Can Parrots Eat Raisins?

Raisins are one of the contradictory food items. Most people love them, but some of them like to stay away from them. Some people like to include it in their meals. Others enjoy it separately. But have you ever thought about animals? People who own animals and birds as pets hold a sentimental value in their hearts. They like to feed them the best of the best food options available but have you ever wondered do birds, especially parrots, like eating raisins too? or Are raisins even a suitable diet for them or not?

What Are Raisins?

In simple words, raisins are mere sweet grapes that are dried up. These sweet treats are a healthy snack that provides you with lots of energy. Raisins are dark brown or golden depending upon which method is used to dry them, sun drying, or oven drying.

Even though raisins are a dried form of fresh grapes, they do not taste anywhere near them. Brown raisins are very sweet and fruity and also the golden ones, but they have a hint of sourness in them.

So Can Parrots Eat Raisins?

Parrots are wonderful pets to keep, their vibrant colors and their talkative nature keeps you engaged all the time and never make you feel alone. Some of the Chinese believe that parrots are a sign of good luck and symbolize positive energy as well. If you have kept a parrot in your home, you might be looking for the answer to whether you can feed your pet parrot raisins or not? Well, the answer is yes, but that’s not all. You should have a proper guideline regarding the health benefits and risks before giving it to your parrot.

Nutritional benefits of raisins for parrots:

Raisins are filled with essential nutrients that are vital for their body and a treat for your pet parrot to enjoy. Below is a list of essential nutrients found in raisins:


Being rich in potassium and low in cholesterol and fat, raisins provide an extended range of benefits, such as lower blood pressure, fewer chances of strokes, and lower mortality rates. So if you have an elderly parrot, you might want to consider adding some raisins to their diet.

Vitamin B:

Raisins have an ample amount of vitamin B in them, which plays an important role in providing them with benefits of vitamin B complex like prevention of infections, cell growth promotion, healthier brain function, better digestive system, etc.


Fresh grapes have an ample amount of sugar and so do raisins. As much sugar is important for the human body, it has harm as well, and the same goes for parrots too. Since it provides a vital source of energy, it should not be left out. To avoid health complications, feed raisins to your parrot with a sideline of nuts or seeds.

Pros of Feeding Raisins To Your Parrot:

As discussed above, raisins have tons of nutritional benefits and are a good addition to your parrot’s diet. It is also an inexpensive food option, but you have to be careful not to overfeed them. Have a look at how you can make up most of the raisins in the parrot’s diet.

If your bird is suffering from some kind of heart problem or brain function, raisins might help them because they are a great source of vitamin B that can help produce more blood cells and better nervous system function, and you will notice your parrot is active than before.

If you wish to give raisins to your pet, make sure they are not boxed one as they are manufactured for humans with preservatives that are harmful to parrot’s health. Do take a glance and make sure that those treats do not have sulfur in them.

Cons of Feeding Raisins to Your Parrot:

As much as sugar is good for a parrot’s health, it is also very hazardous if overfed. Raisins have a high amount of sugar, so they should constitute a smaller portion of the parrot’s diet.

 Birds perform plenty of activity throughout the day, thus requiring more energy, but if your pet is caged completely, they will not be that much active.

In this case, your bird will become fat and lethargic and will struggle to fly and find it difficult to perform activities like other birds. Depending upon the species of your bird, they can gain weight. Some are more prone while others are not.

The risk of having heart problems can also increase if you do not follow the recommended dosage of raisins that have been advised for your parrot by the vet and not just raisins but any other food that has a high amount of sugar in them. Your pet will enjoy eating it, and it doesn’t know what is good for their health, but being the caretaker, it is your responsibility to be careful with what you feed them.

What other food can you feed to your parrot?

Parrots are omnivores, and that is why they feed on both plants and rarely meat, but anything should be given in moderation. If we talk about fruits and vegetables, you can give them foods like:

  • Cherries (seeds removed; otherwise, they would choke on them)
  • Fresh bananas (it is fat, sodium, and cholesterol-free, which your pet will enjoy eating)
  • Carrots (it is a good source of dietary fiber and is rich in Vitamin A, C, K)
  • Fresh watermelon (parrots love juicy fruits, and it is completely safe for them to eat them with seeds)
  • Almonds (they are a great source of vitamin E, calcium, and other antioxidants)


As the saying goes, excess of everything is bad, and it fits well on this discussion too. If you want to feed your pet, do give them every feed in a moderate amount or as advised by the vet. If we talk about raisins in general, they are hard to digest, so the best way to give them is to boil them first so that it’s easy for the little creature to swallow and digest.

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