Can hamsters eat oranges

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and rats seem to get the most attention, whenever a healthy pet diet is the topic of discussion. What about hamsters? If you have a pet hamster, you are probably disappointed by this lack of attention towards the dietary plans of a very adorable animal. Well, you are in luck; we are here with a treat for you. In today’s discussion, we are going to talk about hamsters and oranges, a question that has intrigued many minds. The discussion will help you understand the animal’s response to citric fruits in general as well. We dare say that it is quite a comprehensive discussion, take as much time as you can to grasp the finer points better.


This is a hamster appreciation post. These rodents are seriously underrated as pets. There is a diversity observed in terms of hamster breeds, and their colors as well. The most popular hamster breeds include Chinese Hamster, Dwarf Hamster, and Syrian Hamster. You can either keep your hamster in a cage or build a home for the animal all by yourself. Personally, building a hamster manor shows your love and affection for the pet, so we say to do that. It can be quite fun. Ah, look at us; we are going all sentimental about hamsters and homes. Let us steer back this discussion to the point, which necessitated it in the first place. Yes, oranges.

Why are oranges so popular a fruit?

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Before we jump into the discussion about hamsters and oranges, let us recall some fun facts about oranges. This fruit is perhaps the most popular member of the citrus family of plants. The oranges that you eat these days are a product of a cross between two species, which are pomelo, and mandarin. What are the features of this fruit that endear it to humans? First, they are quite tasty, a fruit that you think should be more common in summer, but it is fun to eat in winter too. It has great nutritional value as well. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which is perhaps their most useful feature, in terms of its benefits for human health. There are carbs, sugars as well as a decent amount of fiber.

Can hamsters eat oranges?

All these amazing health benefits must have you thinking that oranges will do a world of good to your pet hamster. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Hamsters must not be given oranges. BUMMER. However, there are a few exceptions you can make, something we will discuss in upcoming passages. However, for now, the thing that you must etch on your memory is that giving oranges to hamsters is a bad idea. Why is that so the case? Are orange peels safe for your hamster? What to do if your hamster eats orange by mistake? All of that is discussed in this discussion. We warned you, it will be comprehensive!  

What is the main issue?

Why cannot hamsters eat oranges, despite their many health benefits? Well, the acidic nature of oranges makes them a potentially toxic fruit for your beloved hamster. Yes, ironic, is it not? The very thing that makes them popular among humans is what renders them hazardous for hamsters. This rule applies to every citric fruit. This means that you should avoid giving lemons and tangerines to your hamster as well. High acidity can lead to conditions like diarrhea. Hamster’s digestive system is not able to process these fruits as humans do. Hence, stomachs get upset when you force-feed oranges to your hamster.

Can hamsters eat oranges in small quantities?

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We see you are trying to find a loophole in this rather gloomy-looking scenario. Boy oh boy, you must desperately want your hamster to share your love for oranges! The good news is, you can feed a tiny bit of orange to your hamster, it will not cause GI tract complications. Now, we said only a TINY bit. You must not start shoveling down the whole oranges down your poor pet’s throat. It will kill the poor creature. Oh, and do not forget to remove the orange skin as well.

What about orange peels?

We just advised you to remove the orange peels, before you feed a tiny portion of oranges to your hamster. Why did we do that? Because we are superstitious, more than anything is. You see, some years back, it was believed that orange peel has a certain toxic compound. It was believed that this compound could cause considerable damage, speaking from a human health perspective here. This made us think, if humans were susceptible to peels, what chance hamsters stand? Even though this hypothesis has been proved to be somewhat controversial, we think it is best if you take no chances.  

How to introduce oranges in your hamster’s diet?

Can Hamsters Eat Oranges? {Vital Facts & Concerns}

If you are going to do it, you might as well do it properly. So, any ideas on how are you going to introduce citrus into your cute pet’s diet? In case you have not, let us help you. We have talked about the quantity earlier, but how you offer oranges to your hamster also matters a lot. Serving the fruit too often can make your pet addicted to this fruit, which can prove disastrous for hamster’s health in the longer run. You can sprinkle a few drops of juice on the regular diet of your pet. Otherwise, just dice it real nice and small. Then put the fruit bowl in front of your beloved pet, and watch closely for the first reactions.

What to do if something goes wrong?

The facial expressions can tell you everything. If the expression is an eager one, it means that your hamster loves oranges, just as you do. In case it is an apathetic look, followed by a period of lethargy and inactivity, it is time to raise alarms. Do not try playing the vet. Instead, take your pet to the vet and explain all about oranges. Do mention the quantity you served as well. Your pet is in much safer hands if you do that. Usually, hamsters do take a liking to oranges, but that is a variable response.   

What do hamsters eat normally?

We have established that oranges in a quantity that constitutes a meal are not good for your pet’s health. If this is your first time taking care of a hamster, then you must be wondering about what hamsters eat normally. It can surprise you, the number of food items hamsters can devour upon, safely and happily. Some on this menu include strawberries, apples, blueberries, carrots, lettuce, cherries, banana, squash, and melon. Oh, and water as well. Your hamster must drink enough water, daily.


Well, you know how things are now; the relation between oranges and hamsters is certainly a complicated one. We have mentioned that in smaller quantities, oranges are safe for your pet. However, to be on the safe side, why do not you ditch the idea of feeding citric acid to your friend completely? It will save your pet and you from a lot of unwanted trouble. There is a whole array of food items, which your hamster can gobble up. Some we have mentioned in this article as well. On your head be it, if you cannot drop the idea.

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