Can Parrots Eat Cucumbers?

Cucumbers are one of those edible plants that are grown in a wide range all over the world. People love adding cucumbers in salads, sandwiches, and eating on their own. Cucumbers are rich in water, nutrition, and low-calorie factors. And a massive amount of benefits are linked to them. But the real question is, can parrots eat cucumbers? yes, they can eat cucumbers. But it does not end there. 

Parrots can be very picky when it comes to choosing their diet.

I know that there would be many questions in your mind about whether it is safe to feed them cucumbers? Can cucumbers be added to their daily diet? What form of cucumbers they can chew. Before getting into that, you must have know-how about cucumbers. So here is everything you need to know about cucumbers.

Cucumber A Fruit Or Vegetable?

You may think it is a vegetable as it looks very similar to zucchini by looking at cucumber. But that’s not the case. Growing from a flower and containing seeds, it meets all the qualities a fruit does have. Yes, you read it right, it’s a fruit. I know it might be shocking for you and many other people who did not know it before. 

What Kind of Cucumber Can You Feed Your Parrots?

Many of you may prefer eating cucumbers with the peel on, which is somehow okay as peels are also a great source of nutrients. But eating non-organic cucumbers with the peel on can be harmful these days. It is not safe to eat vegetables and fruits with peels because they contain synthetic waxes and pesticides on their skin to preserve their moisture. Feed your parrot’s cucumbers after peeling them off. Please try to find organic ones.

What Form Of Cucumber Can You Give To Your Parrot?

When it comes to eating, you will find your parrots very fussy and demanding. Not all the parrots would show interest in eating cucumber. As they are picky eaters, you should try giving cucumbers in different forms. We have put together various methods to help you figure out which way works best for you.

  • Slicing:  It is the most common way of eating cucumbers. It is easy to make your parrots eat cucumbers this way. It is better if you cut the cucumber in thin slices so the parrots can quickly eat them. Be present while feeding. It also keeps them busy as they work for their food.
  • Pickling: It’s another way to eat cucumbers, which is ultimately not the right way. You must be thinking, why? So here is the answer. As we know, vinegar, sugar, and many other ingredients pickles contain. Parrots have a very sensitive stomach; therefore, pickling using so many spices can cause many stomach ailments. It can adversely affect the digestive system. Therefore, adopting this method is not the right choice at all.
  • Seedless: What they can eat and what they like to eat are two different things. Like humans, choices vary from parrot to parrot. Feed once with seeds; if they do not eat, you can take out seeds. 
  • Chopped: If you do not have enough time to keep an eye on them, the best way is to give them chopped cucumbers. It is easier for them to chew. Chopping is one of the best ways. If you do not have much time, chop them cucumbers and let your parrots eat independently.
  • Cucumber Seeds: Some parrots love having seeds. No matter what fruit they belong to. If that is also the case with your parrot, all you need to do is separate them and add them to your parrot’s diet.

Benefits Cucumbers Can Provide To Your Parrots

When talking about the qualities cucumbers contain, there is a complete list. These benefits are not only for us but as well as for our parrots.

  • Antioxidant –Antioxidants help your parrot’s body to function most appropriately. They help them fight against viruses and toxicants and make their immune system stronger.
  • Helps In Hydration -As we all know, we need to stay hydrated, so it is for our parrots. Cucumbers are 90 percent water and are the best source of hydration.
  • Contains Nutrients- Cucumbers are rich when talking about nutrients. The intake of one cup sliced cucumber gives you vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, plus minerals like magnesium and potassium. They can be an excellent source of nutrients for your parrots. 

Is It Safe To Feed Parrots Cucumbers?

There is no denying that there is a long list of benefits you can gain from cucumbers. Where there are so many advantages, there are also disadvantages. Be sure to keep these following points in mind before feeding your parrots cucumbers.

Since parrots have a sensitive digestive system; therefore, cucumbers can cause problem indigestion. If your parrots do not show interest in eating cucumbers, do not force them; otherwise, they will end up having this issue. They can cause bloating. 

Cucumbers are considered suitable for your digestive system but consuming a vast amount of cucumbers is not ideal.

Can it Cause allergy?

We are all allergic to something. Allergies vary from person to person. Others don’t need to be allergic to what you are allergic to. The same is for our parrots. Keep an eye on them when feeding them cucumbers for the first time so you can have an idea if they are allergic to cucumbers or not.


What you can eat does not decide what you like to eat too. That goes the same for our parrots. We know cucumbers are filled with nutrients, and so many benefits are tied to them but do not force your parrots to eat if they do not want to. Do not force them if they do not show interest in eating. As we told you earlier, cucumbers are 90% water; although they help stay hydrated, excessive water intake can cause many stomach problems. Therefore, you should not feed them cucumbers daily. Here is another crucial thing to keep in mind that uses a brush while cleaning them. You should peel off the cucumber if they are non-organic because washing them won’t be a solution.

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