Can I Get Fleas from My Dog?

Keeping pets is a widespread occurrence in many households. People like to have an animal companion that they can relax and enjoy. Many houses prefer dogs over any other animal because of their playful nature and the fact that they can easily get attached to humans in a concise period. However, there is always a downside to keeping dogs as pets; it becomes tough to clean the dog’s fur, especially if it is very hairy or very curly. It becomes a task to get rid of the fleas. 

Apart from that, you are also risking the chance of getting the fleas yourself. If the fleas in the dog’s hair start to increase, there is a very high chance that the fleas will start to get onto other surfaces inside your house that may have hair or are thick and furry. This may also include your hair. The fleas might need someplace else to reside in and find comfort in. 

Can dog fleas live on humans?

Fleas can also very easily find solace in your clothes. Your socks, your shirts, any piece of clothing or item that may be thick enough for a flea to go inside and feel all warm and cozy. The fleas will choose these spots, and it will become tough for you to find them there or get rid of them because of their tiny size. We love our pets and would not part with them but keeping them clean is very important to avoid any such issue. 

Can I Get Fleas from My Dog?

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One thing that you do have to remember, though, is that when a flea is found in the fur of the dog, it is apparent that the dog prefers the blood of the dog itself. The chances that the dog fleas will find themselves in the hair on top of your head are very slim to none. For starters, your blood is not what these fleas are looking for. It is not part of their diet, and they will not feed on you. For the most part, human bodies are quite hairless, or at least, they do not have enough hair for fleas to start hiding in them. If a flea does happen to find its way into your head, quite soon, it will leave because it will not be able to receive the warmth that is required for a flea to stay alive.

However, they will find a way back to your dog in a concise amount of time. This means that you are not getting rid of these fleas easily because they will always find a spot to hide in, inside your house. There is a proper procedure that you will need to follow to get rid of these fleas to the best of your abilities, and it may take a significant amount of time. You may have to include your home in the procedure to ensure a single flea does not reside inside your home.

How to Spot a Flea

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There is a straightforward way to spot a flea inside your home. They have a very distinctive look to them, and they will stand out very easily. Flea bites are also quite different than any other bite that may occur because of any other bug. This may also be a way for you to find out if you have fleas in your house or your dog. If you start getting bites on different parts of your body out of nowhere, it is most likely to be the fleas in your house.

Flea bites have a certain look to them. These bites will begin to appear on your body in small bumps that will be a very dark red color. There will be a circle on the outside edges of your bump, much similar to a halo; there will be a sliver of skin between the bump and the halo that will be present around it. The bites will be in a sequence. There will most likely be three of four in one cluster or a straight line because the flea bites will bite a few times here and there.

These bites will most likely occur near your feet or on your ankles; they will affect these areas the most.

Getting rid of these bite marks on your body is quite easy. All you have to do is wipe and clean the area with some soap and water and then use the appropriate cream as you feel is necessary; you will need to ignore the feeling that you will have to itch on these areas, and before you know it, the marks will be gone from your body, but getting rid of the fleas in their entirety is an entirely different task.


It is quite essential to consult a vet to get rid of the fleas from your dog, but they will likely give you medicine like Seresto, Frontline plus, or K9 Advantix II. These will help get rid of the fleas inside your body in a short amount of time because of their quality to kill the fleas that will be present on your dog’s fur.


In terms of your home, it is essential to vacuum any hairy surfaces or clothes that may be lying around, and then you will have to find a way to disinfect them to kill the fleas without eradicating your clothes. Many insect growth regulators present on the market will inhibit the increase of the fleas inside your home. Most of these do not affect your clothes but will get rid of the fleas present on them.


It is essential to understand that fleas can end up inside your home and cause harm to your skin, they may not create an infestation inside your hair, but they are still quite dangerous. Please consult an expert on the best way to get rid of them.

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