Can dogs eat tortillas?

Dogs are the best companions man has found so far. There is no arguing over this fact. We love our good boys and girls more than some of our human friends. Oh, we forgot that it was a secret! Anyways, we love to fuss around dogs and pups of all sorts, giving them a share from our dinner table is just one way of showing our love. However, have you ever thought about the possibility that some of your food might not be well suited to your pup’s digestive system? For those of us who love both dogs and tortillas, here is a pickle to answer. Can dogs eat tortillas? If this query has intrigued you often, now is the time to solve this little problem. This discussion is solely dedicated to answering the question: Can dogs eat tortillas?   

A word about the dog digestive system

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas

We feel outraged when people take this matter so casually. Yes, your good boy is probably your best mate. However, taking his diet so casually is nothing short of criminal negligence. People just like to assume that whatever they are eating is fine by their dog as well. Just because the poor animal cannot let you know, does not mean such is the case. No, a dog must not be treated to a variety of processed foods daily. Their digestive systems are not as adaptive, as people assume them to be. Protein is the major thing they are after; surely, anyone who has a pup knows that. It is elementary Watson! 

Tortillas: A nutritional overview

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas? Are Corn & Flour Tortillas Bad For Dogs?

Before we get into all that debate about dogs and tortillas, let us have a look at what tortillas have to offer in terms of nutrition. Well, let us take a 19 grams corn tortilla as a reference and break it down. The first thing that you must be craving to know is, of course, the calorie content. Well, in a standard corn tortilla chip, you are promised 40-45 grams of calories. Next is the fat content, which stands at 0.5 grams. Corn tortillas have 40 mg of sodium, 1 gram of fiber, and almost zero sugar on offer. The carbohydrate content stands at 9 grams. It is with the help of this knowledge that we determine if your dog can gobble up tortillas or not. Oh, these figures are provided by the USDA.

Tortillas types

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas? Nacho Dog's Favorite Treat!

Tortilla fans know every single fact about them. However, if you have recently taken a liking to these chips, you need to read this. There are two kinds of tortillas chips. There are corn tortillas, and then there are grain tortillas. We discuss the issues with both tortillas types, separately in upcoming lines.

First, the grain tortillas chips. Well, people go crazy after them. You must have had a few as well in your life if you are reading this article. However, your dog disagrees with these kinds of tortilla chips. The reason for this is the inability of your dog to digest grains. We mentioned this earlier; your dog loves proteins, not fiber. Wheat grains are simply not compatible with your dog’s digestive system. Apart from that, there is a possibility that your dog might suffer from a gluten allergy. This is something that shows up only on feeding your dog, food that contains gluten. However, better be safe than sorry and avoid feeding the good boy grain tortillas altogether.

The other version of the tortilla chips is, of course, the corn one. In terms of digestibility, the corn version is certainly a lot better than the grain one. However, this does not mean that you should start force-feeding your pup, with corn chips. There is every chance that the corn chips can lead to a stomach upset.

Can dogs eat tortillas?

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas? What To Know About Dogs And Tortillas

Well, after reading this much, what is your guess? The simple answer is no. It is not advisable to feed your dog tortilla chips. There are reasons, which we will elaborate on in the upcoming lines. However, for now, let us the content by commenting on the fat content of tortilla chips. We all know that these delicious chips are fried. Hence, the percentage of fat content is going to be higher, thanks to the cooking oil in which they are fried. What does that mean for your dog’s health? Well, at a very minimum, your dog is going to develop obesity. Will, not that be simply heartbreaking, the once slim dog turning into a fat little lazy creature? Do not even get us started on the additives that are added while making tortillas. The least said about them is better; they are very unsafe for you and your dog’s health. Corn or grain, there is no difference between the two in this regard. There are a couple of points regarding the sodium content and behavioral impact of tortilla consumption, which we discuss in the upcoming passages.

Why tortilla chips are harmful to your dog?

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas? Are Corn & Flour Tortillas Bad For Dogs?

We still have not talked about what is making tortillas so harmful for your dog. This issue needs to be addressed well. The first thing that bothers the dogs the most in tortilla chips is the salt content. A higher percentage of salt does no good for health; dog or human does not matter. Have you ever seen pups gobbling salted beef? Of course, not, canines find salty foods distasteful. While it may sound comical to some people, too much salt can be extremely toxic to your pup’s health. The negative effects of too much salt are manifested by extreme thirst and an increased frequency of urination. We have mentioned gluten earlier. Your dog might be allergic to it, something that is found in grain tortillas in a great amount.

Tortillas are not affecting dog health only

Well, it is true. There is a behavioral side to every issue. Imagine this. You unintentionally make your pup a tortilla addict by dropping a piece, almost regularly. This can interfere with your pup’s diet, more drastically than you can imagine. At first, it might not appear to be the case. Your dog is likely to eat whatever you offer him or her. However, soon there might come a point, where your dog may not like anything except a few tortilla chips. This is going to have detrimental effects on your dog’s health.

The verdict

Blog Post】Can Dogs Eat Tortillas? Is Tortillas Safe For Dogs?

Well, we cannot seem to find any good reason to feed your beloved pet tortillas. Do not get us wrong, we like them as much as you do. However, your dog’s digestive system is not built the way the human digestive system works. Hence, you need to exercise great caution in this regard. We do not see a problem with offering tortillas as a sparingly offered treat. However, sparingly offered is the key phrase here. Perhaps a couple of nibbles a week are enough, in some cases, more than enough! 


To conclude, it all comes down to this. What do you prefer the most when you are alone? Your good boy or the crunchers? Make a balance between the two and we promise you, you will be saved a lot of trouble. The best thing to do is not to eat the tortillas in front of your dog. Offer something else to the good boy or girl later, as an apology with a face that shows nothing but remorse and regret!

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