Can Cats eat Timothy Hay

Doubtlessly, you have seen your feline friend nibbling on the grass more than one time. Maybe it is strange behavior for you, but there is nothing to worry about. Cats are ‘’obligate carnivores’’ and to thrive; they need a steady diet of meat. They don’t need any veggies in their food, and their bodies have no proper enzymes that are necessary for adequately processing vegetation.

A common question that is often raised among most cat owners is that if “Cats eat timothy hay?” Curious about it? Luckily, you are at the very right place as here we have discussed this query in detail.

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Can cats eat grass?

Can Cats Eat (Western) Timothy Hay? Is Hay Safe For My Cat?

To truly comprehend the effect of hay on your cat, it’s vital to first understand if cats can eat fresh grass. The short answer to this question is ‘’Yes’’. It is quite reasonable for your furry friend to enjoy crunching on some safe greens. Cats eat the green stuff that helps in the removal of non-digestible material. Cats habitually swallow so many things from their fur while grooming that are not food. These may also include the bones and feathers of their prey. Their digestive system is not able to digest these things, and they should have to come back up. Grass not only assists furs in relieving constipation but also provides them with nutrients like folic acid. According to research chewing on grass can alleviate stress in your pet.

What is Timothy hay?

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Timothy is a type of grass that is stalky, rough, and can grow up to 1.5m. It is grass from Europe called Cat’s tail, and it is known as timothy hay because it was initially cultivated and sold by a farmer Timothy Hanson. It keeps the digestive tract of small animals functioning properly. But, it is best for herbivore animals and fulfills the natural urge of pets like Rabbits, Prairie Dogs, Chinchillas, and Guinea Pigs to chew. This high fiber diet is low in calcium and protein that lowers the chances of trapped intestinal gas, bloating, and soft stool.

So Can Cats eat Timothy Hay?

In short ‘’Yes’’ cats can eat timothy hay.

Though hay is not an ideal food for cats as they are carnivores, but similar to the grass, cats can eat hay, especially on farms. Before getting into details that why cats eat hay and are it right for them, it is better to understand what is hay.

Yes, it should be safe for cats, but if you see some changes in your Cat’s behavior, then stop giving her timothy hay. If some rashes and unnecessary itching appear, it is better to consult the vet as soon as possible.

Why cats like Timothy hay?

There is no such reason well known, why cats like to eat timothy hay. Researchers have found no beneficial nutrient in timothy hay for cats that are providing benefits to your furry balls. But, still, you can observe that cats eat this hay regularly just after having their meal. It is considered that just like grass.

Can Cats Eat (Western) Timothy Hay? Is Hay Safe For My Cat?

Is Timothy hay dangerous for cats?

Generally, hay is well known for causing an upset stomach in cats. It may cause vomiting in cats but is still not considered toxic or dangerous towards cats. Timothy hay has 0% nutritional value, and the only advantage it can provide to your cats is a sufficient amount of fiber. Due to the maximum amount of fiber present in the hay, you can associate the use of hay in cats to relieve constipation. It may also be a beneficial natural remedy for regular hairballs.

Over-feeding your Cat with timothy hay can cause a cat to get sick, so it is highly advised to take care of the quantity of timothy hay your Cat takes in.

Why don’t experts recommend Timothy hay as a fiber source for cats?

Due to the complete lack of nutritional content in timothy hay for cats, it is highly advised to use pumpkin instead of grass to remove hairballs in cats. Pumpkin is equally beneficial for treating hairball issues reduces the risk of throwing up in your Cat, and has more nutrients for your Cat also.

Why cats throw up just after eating hay?

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This is a normal reaction that cats show just after eating hay. Cats do not have the ability to digest greens or other vegetables, and that is why they throw up most of it.

Is Timothy hay can be a cause of hay allergy in cats?

Cats can have an allergy to hay. They can become sensitive when they come in contact with hay or just inhale the hay dust. Due to this hay allergy, your cats can go from a luscious full coat to half bald. It is so difficult to diagnose that your Cat has a hay allergy, and there is no cure for allergy in Cat. The only thing you do is managing and treating the symptoms. Researchers and vets believe that cats eat hay and grass to clean their stomach and digestive tract.

In case of eating too much, which cats could not able to digest, or eating some spoiled food cats throw up. An uneasy feeling generates in cats that help them to throw the food or hay out.

Why do you need to worry about your Cat eating Timothy hay?

Can Cats Eat (Western) Timothy Hay? Is Hay Safe For My Cat?

As a cat owner, the most disturbing thing is that you cannot get aware of how much hay your Cat consumes. You must keep a strict eye on your Cat to ensure that they eat them properly. It is essential to know that how long the hay strands are and how brittle and dry they can be for your kitty. You have to follow the given instructions carefully before introducing hay to your Cat:

  • You have to break hay into small pieces that your Cat can comfortably chew. Cats use their paws to rip the hay into smaller pieces, but often they swallow the hay whole.
  • If you want to feed your Cat with hay, it is strictly recommended to provide them clean drinking water. It will help to swallow down the hay smoothly and avoid getting a stretchy throat from trying to swallow the hay.
  • Sometimes Cat starts vomiting just after having Timothy hay. In this situation, observe your Cat for at least an hour. If the vomiting condition remains after an hour, take the Cat to the vet immediately. There is no first aid you can give to your Cat, but IV fluids are required to rehydrate your Cat.

Is it better to discourage the Cat from eating Timothy’s hay? Grandpa's Best Timothy Hay Bale, 5lbs: Pet Supplies

Cats are generally very naughty in nature. They try to explore and experience everything around them. To keep your kitty healthy and active, it is strongly recommended to discourage your Cat from eating hay. By making extremely upsetting loud noises you can stop your Cat from eating hay. You can also try to relate a particular sound voice like ‘’SSShhhh’’ to stop her from eating hay!


Eating grass or hay is a healthy habit shown by most cats. They chew it and throw up just after eating. Still, it’s too much quantity that can cause a vomiting condition similar to diarrhea that can lead to dehydration and, in severe conditions, may lead to lethargy or death.

As there is no nutritional advantage of giving timothy hay to your Cat, it is recommended to discourage your Cat from eating Timothy hay and try to find a better substitute for timothy hay for your beloved kitty!

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