Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peas?

Guinea pigs are literally one of the cutest animals that you can keep as a pet. Their gleaming eyes and smallest nose can relax your tired souls, the minute you see them! Their soft body takes you straight into the heavens. Quite simply, one cannot just stop loving them! Once you get familiar with them, they become an essential member of your life just as any other pet does. They are very sharp and intelligent as many of the owners have successfully taught them some cute tricks that can be seen all over the internet and are adored by millions. 

As cats and dogs have been ubiquitous pets for centuries, there is no confusion about their likes and dislikes. Every 9 out of 10 people may probably know what a cat might eat and what a dog would love. But the general public gets extremely confused when it comes to other pets.

Guinea Pigs are the type of rodents, and all rodents are omnivores, but wait, here is an exception. Only Guinea pigs and Chinchillas are the member of the rodent family that are pure herbivores. So, don’t serve this little fellow with a piece of chicken or meat because it clearly would starve to death, and we don’t want that!

foods are important for guinea pigs

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Now deciding good food for our Mr.Pig is very important, why? because it is thought that they might quickly get depressed. They are considered very socially active and want space and freedom in every possible way. They love making the wheezing or whistling type of voices very often, and if they get all quiet, it means they are sad and only want you to love them more. In such a situation, just like a human would treat a kid, it should be done with guinea pigs. Introduce them to new food and make them happy by not providing them their usual oats and boring meals. If your guinea pig eats happily, it is guaranteed that he will stay happy and active as well. And most of the time, happy guineas live longer than their average life span of 5 to 7 years. So, a healthy meal for them is a total win-win situation for both of you. 

Keeping the fact in mind that guinea pigs love to stay with a friend, preferably of the same gender, you can keep a pair to make sure they never feel alone and have company while sharing their foods. Doing this would encourage a competitive yet loving environment for both of them. 

Pea is a Superfood

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peas? | Guinea Piggles

Peas are elementary yet extremely beneficial food. They are called the Super Food by many dieticians and nutritionists. Peas provide a generous amount of protein, manganese, antioxidants, and vitamins, including vitamins A, C, and K. They are full of dietary fiber, which helps in easy digestion and super flexible bowel movement. It is so rich in protein content that 100 calories of peas serving are more than an egg. It has is suggested to replace soya bean from the feed of not only guinea but cattle too (which also comes under herbivores). That is why more pea production is taken into consideration. Although the proportions you provide to your pet need not be too much. Just a bowl of peas once in the morning would do perfectly to make the little stars happy.

Ways Guinea Pigs can intake peas:

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Now, we’ve seen many people serving their guinea pigs canned peas or thoroughly cooked. Let us make it very clear. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PIGS CANNED PRODUCTS, not only peas, but every canned product would not do any good to the health of your guinea pig. Canned foods contain additives and preservatives that get accumulated in the adipose tissue doing much more harm than good. Not just that, avoid supplying deeply frozen peas to the animal. Due to the petite size of one pea, the pet might be able to gulp it but would not be able to chew every single pea, and this can undoubtedly disrupt their small digestive system and cause a lot of trouble. Now, the question comes, how should we give them peas? The answer is straightforward. You can give them the uncooked or slightly cooked (that too in water) peas. You can also provide the remaining pea skin to the little ones and not throw the pea skin in the trash.

The fragile bodies of guinea pigs cannot bear the after-effects of canned or frozen food. They are such soft creatures that might freeze to death if their body temperature gets increased by 5 degrees, so never even think of providing frozen peas to the little fellow. 

Not only the peas but also their empty pods are edible too. Through them, crude protein is made available to the animals, and ultimately essential amino acids go into the body. It is a commercial practice to use empty pea pods in preparing animal feed given to different animals. Guinea pigs and other animals can then intake it having different combinations for each animal. Sometimes the empty pods are made into ‘crisps. Workers spread the empty pods on bare ground and let them dry for a day or two. The result is dry, crispy pea skin, which the animals relish as they eat them. Why wouldn’t they? Don’t we like to eat chips? Surely, we all do.  

Vitamin C, essential for Guinea pigs!

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The anatomy of a Guinea pig shows that they can not produce the necessary amount of vitamin C itself. Therefore, an external consumption of vitamin C can be incorporated into the diet of the pet. Now, as we have mentioned before, peas do provide Vitamin C, but they should not be the only source of Vitamin C for our little pig. You need to keep giving them citrus fruits along with peas, again do not forget the appropriate portions. This combination will improve their digestion and help them to stay active and healthy.

Play scavenger hunt with your pet:

Now, as told by the psychologists, guinea pig refuses to changes in meals. You need them to adopt eating different meals gradually. Therefore, training is necessary. What we have thought of is you can make this training enjoyable by playing a scavenger hunt with your pet that uses peas. Let’s make things less complicate for you and set up the plan. 

You can spread the peas in your lounge and add colored details along the path. Make the pig follow the trail, and it will likely sniff and keep eating until the last pea. Surprise the pig at the end of the path with its favorite food. Continue doing this activity every now and often to make the little one accustomed and familiar to the pea environment.

Economical Meal:

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One might think soya beans are economical, but peas also serve the purpose in the exact amount. The portions need to be small and can be kept for a day or two. Therefore, it is never heavy on the pocket.


It is, therefore, recommended for anyone who wants to own a guinea pig to understand that this is not a typical pet and needs much more attention than cats or dogs. Being herbivores, they can eat every green thing specifically hay, but guinea pigs can definitely eat peas as a source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Trust me; your pig is going to love you for this!

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