Can Dogs Eat Salmon?

Undoubtedly, dogs deserve the whole wide world at the tip of their nose in return for how loyal and joyful they make your life. Scrumptious and healthful food is only a minor part of all the goodness that they deserve, but it is a good place to start, nonetheless! Being a pet parent, you should ensure that the diet of your doggo is not compromised. On the contrary, extra addition of treats and other healthy foods in a dog’s diet can surely be considered. Now let us see if salmon is one of the many foods you can feed your four-legged friend.

What Is Salmon?

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If you are unaware of what exactly salmon is, but heard about it from your friend who also owns a dog, this subheading is especially for you. To put it simply, salmon is a fish that is also considered to be a healthy cuisine. Whether it is along with plain ol’ boiled rice or a complete meal on its own, the oily fried (or baked fish) is sure to leave your taste buds wanting more. But is it the same for your furry friend as well?

Can Dogs Eat Salmon?

Can Dogs Eat Salmon? How To Safely Feed Salmon To Your Dog

Your dog is in luck! Yes, you guessed it right. You can feed it salmon without constantly being worried about any health-related issues from rising and ruining your dog’s playful day. If you prepare and cook the fish well it can be an unmatchable addition to your boy’s diet. You may be surprised to know that salmon is also used as an ingredient in some high-protein dog foods. With that being said, there should be no underlying doubt about salmon supremacy. So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest grocery store or meat shop and get your hands on the fish.

But wait, before you get ready to pay a visit to your local meat shop, it is better that you finish reading this article. In that manner, you will find yourself to be comparatively more well informed and make your choice wisely. Otherwise, you may end up feeding your dog a particular type of salmon that is damaging to its health, and we all know what a bad end that is! It is always better to be assured of the food that you are planning to feed your dog instead of taking the difficult route.

What Health Benefits Does Salmon Bring To Your Furry Fellow?

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What benefits does salmon lack should be the real question instead? It is all that you could ask for in a food item and more, not just for your dog alone but for you as well.

First and foremost, salmon has an abundance of omega 3 fatty acids within itself. These are facts that one can only take from their diet because they can not be created by the animal or human body. You must be wondering, why is this so important about these acids? Let me explain, health experts and vets have observed a correlation between increased amounts of omega 3 fats and a decrease in several health problems such as reducing the risk of cancer, improving arterial function, strengthening the body’s immune system as well as countering and lowering blood pressure, etc.

And as if this alone wasn’t enough, the seasoned fish is capable of offering other supplements and nutrients to your dog as well. A few of them include; Vitamin A, D, and Vitamin B complex. All of these combined in a steak of fish can bring your dog the following benefits;

  • Healthy skin and fur (even in the summer season)
  • Betterment in any resistant skin allergies
  • Improved and better functioning of the brain
  • Decreased physical symptoms of joint inflammation

Moreover, even if your dog is not suffering from any physical health problems, you may still feed it the fish and delight your doggo with a mix of juicy new flavors. Besides, little extra vitamins never hurt anyone, right?

What Are Some Drawbacks Of Feeding Your Dog Salmon?

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Now that we have gone over all the advantages of salmon in detail, it is only fair that as a pet parent, you are shown both sides of the picture. Don’t get us wrong, we are in no way negating the previously told benefits of the fish, but at the same time, it is also true that feeding it improperly can ultimately lead to distressing circumstances.

To begin with, uncooked or raw fish (salmon) is a big no-no. It is a common misconception that uncooked meat is more preferable for dogs to eat. Whereas, in actuality, it can be quite injurious. Why is that so? Uncooked salmon may contain parasites namely; a fluke. It is a tiny worm-like creature that can cause unrest inside your furry friend’s body, ultimately showing itself in terms of symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and stomach ache.

Over and above that, salmon poisoning disease is a huge factor that puts off the idea of a dog eating raw or uncooked fish. This grave illness finds ground through bacteria that reside inside the salmon as long as it is in a raw form.

If you fear your buff four-legged fellow is suffering from the poisoning disease, observe for the symptoms mentioned below;

  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Lethargy
  • Enlargement of Lymph nodes

If your dog, unfortunately, happens to come in the way of this illness, do not delay its treatment under any circumstance. Keeping aside the fact that it will only prolong your beloved pet’s misery, the disease may also prove to be fatal if left untreated for more than 14 days.

Everything That You Need To Know Before You Feed Your Dog

A stitch in time saves nine! Taking precautions is always better than putting your best animal friend at risk. On that note, several cautions that should be taken to keep the relationship between you and your animal friend from going toxic are mentioned as follows;

  • Feed your dog-cooked salmon under ALL conditions.
  • Give preference to tinned/canned pre-cooked salmon.
  • Buy salmon that is packed in water instead of brine.
  • Steer clear of salmon that contains a high amount of salt (it can be toxic to the dog).
  • Debone the fish before serving the platter to your dog.

You can thank us later!

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