You always have to be careful and mindful of what you should be feeding your pet animals and beds. Somethings that are a no-brainer for you to eat might do a number on your pets. So you have to pick and choose what sort of fruits and foods are good for your pet parrot and which of them are not. Hence we have to decide if your parrot can eat apples are not and also look at the pros and cons of feeding it to them.

Suppose you are here for the short answer and do not have much time, then Yes! You can feed your parrots some apples from time to time. However, you have to manage an appropriate portioning, and you should not be feeding your parrots apples daily. They should never replace the main course of your bird’s diet and should not become an active dietary part of it either. You must understand that you will have to treat it as a “treat” or a snack given only at intervals.

A healthy parrots diet should be composed of seeds, dry bird food, vegetables, and fruits. They fulfill the necessary nutrient requirements of your pet’s diet and help in your parrot’s healthy growth. It would help if you kept all of them balanced, and none of these foods should be given in excess as some nutrients might even cause serious damage to your pet’s internal organs. So here we are going to discuss what are the benefits and advantages of feeding your parrot apples and what are the consequences that can come from an all apple diet.


Apples have a myriad of nutrients in them, which are necessary for sustaining a healthy life. As the saying says, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” this fruit helps in the growth of your parrot and keeps them healthy. Here are a few nutrients that are in apples and help your pet parrot grow.


Vitamin C is a very important nutrient as it helps protect the white blood cells that are important for proper immune system functionality and growth. They also help absorb iron, which helps in the flow of blood around your parrot’s body. If vitamin C is not given to a parrot in the necessary and required amount, then they can get into self-destructing behavior, tearing their feathers out, etc. 


Vitamin A plays an important role in the upkeep of their aesthetic beauty. When given in a balanced intake, this nutrient will always keep your parrot’s feather healthy and beautiful. However, the intake of this nutrient is necessary to come from natural sources like apples or other fruits and vegetables as artificially produced Vitamin A can be harmful to your parrot.


Apples are also a good source of fiber, which keeps your parrot’s digestive system going and also protects it from diseases like diabetes. 


Another important nutrient that is available in apples is magnesium, which has a lot of benefits to your parrots. The first benefit is that it aids in the development of bones and keeps them strong. Another benefit is that it keeps your bird’s feather aesthetically pleasing and healthy. They also boost the immune system and maintain healthy brain activity. Your heart also is kept healthy due to the magnesium that is available for your parrot’s intake from apples.


Potassium is also available in apples, which are known to keep your parrot’s heart-healthy. They can also boost the production of glucose. They also help in metabolizing proteins.


A balanced diet is very important for your parrot. You should not feed them anything in excess as that does them more damage in the long run. Hence you should keep a healthy portion and give them apples to eat in the form of a treat and not the main course. You can feed your parrot apples daily, but we recommend you just not stick to apples and give them different fruits throughout the week. The most appropriate quantity we can recommend for you to feed your parrot apples is by giving it to them 2-3 times a week and not more than that, so it will not experience any adverse effects.

So, do remember to keep in mind that moderation is key, and going out from moderation will do your parrot a lot of harm than good in the long run.


The short answer to this question is resounding. Yes.   

You should always serve your parrots apples that do not have peels on them. Peels in themselves are not harmful to your parrot as they will not show any straight forward sign when you feed them. However, they are harmful due to them being heavily sprayed with pesticides, which are used to keep away the creepy crawlies from food. These pesticides are harmful to your parrot and can adversely affect their health in the long run, even if they are washed as trace quantities remain on the skin of the apple. 


You should always feed apples to your parrot without the apple seed due to them having a toxic compound in them called cardiac-toxic cyanide, which can affect your parrot’s heart and even kill them after a while. These seeds can also cause symptoms like changes in appetite, lethargy, weight loss, and diarrhea. Hence make sure to keep your parrot away from any sort of apple seed in your diet.


Apples are great dietary options to feed your pet parrot. They contain most of the vital nutrients that are important for their well being and growth. They also have everything necessary to keep them healthy. However, Moderation is key in this case as well. You can feed your parrot apples every day; however, you should generally just keep it to 2-3 portions per week and give them other fruits throughout the week.

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