Can dogs eat lamb bones?

The images from some of the most famous cartoons of our times have led everyone to believe that dogs love nibbling on bones. While we don’t challenge this perception vehemently, we do believe that the time is ripe for a discussion about the right kind of bones that your dog can chew. Yes, there is a distinction and we would love it if you can get your concepts straight via this discussion! Not all bones are suitable for your dog to chew on, there are benefits and risks which must be carefully evaluated before feeding a particular type of bone to your canine friend. In today’s discussion, we are going to talk about the suitability of lamb bones in relation to the canine digestive system. The basic question around which this discussion will revolve is can dogs eat lamb bones?  Pay attention, pet parents, for there are some tips and tricks for you hidden in this article!  

Dogs & bones: A tale to admire

Soft and easy to nibble on, dogs love bones! While it is true that some types should be snatched away from the canine jaws immediately, bones ARE good for your dog. If one was to draw a comparison between bones and raw meat, the findings will be quite interesting. To be fair, we are quite envious of the variety that dogs have on their platter. There is meat, then there are bones, then there are meaty bones and of course, whatever you cook is also loaded on your pet’s plate. That’s love and we won’t lecture you here! While it is true that your dog is prone to a number of bacterial infections when it is chewing bones, the canine digestive system digests and fights simultaneously! This is the reason why dogs have been nibbling on bones for centuries.

Bone Biting is beneficial for your dog!

It is not just fun to feed and watch your dog chew on a particularly meaty bone. There are several health-related benefits, associated with this habit. In this section, it is these health benefits that we talk about. Firstly, bones are nothing but powerhouses of minerals. A rich source of calcium and phosphorus, bones have a great nutritional value for your dog. This applies to all types of bones including lamb bones as well, which are the central topic of this discussion. When your canine friend chews on, say lamb bones, its salivary enzymes are released. These enzymes are dead useful in thwarting the threat of plaque and protect your dog’s gums and teeth from several infections. Lastly, what would you prefer? Your dog chewing a bone or scratching itself to death? You are in luck if your preference is former since chewing a bone keeps your dog too busy to scratch itself and you get mad!  

Types of bones

We thought it prudent to mention here, the two major categories of bones with regards to adaptability to the canine digestive system. Some bones are edible while some are chewable. We are sure that you get what do these two terms mean but let us elaborate a bit in any case. Well, the edible bones have a greater nutrient content and have a softer texture. Because these are smaller in size, one shouldn’t serve them in a raw form. The ideal way of serving edible bones is to crush these and mix them with dog food. As for the other type, chewable bones are just for fun. Your dog shouldn’t try eating these, you can train your dog through a little effort. Don’t worry, these bones are not easy to break anyways, so your canine friend will be OK! 

Can dogs eat lamb bones?

Time to reveal the answer to the question which boggles the mind of even the most responsible pet parents out there! Yes, your dog can eat lamb bones. But we are afraid that is the short answer. The longer answer discusses all the how’s and why’s associated with this topic. To save you the trouble, we have compiled a comprehensive list of subtopics for you to read while your dog devours on meat. Pretty sure you will be able to finish this reading before your dog asks for a bone or two! 

A bit about lamb bones

Lamb’s bones are good for your dog. No doubt about that. You must ask, why do we say this so confidently? Well, for one, lamb bones are a great source of omega-3 acid. These fatty acids are extremely important for canine health from several perspectives. Their role in maintaining low blood pressure is as significant as their part in maintaining normal cardiovascular health. Apart from omega-3 fatty acids, lamb bones also endow your dog with some anti-inflammatory chemicals. But are all lamb bones equally great for your dog? The answer is no, we are afraid. Without going into the anatomical features of the lamb body, we can tell you that your dog must feast on only those bones which come from the rib, flap, and tail region of the animal. 

Cooked or raw?

You are asking the right sort of questions and we like that! Should you be cooking lamb bones for your dog? Well, the answer is a big NO. Cooked bones and we refer to all bones, not just the lamb ones, are prohibited for your dog. Again, we have our reasons. Cooked bones offer a greater risk of a choking hazard as compared to the raw version. Can you guess why that is so? Well, when you cook the bones, they become all splintery and much more crake-able. So, when your dog chews cooked lamb bones eagerly, they are bound to break up and create a situation where your dog might choke on these very bones you cooked so lovingly! Hence, our advice is to serve the lamb bones fresh and raw. 

When should you avoid feeding bones to your dog?

Lamb or chicken or whatever, you shouldn’t be feeding bones to your dog when it is going through a tough phase in life. That surprised you but it is true! From a medical point of view, your dog can be going through a tough phase that you are not aware of. For example, when was the last time you cared to check upon the dental health of your poodle? You can imagine why serving lamb bones to your dog in a state where its teeth are hurting is not a good idea. Then, dogs also suffer from constipation a bit more than a few other pets. You should hook up with a vet before you proceed with that bony idea in your head. Also, why serve bones if your dog is a big fan of raw meat? Chances are high that this addition will be rejected. So, know when you shouldn’t be feeding raw lamb bones to your dog.  

Some important considerations

In this section, we highlight some common mistakes made by pet parents when they feed lamb bones to their good boys and girls. Folks, it is not a good idea to feed frozen lamb bones to your pet. We are sure that your dog would appreciate the effort if you can run down to the local market and buy some fresh ones from the butcher. For how long should you allow your dog to chew on a chewable bone? The exact answer varies but we can tell you that anywhere around 30-35 minutes ought to do the trick. This is time enough to stimulate the salivary enzymes that we mentioned earlier. Also, do follow the sanitation protocols through all this process. Remember that your family eats in the same kitchen as your dog, hence cleaning all the surfaces your dog dragged that lamb bone is necessary.

What about lamb chops?

While we are on the topic, we thought it would be a good idea to talk briefly about lamb chops as well. We are afraid that the idea of feeding lamb chops to a dog doesn’t appeal to us. Again, we don’t say that without reason. You see, when lamb chops are cooked, they swell a bit in size. So, you can see where the problem is. There is a choking hazard with lamb chops! With all the other flesh available on the table, we daresay your dog wouldn’t mind too much if you don’t feed it lamb chops! 


Well, that would be all for now folks. Dogs trust you, humans, you should do everything to honor that trust. One way of doing that would be handpicking the lamb bones that your dog will love to nibble on. While we do believe that there is no harm in feeding lamb bones to your dog, we still believe that the element of moderation must be observed. Too many lamb bones mean that you are overdoing it and that, my friend, can have dire consequences. At the very least, GI complications can arise which will make your dog’s head spin. Hence, serve a few as a treat in the beginning and gauge the situation for the next few days closely!

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