Can Parrots Eat Cabbage?

Cabbage is nutritious but is this green vegetable suitable for your green pet? This is what we are going to talk about in today’s discussion. At the same time, we all know that cabbage is perhaps, one of the most nutritious vegetables that you can pick from the grocery shelf in the market. But should you be dicing it for your parrot to stick its red beak in it? Humans love to share everything with their pets. But is cabbage something worth sharing with your parrot? Do the benefits outweigh the risks, or are the case otherwise? Are cabbage dishes ok for your parrot to feast on? These and all other questions will be answered in this discussion.

The short answer

Without beating about the bush, let us answer the question around which this whole debate will be orchestrated. Can parrots eat cabbage? The short answer is yes, it is fine for your parrot to have cabbage. But we are afraid that the short answer isn’t going to do much good to your cause. There are considerations of all sorts that you have to be mindful of. Learning about the benefits and risks involved in feeding cabbage to your parrot is as important as the short answer. Ah, we see you are worried about getting accurate information! Can we ask you to please don’t worry? We have got you all covered in this discussion!

Cabbage: A nutritional recap

The first question that must be asked in this debate is, is it even worth feeding cabbage to your parrot? We mean to say, what are the nutritional benefits of cabbage anyway? What does the veggie have to offer? Well, if you weren’t aware of the fact already, please note that cabbage is rich in calcium. Calcium is important for birds concerning bony body composition; parrots are no exemption. But please note that calcium’s role in nerve transmission is as important as its skeletal composition role. What else must you ask? Well, there is manganese, which is important for the reproductive system, as well as potassium that is a pre-requisite for protein breakdown. Then there are vitamins like K and C. Their role in blood clotting, and muscle development is well established. From a nutritional point of view, eating cabbage can prove beneficial for your pet parrot!

Should you be feeding raw cabbage to your parrot?

This is an important question, but the one that a bit under-discussed as well. Cooking a vegetable certainly adds more flavor for humans but will your parrot still like it or not? We are not sure about that; the response can vary from pet to pet. But in general, cooking changes the composition of the nutrients. Hence, there is a good chance that some of the beneficial nutrients that we have just discussed will be lost if you cook the cabbage too much. Hence, we will advise you to feed raw cabbage to your parrot.

Beware of the variety!

One thing that you must be considerate of during this whole business of feeding cabbage to your parrot is the variety of cabbage. We are sure that not many of you knew that there are more than 350 varieties of cabbage! While talking about all these varieties in this limited space and time is almost an impossible feat to achieve, we will still mention the types that are safe for your parrot to feed on. Apart from the cabbage type with the usual tinge of green, your parrot can have red and purple cabbage without any safety concerns. These are not available commonly, so we daresay you will have to search the markets outside your town as well! But again, please, don’t fall for the cabbages that are toxin enriched.

Serving cabbage

How you serve cabbage to your parrot also matters a lot. We have already ruled out the cooked cabbage for your parrot; hence, we will not talk about it at all. Neither should you, for that matter! Now, as far as the raw cabbage goes, the quantity you are serving to your parrot is determined by two factors. One, the initial feedback from you as green as the leaves themselves pet. Second, the body size of your pet. Adult parrots are going to be not satisfied with just a twig. But before you dice up the entire flower, please make sure that your parrot’s body language is reflective of the fact that it likes cabbage! Oh, and one more thing, dicing cabbage in smaller bits that your parrot can happily nibble on is the best way of serving this leafy veggie! 

Cabbage rolls and parrots

Even though we have answered this question earlier as well, we felt more explanation was still due. So, what about cabbage rolls? Are these a forbidden fruit for your pet? Well, we don’t have anything in particular against the cabbage rolls. Hell, we love’em! It is just that the presence of other spices that make them so yummy can upset your parrot’s tummy. Hence, we would advise against feeding rolls to your pretty little pet!

Possible risks

Just because it is safe doesn’t mean that you can feed your pet an exaggerated quantity of cabbage. No, you should be careful about the quantity you are feeding to your parrot, and the reason for this is the oxalic acid found in cabbage. Too much of it is not good for your parrot as it can lead to metabolic complications as well as certain other GI issues. We recommend you start with nominal amounts, and if everything goes alright, you can gradually increase the quantity.


Well, folks, that would be all for now. Through this discussion, we are sure that you learned something, if not everything, new about feeding cabbages to your parrot. Parrots love to crack nuts; that is the general story anyway. But there are tons of other things that your parrot can have as well. Cabbage is one of them. But we must reiterate that being moderate is a key thing to consider when you are introducing something new to your pet’s diet. Best approach indeed! 

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