Can hamsters eat potatoes?

One can never get enough of those adorable little innocent eyes and salmon-pink nose, moving around daintily around the house. If puppies came to your mind, you’re wrong. Puppies are cute but, hamsters are undeniably the cutest pets ever. They are the furry balls overloaded with cuteness more like the ones you see in movies. Whatever they do, from yawning to moving around to eating, they look lovely.

After a long day, you would want to come home and cuddle with these gems. In a way, they are like a stress-buster. Moreover, these animals love to cuddle, and they are the friendliest pets ever. They will become your best friend in no time, for sure.

If you’re planning to have a hamster as a pet or are already taking care of them, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before feeding them anything. So, in this article, we will deal chiefly with whether your cute pet can handle eating potatoes or not.

Is potato good for my hamsters?

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Just because they are plant-eating animals, you cannot feed them with everything related to plants. They are sensitive to certain veggies unlike, us. You might want to munch on some potato chips or wedges most of the time. But, if you think you can feed your hamsters the most loved potato by all, you got to think twice. Potatoes are awful for hamsters. Yes, you read it right. hamsters should not eat potatoes.

Potatoes are heavily toxic to hamsters. Unknowingly if you have fed your pet a piece of potato, you should worry about your pet’s health. You would know, some of these lovelies are big foodies, they can get their hands on anything and munch on them.

Obviously, they don’t mind putting anything in their mouth but, it’s them and you as well who will suffer eventually. You should take care of your pet with the utmost care and feed them with the right things. It will be hard to see your endeared pet suffer no matter what. It is your responsibility to ensure that nothing toxic lands in your pet’s tummy.

What will happen if you’ve fed them with potatoes?

Let us tell you some of the complications that your pet might face if it has eaten potato so that if you notice any changes, you will be able to get it treated instantly.

As we all know, potatoes contain carbs, though it is good for us these piggies, will not be able to digest them. The sugar content in the potato makes digestion difficult and might lead to various problems. Some of them are: they might have digestive issues if you’ve fed them potatoes for a while. If you see any changes, it is recommended that you should take it to the vet as soon as possible to avoid further problems. The other problems might be gaining weight and urine infections. If at any point you observe any changes, you should make sure they get the right treatment. It can be harmful to them in an unimaginable way.

Are sweet potatoes good?

However, your pet can eat sweet potatoes. They are rich in vitamin C. You should try to feed them with foods that are low in sugar and starch as much as possible. For them to stay healthy, few vital nutrients are necessary but not carbs. Yes, carbs are essential to us but, not for these tiny animals. They look cuter and healthier with the right amount of healthy food fed to them. If you’re a meat lover, unlike other pets you should not try to feed hamsters any. You know, they follow the vegan diet strictly! You might not find any human following their vegan diet as well as these pigs. They do teach us how to stay fit!

How good or bad is sweet potatoes?

Can Hamsters Eat Potato Chips?

Having mentioned the sweet potatoes, because they are suitable for the pigs, it does not mean you have to feed them regularly. Sweet potatoes are harmful too if fed, frequently. It can be a difficult task to monitor what goes into your pet’s system, but when you watch this ball of cuteness running around your house, you would want to do every possible thing in the world to keep it healthy.

Too much of anything is also bad for your pet. You should feed them moderately, be it, fruits or vegetables. Otherwise, your pet might fall sick frequently. hamsters are so infectious. They tend to spread a positive vibe among everyone. Their little paws are marvelous and, their angelic eyes can make you stare and play with them forever.

What should you feed your hamsters?

The hamsters need a large amount of vitamin C in their diet. Citrus fruits should be included in their daily diet. Like humans, they should be fed a high-fiber diet. Fiber-rich foods are essential like apple, papaya and green leafy vegetables have to be compulsorily in their diet. Spinach, kale, basil, and coriander are some of the green veggies to name a few.

Apart from all this, they regularly need Timothy hay. You might find them to be of high maintenance as they cannot be fed with just anything, but like how we cannot eat everything in the world, these little animals cannot handle many things. It’s natural. Once you get used to their diet, it is easy to manage them.


As mentioned above, hamsters cannot eat potatoes. It is suitable to avoid potatoes completely in their diet. There are so many other things that you can feed your cute pig. It would help if you kept in mind that other than foods that contain carbohydrates and calcium, you can feed your pet with fruits and green veggies rich in vitamin C and fiber.

With a good diet, this adorable pet of yours will stay healthy, and you would be satisfied and be happy to an extent where, both the ends of your lips would meet the corner of your eyes whenever this furry ball purrs cuddling with you. This bundle of joy and cuteness is all you and your little one would want to pamper and play along with, given any day.

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