Can dogs Eat Chives?

Do not make the mistake of feeding your pet dog any herb, vegetable, or fruit. Even if you have heard that the fluffball likes fruits and herbs, do not randomly feed them any variant. A herb that seems harmless to you may not have the same effect on a dog. To make sure that your pet does not fall sick, be careful with what you feed them.

It is right to feed dogs vegetables and fruits occasionally as dietary supplementation. The same goes for herbs, but be very controlled about the portions that are fed to them.

Some of the herbs suitable for dogs and are also safe are parsley, cilantro, dill, mint, basil, thyme, dandelion, rocket, fennel, and endive. Another such herb is chives. It contains calcium, phosphorus, acid, and sugar. The good thing about this herb is that it is packed with vitamin C which, is good for the health of your pet dog. But how much should be fed is the real question?

Do dogs like eating chives?

Chives are used for garnishing different dishes because of their strong smell and flavor. So it is a possibility that the dogs may not be the biggest fan of this herb. But it is also possible that they can feel curious about it when given to them and may eat it. You need to mind the amount given to them. Few blades of the herb once a week will be a good way to add vitamin C to their diet.

For precautionary measures, keep the chives out of the reach of your per dog so that they do not eat too much of it.

Can dogs eat chives?

As said before, this herb is not the best food for the fluffball. Too much of this herb is not good for their health. Chives are a close cousin of garlic and onion and, because their allium contains sulfur compounds, it can be dangerous for a dog’s health.

Too many chives in their diet will lead to the following health issues:

  • Weakness and dizziness: chives can also cause dizziness and weakness in dogs. Their body does not have enough red blood cells, and chives trigger red blood cells so that they might feel weak.
  • Digestive problem: the common issue of too many chives is an upset stomach. It usually leads to gastrointestinal motility problems. dog’s stomach is just like them, small and frail, and when a spicy and strong-flavored herb like chives enters it, it is bound to upset their stomach.
  • Urinary problem: chives are full of calcium and potassium which, usually cause urinary damage. So when dogs eat an uncontrolled amount of chives, the potassium and calcium in them may cause urinary problems and kidney stones.
  • Others: some more common issues seen in dogs after eating chives are irritation in the eyes, stomach irritation, excess secretion of saliva, wooziness, and breathing problems.

Do chives cause poisoning in dogs?

Chives are found to be a very common herb that causes health issues in dogs. Some dogs cannot even handle a small amount of this herb. This is why it is highly advised to get a veterinary’s advice before feeding any amount of chives to your pet dog.

So, the answer to the question is, yes, chives can cause health poising in dogs. Even though the herb is very nutritious and healthy, it is not good for your cavy. The compounds in chives cause damage to red blood cells, and since this cell is less in dogs, any further loss of it can cause health problems in them.

With chive poisoning, the symptoms are noticed immediately. The symptoms seen in dogs in case of poisoning are as follows:

  • Walking in circles
  • Weakness and dizziness
  • Watery eyes and nose
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach irritation
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Problem in urinating
  • Increase in heart rate

In case any of these symptoms are noticed, immediately take medical help. Any delay should be avoided in doing so.

How much chive is safe to eat for the dogs?

By now, it is clear that chives are not the best thing that dogs should consume and can prove to be dangerous for their health. But another factor that should be considered is the amount that they consume.

A small amount such as 5-7 grams of the herb will not cause any significant issue to your pet’s health. However, mind how frequently they consume even this small amount. It should not be more than once a week.

If the dog consumes more than 7 grams or ends up eating it more than once a week, it may be worrisome.

Ultimately, chives can be toxic for the frail body of the dogs. As soon as you see any symptoms, do not waste time trying any home treatment or remedy. Get medical help.

Some herbs that dogs can eat

Since on the topic, here are some herbs which are healthy and safe for the dogs to consume:

  • Dandelions

It contains a high concentration of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. All of its parts, leaves, flowers, flower stem, and roots are edible. To get the good health benefits from this herb, it can be fed 3-4 times a week to the dogs.

  • Chickweed

This can be used as a substitute for chives as it is also filled with the benefits of vitamin C. The herb is beneficial for healing, fighting germs, and reducing any inflammation. The leaves and flowers of this herb can be fed to the pet.

  • Yarrow

A controlled amount of yarrow sometimes will help the dogs in having a balanced diet. The beneficial properties of this herb are that it resolves digestive issues, fight inflammation, and increase brain health.

No matter how much you enjoy having chives in your soup and other meals, it is not the same case for your pet dogs. As said before, giving a small amount sometimes is not dangerous for them but still, keep an eye on them after consuming this herb. To avoid any health issue, keep the chives out of reach of the dogs. And in case of any problem, try to stay calm and take your pet to get urgent medical attention. If handled in time, your pet will be all well and good.

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