Can Parrots Eat Eggs?

It probably sounds like an extraordinary thought, offering birds eggs. I mean, parrots are birds who lay eggs to reproduce, and here you are thinking of offering them eggs to eat. But the surprising thing is that it isn’t unusual for birds who live in the wild to eat the eggs of other species. Eggs, as it turns out, are natural food for birds and are great health-wise. Eggs do not have any sugar or carbs and are a great inclusion in your parrots’ diet, as long as they are given in moderation.

Why are eggs good for parrots?

As strange as it sounds, it isn’t unheard of that animals tend to prefer eating the eggs of other animals, and parrots are no exception. Parrots enjoy eating eggs because of all the nutrients eggs have to offer our birds, all of which are necessary for survival.

Eggs are organic and powerful food, especially when it comes to your parrots’ brain’s nourishment. To survive in the wild, parrots need to be smart and make smart decisions. Even if your parrot is domesticated, their survival instinct remains the same, and thus eggs are equally important to pet parrots.

Egg yolk is rich in choline that is an important brain food that increases the pace by which the signal transmissions reach the brain, making quick-thinking quicker and easier. If you are teaching your parrot how to speak or perform certain tricks or tasks, the egg yolk will make the processes smoother.

Eggs are also important where your parrot’s life functioning is concerned. It also is important for the circulation of important nutrients in your parrot’s body. Eggs are also rich in protein, which is important in the circulation of amino acids. These amino acids are important for brain functioning and, more specifically, in creating neurotransmitters that are responsible for delivering messages to the brain. Moreover, protein is the main energy source, and parrots need the energy to exercise to avoid health issues such as obesity and heart problems. Eggs are also important because they contain all the essential amino acids. An essential amino acid is what the body cannot create independently and thus has to be absorbed by eating foods that contain these amino acids, such as eggs.

Can parrots eat eggshells?

Eggshells are also healthy for your birds, especially since they are an excellent source of calcium. Calcium isn’t common in the wild and thus should be offered to your parrot. It helps aid the development and growth of your parrot and is needed for their overall health.

Female parrots specifically need calcium when it comes to laying their eggs. If she has an ample amount of calcium in her diet, your parrot will be able to produce eggs with strong shells that will survive the odds and become healthy birds.

Eggshells do, however, carry a choking hazard and should be carefully given to your bird.

Can parrots eat boiled eggs?

Whether you feed your parrot hard-boiled eggs or soft-boiled, both options are safe. However, the recommended way to feed them is hard-boiled, especially if your parrot is new to eggs.

Boiling eggs is a good thing since it breaks down and removes the hard protein present in the eggs, which are otherwise difficult to break down by your parrot’s intestines. It is also a great way to introduce the eggs to your parrot so that they can get the hang of the food and be ready to include it as a part of their regular diet.

What about fried eggs?

Sure, you can feed them fried eggs, and your parrot will probably also eat it, but it isn’t recommended that you do. To start with, you should avoid including the oil in your parrots’ diet. Too much oil or oily fried food can lead to obesity. 

Another problem with fried eggs is that the protein may gather all on one side, and the heat may not be enough to break the protein down enough for it to be appropriate for your parrot’s consumption.

Are scrambled eggs a good option?

As long as you don’t use oil for cooking the eggs and don’t include seasoning, even salt, then scrambled eggs are a great option to offer your parrots. Since they are soft, these kinds of eggs are easy to eat and digest for your bird.

How to include eggs in your parrots’ diet?

Eggs can be included in your parrot’s diet in their raw form, and in that case, it is hassle-free. Put the egg in the area where your parrot’s food usually is and leave it to your parrot to feed on it. However, be prepared that your parrot might have a small reaction to eggs the first time they eat them since it is a new food that they aren’t used to eating. If the symptoms persist or seem more severe, remove the egg and take your bird to the vet.

If you feed them cooked eggs, follow all the instructions carefully, and experiment to see what kind of egg your parrot prefers. Offer them small pieces first to gauge their preferences. However, make sure the egg is cool; room temperature is preferred to avoid your parrot from getting burned. The most preferred way is to give them bits of hard-boiled eggs in small pieces with the shell.

If you are offering them eggshells, make sure the eggs are properly cleaned before you do.

Ensure you clean the cage of any eggs bits left behind after a while to prevent the growth of bad bacteria in their living space.


So yes, you can feed your parrot eggs. Not only is it healthy, but parrots seem to enjoy the taste. Just make sure you follow the instructions, and all will be well.

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