Can Parrots Eat Guava?

Based on movies and cartoons, parrots are practically married to guavas. Wherever there is a guava tree you can surely expect a parrot to be lingering nearby. And honestly, I don’t blame them, guavas are truly one of the most underrated yet mouth-watering fruits. Who wouldn’t like the fruit anyways? Albeit, the animated versions of cats drink milk as well, whereas it can be quite harmful to them in actuality. How could we be certain it isn’t an identical scenario in regards to parrots and guavas? To answer this question and rid you of all the doubts that may be popping up inside the back of your head, we will walk you through whether feeding your parrot the food is a good idea or an absolute no-no.

Everything that you need to know about the parrot diet

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Being a pet parent, I assume you would already be well aware of how fragile they can be. Parrots require intensive care and adoration from their owners and the best way to assure it of your love is to provide it with a sufficient diet. Unlike the common stereotype, parrots should not be limited to particular bird feeds and occasional treats. Instead, their diets should be a well-balanced composition of everything including fruits, vegetables, seeds, and pellets. It is true that several human foods, such as chocolate, can prove to be extremely detrimental to their well-being but this in no manner means you ought to steer clear of all healthy additions. Your bird requires a healthy and consistent number of proteins and other minerals to keep their internal machinery enthusiastically working as well as rust-free. 

The greatest moment of happiness a pet lover can have is seeing his/her pet be enthusiastic and energetic and I believe it would be no different for you. Therefore, trust me when I say that paying extra heed to your job of being a dietitian to the vibrant little creature is just as important as ensuring it has a satisfactory living condition. 

Can parrots eat guava?

Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot and guava – Bird Ecology Study Group

Cue a drum roll please, we have good news! Yes, your parrot can eat guavas without you having to be constantly concerned about its healthiness (being a caretaker is tough, I understand your parent instinct). Guavas are the juiciest of fruits and equally advantageous, so you may add them to your grocery shopping list. You’re not going to regret it, I promise!

Unlike the guava pulp and the inside of the fruit itself, its skin might act as a turn-off for your parrot. While parrots sure are adventurous when it comes to experimenting with their taste buds, a bitter taste might still disappoint them. To avoid any unworthy of remembering experiences from taking place for your parrot, I would suggest you offer your best bud with the inside of the fruit only. 

WAIT, before you close the tab and take that yes as a definite answer, let me tell you that there is so much more to guavas that you need to know. Reading this informative article to the very end is going to be worth it for sure. So, sit tight and let me guide you regarding the danger that the fruit brings with itself. 

In what circumstance is guava unsuitable for a parrot?

Amazon blue front parrots in guava tree – Marisa Mann

As we priorly discussed, parrots are comparatively more prone to falling sick than other species of birds. Keeping that in mind, before you feed your parrot the pinkish fruit, be assured of the fact that it does not contain seeds. This is exceptionally integral for young parrots as they are developed enough to swallow and digest seeds. Seeds might cause your bird to choke and suffer from discomfort. 

Secondly, like many other fruits, guavas too can get flies. This might not seem like that big of a deal, but flies’ infestation can cause the process of its decaying to speed up. Henceforth, feeding your parrot a fruit that is decaying is not the best of ideas. Similarly, fruit trees (guava trees, in this case) that are sprayed with insecticide contain toxins that are injurious to the health of birds. Nonetheless, all you need to do is thoroughly wash the fruit before you serve it to the little champ. 

Ta-da your parrot probably loves you twice as much now! 

What benefits does guava bring to my parrot?

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To put it simply, guavas will make up for most of any deficiency that your parrot’s diet may have. They’re granola bars, but for birds. Owing to this reason, if you feel as though your parrot is lacking in its overall intake or seems lethargic/weakened, offer it a bowl of fresh ripe guavas.

One of the biggest contributions that the delicious fruit is capable of making to your parrot’s diet is that of folic acid. Folic acid is credited for aiding the process of iron absorption and in turn, keeping your birdie upbeat throughout the day. On the contrary, a lesser than required level of iron absorption can cause the bird to grow anemic and in extreme circumstances, suffer through agonizing symptoms. Equally, the honey-sweet fruit builds and strengthens your parrot’s immunity system, helping it battle against several different bacteria and health risks it may come across. 

Over and above that, guavas contain several supplements and minerals such as;

  • Vitamin C 
  • Potassium
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin A and E 
  • Magnesium  

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