Can dogs eat cilantro

Good boys and girls will eat anything you offer them. Among all pets, dogs especially have no principles, when it comes to nicking their human friend’s food. While it is an extremely adorable antic, that some people find cute, we are not sure if it is an innocuous one. You see, your dog has a very different digestive capacity, as compared to your digestive system. Not everything is suitable for your dog; let us say it clearly. Hence, it is advisable to research whatever you are feeding your Fido, to avoid any unpleasant consequences. Cilantro is one herb that is most often inquired about; its safety for dogs is a topic of interest to many. We have dedicated today’s discussion to this question as well. So, let us find out if dogs can eat cilantro or not?

A bit about cilantro

Can Dogs Eat Cilantro? (2021 Guide)

Coriander. How often do you use coriander in everyday cooking? Cilantro is essentially coriander. It sounds confusing, but let us explain. Yes, these are two different herbs. However, they come from the same plant. The leaves and the stem of the coriander plant constitute cilantro. Will it surprise you very much that in Spanish, cilantro stands for coriander? Anyhow, cilantro is a very popular herb among humans. It is widely used in different dishes; its leaves find use in modern-day cuisine. Its useful properties are directly linked with the freshness factor, which is quite hard to maintain. There are many health benefits associated with cilantro as well, we will discuss them wither reference to dogs, in detail.  

Can dogs eat cilantro?

Without beating around the bush, let us first answer the question, around which this whole debate will revolve. Can dogs eat cilantro? Well, the short answer to this question is yes. Your dog can have this herb, without having to fear health risks. However, this is the short answer. We feel that this question needs an in-depth answer. An answer that covers the aspects of quantity, quality, and health benefits and risks associated with cilantro consumption. We see that you and we are of the same min. Let us continue this debate then, shall we?

Do dogs like cilantro?

Before you go coriander hunting, you should check with your dog, if the animal likes the herb or not. Not all dogs have the same taste when it comes to food. Coriander taste is a very idiosyncratic one; there are lovers and haters always. So how do you check if your dog likes cilantro? Well, how about blending some into the normal, regular diet. The expressions alone are going to give you the answer. If eyes sparkly and tail wags a bit more, boom, your Fido loves it. In case, a queasy expression comes over your dog’s face, better stop experimenting with this stuff.

The distinction between leaves and seed

It is just pointing out the difference between coriander and cilantro. Coriander, that is the dried seeds sold commercially, have different nutritional content percentages. Minerals are abundant in this dried-up version of the plant, though that is at the cost of lesser useful elements, like vitamins for example. Leaves of course have loads of vitamins. Their health benefits will be discussed in the upcoming passage. So, all in all, your dog must feed on cilantro, and not the coriander. Please, do make sure that the leaves are fresh.

Health benefits associated with dogs eating cilantro

Can Dogs Eat Cilantro?

What does your dog stand to get from eating a bunch of green leaves? We are sure that this is exactly what you are thinking right now. Well, the health benefits associated with cilantro can surprise you. Cilantro is rich in minerals, as well as certain vitamins. Minerals include magnesium, potassium, and a fair bit of iron. Vitamins like A, C, and K found in cilantro are extremely important for your dog’s health. How? Let us see it now.

Your dog’s ability to fight off most bacterial infections depends largely on these ions and vitamins. Hence, eating cilantro can be a good way to increase the immune power of your beloved pet. The leaves are rich in molecules known as antioxidants. These molecules are important in eliminating dangerous, cancer-causing free radicals. Vitamin A is one such antioxidant, found in cilantro. Vitamin A is also important in maintaining the 2020 vision (Of course, pun intended!) Other vitamins like Vitamin K and C are important for the proper functioning of the Musco-skeletal system, as well as for the prevention of diseases like scurvy. Fibrous content can take care of your dog’s upset stomach like no one. It is one of the biggest hallmarks of fresh cilantro consumption. It keeps your dog’s digestive processes on track.

How much cilantro is safe for your dog?

At this point in the discussion, you must be wondering about the quantity of cilantro that is safe for your dog to eat. Of course, there must be some sort of limit. Too much of nothing is good. In our point of view, a pinch of this herb will suffice in the beginning. It gives you a chance to observe and evaluate your dog’s response towards the new herb in the regular diet. Abort mission in case there is something wrong with your dog is an obvious manner. However, in case everything turns out fine, you can then go on and increase the quantity of cilantro to somewhere around a teaspoon couple of times per week.

How you serve cilantro is also important!

Can Dogs Eat Cilantro or It's Toxic? (+ Vet's Comments)

Done with quantity, now let us talk about how cilantro should be fed to a dog. We said a pinch of it is enough at the beginning. However, how are you going to feed a pinch to a dog? Well, the best way to do so is to sprinkle some on the dinner plate of course. Follow the trend if your dog likes this sudden addition of a distinctive flavor tonight meals. You can increase the quantity that you sprinkle, but make sure that it is not more than that.

Possible risks associated with dogs eating cilantro

Allergy is one of the biggest concerns, whenever cilantro and dogs are mentioned in the same sentence. However, only a few members of the Fido family have been reported to suffer from this type of allergy. Speaking generally, these leaves are safe for consumers for dogs. How do you make sure though? Your dog CAN be allergic to cilantro. Here is what you can do. Let your dog taste and sniff only a bit of cilantro at first. Proceed with feeding reasonable quantities only after getting the green signal from your dog. You can always tell an allergic reaction by the obvious symptoms like skin rashes and an upset stomach.  


Well, it is time to say pip-pip. Oh, we mean it is time to bid farewell. We hope that you learned loads from this discussion about cilantro and dogs. Your dog can eat one more herb, now that you know it is safe. However, it is important to exercise caution, when it comes to cilantro. You should be careful about the freshness of leaves, as well as the amounts in which your dog eats this stuff. If you feel there is something wrong, you must let your vet know all about it immediately.

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