Can Parrots eat meat?

Parrots and other birds eat a wide variety of diets in the wild. This diet is consisting of fruits, seeds, young leaves, and blossoms. Even insects and worms are also part of their diet during certain times of the year. But it is not possible to feed your pet birds precisely what they eat in the wild. Parrots need a balanced diet consisting of water, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, Vitamins, and essential minerals.

Parrots eat meat!

Parrots eat meat to get the protein that they need to live. Parrots can eat other birds also to fulfill their protein needs. Parrots are birds with powerful beaks, and they love to eat seeds and nuts. Actually, these are omnivores, and they eat plants and animals. Mostly seeds, fruits, buds, vegetables, flowers, and insects. Most parrots and other birds in the wild do not eat meat except what they get from the insects.

Parrots love seeds, and a variety of seeds keep them happy.

Meat that is rich in sodium, Fat, and other ingredients are not suitable for parrots as it can make your pet bird overweight and affect their health badly. The meat you should never give to your parrots is:

  • Avoid fried meat
  • Bacon, ham, sausages, or cured meat is also not for parrots.
  • Never give your parrots cold cut meats such as turkey or bologna. 
  • Red meats such as burgers or steak are too dangerous for parrots.

The best meat for your parrot

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To add meat to your parrot’s diet, it is necessary to choose healthy meat options for him. Here is the list of best meat options that provide your parrot some extra proteins.


Fish meat is full of healthy Fat that parrots cannot get from a vegetable and fruit-based diet. Try to feed your parrot with some seafood options with low mercury. Trout sardine and mackerel are the few best seafood options for parrots.


The stripped bare bones of chicken are the most favorite part of your parrot’s chicken dinner. Our birds crunch down the bones and crack down the bones to get soft, nutritious, and juicy marrow. Chicken bones easily get fragmented, and it will be problematic for your bird if it eats pieces of bones.


Technically you cannot add this option to the meat list, but parrot owners love to give their pet parrots this option. The egg is one of the favorite foods of your pet birds also. The egg is an option that is not only easy to prepare and inexpensive, but it also contains plenty of nutrients. Give hard-boiled or scrambled eggs to your parrots without excess salt and Fat.

Parrots and chicken

Chicken meat is not the food that you can include in your parrot’s regular diet. You can serve chicken meat to your parrot occasionally in a minimal amount.

If you want to give your parrot chicken, it is fine to do that in tiny amounts and only on certain occasions. Chicken should not be a food that is in your birds’ regular diet.

Giving chicken meat in large amounts increases cholesterol exposure in the diet of your parrots. Chicken meat can upset your parrot’s stomach and other complications.

Meat is not good for Parrots.

Undoubtedly, parrots need a small amount of protein in their diet, but only certain proteins are required in the bird’s diet. Parrots have fruits, seeds, and vegetables as their natural diet, and it is essential to provide the right amount of protein to your parrots. Cholesterol and too much Fat are the major health risks that your parrot could face in case of having excess chicken meat in their diet.

Risk of adding meat in excess to your parrot’s diet

Your parrots can eat meat whenever you give it, but parrots also don’t mind regularly eating oatmeal raisin cookies. But as you know well, love to eat a certain mood doesn’t mean it is healthy and nutritious. Serving your bird buddy with too much good is not always good. You must have to be aware that there are so many potential risks of overindulging your pet parrot with a taste for meat.

Some of the risks parrots may face in case of having excess meat in their diet are:

  • Meat is a diet full of saturated fats and high cholesterol value. It can make your parrot overweight that is harmful to the health of your parrot buddy.
  • Meat is a diet rich in protein and fat, and excess Fat in your bird’s diet leaves it at risk for hepatic lipidosis. This is a condition in which excess fat stores inside the liver.
  • The meat we generally get from the meat market is loaded with antibiotics that can cause some adverse effects that harm your bird’s health. The only option to avoid these issues is to purchase antibiotic-free meat of high quality.
  • Too much protein can harm your bird’s overall health and causes kidney damage.

How much meat is enough for parrots?

Although meat has the potential to be a healthy food addition to your pet bird buddy’s diet because it is rich in protein, protein is essential for the optimum health of parrots as it participates in the development of tissues and muscle growth. The deficiency of proteins can cause muscle loss, and it is harmful to the internal organs of parrots.

Luckily, seeds are a wonderful protein source for birds, and most birds have no trouble getting enough protein in their regular diet. Many parrots emphasize eating fruits and vegetables and face hardships in getting adequate protein. In this situation, the addition of meat to meal times for parrots a few times a week is beneficial.

It means that parrots that consume more pellets and seeds should consume less meat than parrots that rely upon a diet based on fruit and vegetables.

Way to prepare meat for parrots:

Uncooked or raw meat can make your parrots sick due to the presence of salmonella and other harmful bacteria present in raw meat. Always cook meat properly before serving it to your parrot. You can bake, boil, or broil the meat for parrots that include no added ingredients and fats. Keep the meat natural for your pet parrots.


Parrots have an affinity for meat, and you can give them cooked meat in a small amount. Uncooked meat is not recommended for parrots as it can harbor dangerous bacteria it. Serve meat to your parrot as a supplement to a meal, but not as a diet staple. It is safe for your parrot to eat meat until you do not overdo it.

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