Can Ferrets Eat Raw Eggs?

Ferrets have become a very common household pet, and certainly, we all know at least someone who has one as a pet in their house. Typically, these animals are reserved and do not look for a lot of other pets to play with, but are amiable and can be social. And while they look small and easy to handle, appearances can be misleading! Ferrets are sociable animals and can be great pets. Especially, if you have kept one since it was a baby. That way you can teach them many things that can get harder to teach as the animal gets older. It is also recommended that you keep two ferrets together as they like to have friends.

They love having fun, and they’re very playful! They have a higher maintenance level than dogs or cats. They require a great deal of attention and need to play every day outside their cages. When they play around with kids, it is recommended that you keep an eye out in case there is any playful nipping that can cause harm. Ferrets are quite mischievous and damaging, which is something that many owners of pets need to be cautious about.

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By consulting the pet shop, you get it from a ferret’s diet and can be managed easily. For them, you can find pre-made food mixes. To be sure that you are doing everything you can to help them live a healthy life, it is always good to know what your ferret needs in terms of nutrients.

They are not a small responsibility and their daily needs, including housing, nutrition, exercise, mental well-being, cleanliness, and supplies, are certainly not easy to manage. So, while taking care of these tiny animals, you are not alone if you come across a situation where you have to ask questions about your care!

Ferrets are strictly carnivores which means that they prey on animals. Their diet consists of raw bones and raw meat. Their diet is extremely high in protein and fat content. But low in carbs and fiber. 

You might see some people feeding their pet ferrets raw eggs and if you are wondering if you should make your ferret eat some too, you have come to the right place. 

Protein In A Ferret’s Diet

A ferret is a carnivorous animal that regularly needs a high intake of protein. Although requirements vary from person to person, 32 percent -38 percent of their total diet is a rough estimate of their daily needs. This implies that as it contains high proportions of protein, meat is an important aspect of their daily menu. Raw meat and raw bones cut up into smaller pieces, making it easy for them to chew, are usually their typical everyday diet. 

Ferret food mixes are specifically tailored to meet the demand for protein in a ferret’s diet and sometimes, kitten food mixes prove to be a good alternative as well. 

Raw eggs are also rich in protein so it certainly comes to mind whether or not you should be adding them to their diet.

Should You Feed Your Ferret Raw Eggs?

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Raw egg can become a treat that you give to your ferret but certainly cannot be a regular staple in their diet.

Considering an egg’s protein content, it seems like a safe bet to add them to your pet ferret’s diet. A ferret requires a lot of protein to function at its prime. It helps build their muscles and give them the energy they need to be their best selves. 

Raw eggs are a safe treat for your pet ferret! They are not only safe but also, very beneficial. It is important, however, to make sure that you only feed them raw eggs once or twice a week. More than this can cause them to have diarrhea and other health issues that might affect their physical wellbeing. 

Some people separate the yolk from the whites and feed only that to the ferret. A lot of egg whites can also cause hair loss in ferrets! Raw egg whites also contain an enzyme called avidin which is an anti-nutrient. 

However, do not be scared to feed them a whole raw egg as this treat in moderation is good for them. If you see any problems arise, consulting your local veterinarian is always a good idea. 

How Are Raw Eggs Beneficial For Your Ferret?

When you consider adding some food to your pet’s diet, you are sure to wonder if it will provide them with any benefits. 

Raw eggs pose no danger to your ferret. Raw egg yolk contains the most nutrients like: 

  • Protein: Raw egg yolks contain 6 grams of protein which is beneficial for your pet. Ferrets are obligate carnivores which means their diet is rich in protein which helps them maintain their muscles. 
  • Calcium: This helps in maintaining their bone health and makes sure their teeth stay healthy.
  • Iron: Encouraging the production of healthy blood cells.
  • Fats: Raw egg yolks contain about 5 grams of healthy fats which are necessary for your ferret’s digestive system. 

Other nutrients include Vitamins A, D, E, and K, and Vitamin B6. All of these can help your pet ferret have the healthy diet they require to function at their prime.

A ferret’s digestive tract is short and small, only equipped to digest and extract nutrients from protein and fat-rich meat, and foods with carbs and fats can cause their digestive system to spend an unhealthy amount of energy in trying to digest it. It can clog their intestines and lead to fatal health risks that you want to avoid at all costs.

Raw eggs also do not have a lot of carbs content or any fiber which makes them safe for your ferret. They have a good amount of protein and fats which is why your vet might even recommend adding them to their diet.

How To Feed Your Ferret Raw Eggs?

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Now, this is where it gets tricky! Ferrets can be fussy eaters and sometimes outright reject what they might be offered, turning up their nose and away from the food bowl. 

Offering them raw eggs in a bowl would be the best way to gauge their reaction. Make sure there are not any rogue eggshells in it and serve it to your ferret. You will either see a positive reaction or they might not touch it at all. 

However, you should try offering them the yolk with the skin cracked a little bit. Some ferrets immediately take a liking to it while some do not. You can even dab a little bit on their nose so they wipe it off with their tongue and taste it. Maybe then, they might consider eating it. It can also be done by adding a few kibbles of their regular food in the egg yolk bowl and they might dive in and eat the egg yolk as well! 

It is good to see how your pet ferret reacts to it and then decide if you want to keep feeding them or not. It is not always easy to make your ferret eat something that they do not like. It is also not necessary to force-feed them something they do not want to. 

You can find supplements or other alternatives to egg yolks if they need some extra protein that they might have gotten from the raw eggs. 

It’s better to start feeding them eggs early on so they can get used to it. They can be picky about food as they get older. 

Can You Feed Eggs To Baby Ferrets?

You should not be feeding baby ferrets any eggs. Baby ferrets are supposed to feed on foods with liquid consistency and not hard foods like eggs. After they have been weaned off, you can add some other solid foods to their diet. They only prefer drinking milk when they are young. 

Raw eggs can be a burden on their delicate digestive system and become a health risk. 


Ferrets can be fussy eaters which is why it is recommended to make them try out the foods you want to add to their diet at an early age. Even then they might not take a liking to something and never eat it. Every ferret’s nature is different and it is best to handle their diet according to what they prefer.

While you may want to treat them with raw eggs, as they are beneficial, in a moderate amount that is, once or twice a week, you should be aware that exceeding this amount can cause problems. 

It is highly unlikely that your pet ferret would need raw eggs added to their diet considering their meals are already high in protein. Consider talking to a veterinarian if you think their diet is not enough to sustain them and adhere to their advice. 

As always, make sure your pet is comfortable with whatever diet you choose for them.

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