fruit has peel as a proactive layer, you can peel the outer skin to avoid pesticides, but strawberries cannot be peeled. Despite all the nutrient benefits, strawberries are still high in sugar, which you cannot ignore. Consuming them in high amounts can cause food poisoning to parrots. And also, you cannot ignore the mess strawberries create.


Parrots love fruits, especially when the fruit is so juicy and mess-making. Do they prefer any specific color? Yes, they love the food having bright and unique colors. That is why they love this bright red food. Strawberries are rich in nutrients, minerals, and fiber. But you cannot ignore that the more delicious the fruit is, the more mess it causes. Yes, parrots can make so much mess by nibbling the strawberries. And another fact you cannot ignore about strawberries is that they come with short shelf life and are only available in summers. With keeping these two things in mind, you can adopt any other way. You can feed them dried or frozen strawberries. Parrots intake 200 seeds on average; they may nibble only strawberry seeds. Most people have doubts about whether strawberry leaves are edible and how beneficial they can be for parrots. When talking about benefits, they are rich in everything. They help in digesting food. The only drawback strawberries have, is that they may contain pesticides on their outer layer. That is why wash them thoroughly before adding them to your parrot’s diet. 


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