Can Parrots Eat Bananas

Bananas have become a popular fruit for so many reasons. This yellow fruit is a part of the daily diet of many of us. You can use them to do many things like shakes, smoothies, salads, chips, and cakes. Since Bananas help to improve your digestive system, many people with stomach problems can use them. When it comes to whether parrots eat bananas, the answer is yes; they eat and love bananas. But the real trouble making questions are 

What kinds of bananas are better to feed them? Are dried bananas safe to feed them? What are the nutrient benefits tied to them? Is it easy to digest banana peels? Can you add bananas to their daily diet?

Organic or Non Organic?

Parrots are nature lovers; therefore, parrots in the wild can easily access organic bananas and love to pick the organic ones. Now it depends on you if you feed them organic or non-organic bananas. If the organic banana is not easy to reach for you, make sure you remove the peel.

Dried or Fresh

Bananas can be an excellent addition to your parrots’ diet as they bring so many benefits to your parrots. Now the question arises as to which banana can be more beneficial to eat, dried, or fresh. 

Dried Bananas Dehydration is a process of drying water from bananas. This way, you get bananas with almost no water in them. This type of bananas is high in Potassium, Fiber, Sugar, and Calories, and fattening contents. If you have no time to visit the market, you can give this type of banana. And the most interesting fact is you do not need to worry about home flies; they usually do not sit on dried food.

Fresh Bananas

It is always best to feed your parrots fresh food as they have less sugar content than the dried ones. Although fresh bananas provide you the same amount of benefits, they have low-fat contents and are best for diet conscious people as they get you no fat.

Nutritional Benefits Tied To Bananas

Adding bananas to your parrots’ diet brings a bundle of nutrient benefits to your parrot. They are a good source of nutrients. 

Antioxidants help to reduce heart diseases. They are also rich in digesting elements. If your parrot is facing stomach issues, then giving bananas would be the best option. 

Potassium – One medium-sized banana contains 422mg potassium. Your parrots need potassium in their daily diet. It helps to build their muscles stronger. If your parrots have bone problems, potassium can be a good cure. If your parrots are not healthy, the efficient use of bananas can make them healthier as they contain potassium. Bananas help gain body weight.

Iron- By the intaking a high amount of iron, your parrots can face severe problems like inability to fly, weight loss, and even death. But bananas are safe to feed as they have a meager amount of iron. 

Vitamin A –The deficiency of vitamin A is widespread among birds. It can cause eyesight, hearing, and bone problems in your parrots. It is always good to add vitamin A to your feathered buddy diet. Bananas are a good source of Vitamin A and can help cure all these problems.

Can they eat banana peels?

Banana peels are edible, but the question is, what are the pros and cons of eating banana peels. There are many nutrient benefits to eating banana peels, but you cannot ignore the disadvantages. Wax coating on their outer layer is harmful. They also contain cellulose, which is something parrots cannot digest.  

Bananas as Snacks

It is not necessary to give bananas always in raw form. You can give them bananas as snacks, but the point is which snack is safe for your parrots. Let’s find out. 

Bread banana bread can be an excellent addition to their treat meal. Parrots get bored with having the same diet daily. Do not add bread to their daily diet as it can create many stomach problems. But the bread should be moist. In case your bread is not moist, you can give soaked bread as it would be easy to chew for them. Keep that in mind, while feeding them bread that bread is good to feed in summers only.

Banana chips are a healthy treat snack and dessert, but they have six times higher calories than ordinary bananas. They have a significant amount of sugar, and taking a considerable amount of sugar can cause infection to your parrots. It is better not to feed them banana chips as it also contains oil. 

Green (Plantains) Bananas Or Yellow Bananas? Which One Is Safe For Parrots

Green bananas have a significant amount of potassium, and potassium helps improve kidneys’ health since green bananas have a large amount of starch, which birds cannot digest. At the same time, ripe bananas have only one percent starch. That’s why they are suitable for digestion. Plantains have a small amount of protein and fat. Green bananas have a low amount of sugar and can help to maintain your parrot’s sugar level. In comparison, green bananas can cause stomach related issues. Both have pros and Cons now it is entirely up to you which suits you the best.


Parrots love to eat sweets; therefore, bananas are one of their favorite fruits. It is not necessary for all parrots to like bananas. Some start eating at once, but some would take time to get used to them. You can add bananas to their daily diet or give them after meals to balance food needs. You can give them a combination of three fruits, but the combination should be such that two are low in sugar. If you are a busy person and can’t go to the market daily to buy fresh bananas, you can also give them dried bananas. Feed them banana peels if you find only organic bananas.

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