Can dogs drink baby formula

Having a dog and a kid at the same time is a blessing. Both want nothing more in life than to find someone to play with, preferably all day. For this reason, they are likely to be best friends! Your dog will even protect the child at the time of need. You can judge how deep their partnership runs by that. However, what would happen if one lucky, happy day, you ran into your offspring feeding its baby formula to the dog? Another probable scenario is that you adopted or found a puppy and brought it home without knowing how to cater to it. If that is the case, the world needs more people like you. We are proud of you! 

However, you need not worry, no matter what the circumstance. We’ve got your back! We are going to inform you of all that we know and research over. You will not need to come back over the internet to clear your doubts once you are done with this reading. 

What does baby formula contain?

All baby formula companies try as best as they can to mimic mother feed. The next most nutritious milk that is readily available is cow’s milk; therefore, it is conventionally used to make these formulas. Infants have not yet developed the strength to tolerate all kinds of human foods in the first twelve months. Thus the recipe is prepared to envelop in itself all the essential nutrients to keep the child healthy. These include; several minerals, i.e., zinc, iron, vitamins (A, B, D, E), and carbohydrates in lactose. 

Is it safe for dogs to drink baby formula?

No, the baby formula should not be fed to puppies. You might be inclined to think that a puppy and a human child almost being of the same size might have the exact requirements. However, would you feed a human child, dog formula, for instance? Many of us wouldn’t. Such a question might even come as awe-striking to some.

Similarly, no matter what stage of growth, animals and human beings have different body requirements and tolerance. There may be health risks following the wrong supplementation in a dog. Dogs, as we know, are most vulnerable in their earliest months after birth. Any minor complication may cause them to lose all of their healthiness fighting an illness that they instead should have gained. 

Why is it not safe for dogs to drink baby formula?

Primarily, dogs and specifically puppies are lactose intolerant. At the same time, cow milk that is used in baby formulas is profuse in lactose. If your little doggo drinks baby formula in a hefty amount, it can be harmful to them. It may cause them diarrhea, and due to them being such frail creatures, it can rapidly lead to dehydration. 

Furthermore, vitamins and supplements that are a must requirement for human infants can play toxins otherwise. An example of this can be iron; dogs are quickly intoxicated by iron to the point that it can even prove fatal. It cannot be denied that all animals, including dogs, need iron, but an excess is dangerous. If the puppy is subject to being fed a bottle or bowl of baby formula, you might want to reconsider. 

Lastly, if baby formula becomes a routine feed for the dog, the risks of its growing malnutrition are high. The reason for a child or a puppy to be cared for by its mother in the first twelve months is that they determine an infant’s well beings. If it is brought up on the correct form of a healthy diet in its crucial days, the likelihood of having a more robust immune system is high. 

What can you give your dog instead of baby formula?

Now we’re asking the right questions! There are countless replacements for litter deprived or neglected by their mother. Let us tell you, puppy formula is what you are looking for. They are modified and designed precisely according to your doggo’s necessity. Similar to baby formula, it is enriched with supplements in the right amounts. 

What does puppy formula contain?

The healthiest food that your dog can eat is a homemade puppy formula. It is put together with the most nourishing of ingredients and ensures that no hygiene compromise is made. What more could a puppy ask for? You can prepare this by following the recipe mentioned below; 

  • Add half a cup of evaporated milk and a cup of hot water. 
  • A drop of pediatric multivitamin if available 
  • A tablespoon of yogurt (be cautious not to add sweetened yogurt) 
  • Two egg yolks 
  • A teaspoon of corn oil

While preparing the delight, be careful you do not forgetfully use plain cow milk. Over and above that, before feeding the formula to your dog, check in with your vet. It is always best to be sure than sorry. 

Under what circumstances can dogs eat baby formula?

The only situation in which your four-legged friend should be allowed to eat baby formula is when the superior availability is of; cow milk and baby formula. 

What is the feeding time of a dog?

Raising a dog is not much different from raising a child. They need your attention all around the clock, several times a day. A healthy puppy needs to be fed every hour or two hours. As they grow up, their feeding time increases as well. The key to knowing you are providing your precious pet rightfully is to observe their weight gain every day. If each day they are beating the previously set target, pat yourself on the back! It would be best if you are a proud mother/father. 


Let us wrap up the entire discussion for you. Baby formula is not the best food choice you can make for a puppy. Even though additives are minute considering a child’s requirement, they can still be detrimental to a dog in comparison. If it is made to be your pet’s regular diet, it will lack many vitamins that are a necessity. 

We wish you and your pet the very best of health! 

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