Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches

Everybody loves guinea pigs because of their fluffy and adorable appearance, and we all know how they love to always chew on something. If you are the pet owner of a new guinea pig, then you may have a gazillion questions about what to feed your guinea pig. Have you asked yourself, “If peaches are good for guinea pigs?” If yes, then you have come to the right place!!

Peaches are lusciously delectable, and not many fruits can outshine this delicious fruit. It tastes refreshing with its sweet juices oozing out with every bite. The good news here is, guinea pigs love peaches as much as humans do. And, yes! You can absolutely feed peaches to your guinea pigs as long as you keep the quantity in control.

Nutritional information of peaches

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches? (Serving Size, Hazards & More)

To know more about his fruit, here is the nutritional value for 100 gms of peaches:

  • 2 mg vitamin B6
  • 6 mg calcium
  • 6 mg vitamin C
  • 9 mg magnesium
  • 20 mg phosphorus
  • 1 gram protein
  • 5-gram dietary fiber
  • 8-gram sugar
  • 10-gram carbohydrates
  • 39 calories

If you analyze the composition of this fruit, you can see that the quantity of calcium in peaches is minimal, but it contains good amounts of essential vitamins which makes it a great choice for guinea pigs. Peaches are loaded with sugar since they are sweet, which is why their quantity should be moderate.

Peaches are low in phosphorus, fat and have a good amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important nutrient in a guinea pig’s diet because guinea pigs don’t synthesize their own vitamin C. A large peach contains as much as 19% of vitamin C, which makes it an excellent fruit to be incorporated into your guinea pigs’ diet.

Peaches are also a good source of magnesium, iron, and other nutrients for your pet. Generally, guinea pigs fail to synthesize their own vitamins; hence essential vitamin-containing foods must be added to their meals.

Negative effects of peaches on guinea pigs

While peaches are a healthy choice for your guinea pig, there are some downsides to eating this fruit.

High acidic content

When it comes to acidic foods, guinea pigs cannot handle acidic foods well. Their body is sensitive to high acidic foods, and peaches are known to be slightly acidic in nature. Continuously eating this fruit will lead to fungal infections and lip sours in guinea pigs. Therefore, this fruit should be given more like a treat to your pet occasionally.

High sugar content

The sugar content in peaches ( 8mg/100mg) is very high for a guinea pig. It may not be a big deal for humans, but it is for a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are prone to many diseases such as obesity, heart risks, diabetes, etc.; therefore it is best to not give peaches in big amounts. Too much sugar ingestion can also cause diarrhea in guinea pigs.

How many peaches should your guinea pig eat?

Peaches should be treated more like an occasional treat to refresh your guinea pig’s taste buds. It is necessary to keep introducing or changing your pet’s diet to keep them excited for their meals. The correct serving size for your guinea pig would be just a slice in a week or two slices max. Before introducing the fruit, give a small amount and let your pet try. Chances are she may not like it even, but if she does, then you can increase the amount gradually.

However, make sure that you don’t exceed the limit even if you see your cute pet happily nibbling on the fruit, as their health is more important. It should be noted that a sudden drastic change in a guinea pig’s diet can lead to complicated health issues later, so be careful of that.

Are peaches peels edible for guinea pigs?

Yes! Your guinea pig can safely eat the peels of the peaches. However, you should know if the peaches were grown under harmful conditions with the use of pesticides or other chemicals. In such a case, it is recommended to peel the skin first and then give. If the peaches were organically grown, then your pet can safely chew on the peaches with the skin.

Can they eat dried peaches?

While feeding dried peaches won’t cause them any harm as such, you should know that the sugar content in dried peaches is much more than in fresh ones. Therefore, it is advised to only go for fresh peaches.

What about Canned Peaches?

Just like dried peaches, canned peaches are also high in sugar content, sometimes even more than dried ones. Eating canned peaches can cause digestive issues or other health problems in your pet. It is best to avoid tinned peaches.

Is the peach pit safe for guinea pigs?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peach? | Guinea Piggles

The straight answer here is, NO! you cannot give the peach pit to your guinea pig. Peaches pits are really tough and big in size, your guinea pig will find it difficult to chew on such hard substances, and so you should remove the pit before serving.

In case, your guinea pig manages to crack open the pit; it will be again more harmful to her. The pit contains a small amount of cyanide which is dangerous for your guinea pig.

Can they eat white peaches?

The only difference between white peaches and regular peaches is that regular peaches contain a lesser amount of acid as compared to the former one. So yes! You can give white peaches to your guinea but make sure that the amount does not exceed the limit.


Guinea pigs love to eat always, and managing a diet for your cute pet can be challenging since it can be difficult to stop yourself from spoiling your pet with treats. But, thorough research should be done before introducing a new food item to your pet. You should also always begin by administering small quantities at first and check for any allergies or reactions to the new food item.

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