Can cats eat scrambled eggs?

A little overcooked. Feeling a bit scrambled. It happens; this is what we call life. Oh wait, we are not talking about you. Geez, that poor egg has been cooked and scrambled to perfection we are talking about. Something that makes you yearn for more as you devour on these in the morning. You probably might have not noticed it but your cat has fixed you with a beady stare as you eat these excellent eggs. The pet wants it; you want to give some too. However, even as you lift your plate to offer your beloved pet some of the eggs, a question arises in your mind. Can cats eat scrambled eggs? In today’s discussion, this is precisely what we are going to talk about in detail.

Are eggs good for your cat?

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Well, before you dive deep into the debate about giving or not giving your cat, a few scrambled eggs, a basic question must be answered. Are eggs even good for your cat or not? Well, to answer that, let us have a look at what eggs have to offer. The first thing is, of course, the protein content. You will be challenged hard to find a richer source of protein than eggs. However, eggs are not enriched with protein only. Rather, these have to offer carbohydrates as well. Not only that, but vitamins like A, D, K, and stuff like iron and zinc also make eggs a very nutritious diet, to say the least. You must be thinking, all of that is very good for humans, but what about my pet? Well, the amino acids eggs have are primary requirements for physical agility and great looks that you are desirous of, in your cat. Eggs have been shown to solve the dehydration problem in cats as well.

Why raw eggs are not good for your cat?

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The major focus in this discussion is on the scrambled eggs. This must have had you thinking about the raw eggs. Why we are not talking about raw eggs? Well, it is simply because raw eggs are no good for your kitty. There are two reasons why you should not feed your cat, raw eggs. Let us discuss these separately.

First is the matter of avidin. This is a protein found in raw eggs, in larger percentages. Why is avidin bad, you may ask? This protein has a great affinity for biotin. Biotin is the vitamin that decides how much physically agile your cat will be. Not only that, but biotin also has a big say in determining the skin color of your cat as well as the shine of its fur coat. You can see why cooking the eggs is so important for your kitten, cannot you? Cooking the egg will naturally denature the avidin protein. This will eventually result in an increased biotin uptake, which translates into great looks and the overall physique of your cat.

Can cats eat scrambled eggs?

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We now answer the question around which this whole debate has been orchestrated. The simple answer to the question can cat eat scrambled eggs is yes, they can. However, there are a couple of points to be noted, as you fry the egg. One, dispense with the ham, butter, or any other fat-loaded cooking oils that you normally use, for making scrambled eggs for your cat. Frying the eggs for your cat without these oil resources is much better than with them. Usually, we love to sprinkle spices like salt and pepper on our eggs, for a better taste. However, not doing that for a kitty meal is most advisable. Some people like to add milk to their fried eggs, something that your cat might not like. We make this speculation because most of the cats are unable to consume dairy products, meaning they are lactose intolerant. Scrambled eggs are great for your cats. Some cats are quite fussy about what they eat. They do not like hard, raw stuff chucked in their dinner tray all the time. Scrambled eggs are quite soft as compared to some of the other kitty food items. Your cat is hardly going to experience any problem digesting scrambled eggs.

Why is it a great idea to consult your vet?

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The one-word answer would be an allergy. We are talking about food allergies here. Your cat might be allergic to some food items that you are not aware of, eggs can be certainly one of them. Food allergies usually manifest themselves by itch or inflammation, rarely infections. Your vet can tell you a lot more about this topic in detail, hence, go for it and consult the doc. However, if you do not feel like taking a trip to the vet based on mere whims, here is what you can do. You can give your pet cat a few scrambled eggs at first, and watch her response. In case there is something wrong, even the slightest inclination that suggests something is wrong with your cat, you must rush to the vet. However, if no adverse reactions appear for as long as two to three days, then it is safe to assume that all is well.

Of course, too many eggs are always bad

You must not run away with your imagination. This is not Toby the awesome dude from the gym sitting with you at your breakfast table. This is Toby the cat. Hence, be careful about how much you put on the cat’s plate. Too much of these eggs can make your pet overweight. Not only that, but it can also lead to more serious complications, like issues with the heart. Now you do not want that happening to your beloved pet, do you? Here is what you can do. Make sure that your cat doesn’t get hooked on eggs by offering them as an occasional treat. Even better, a reward for pleasing antics. This method works with most food items in any case.

Will my cat love an egg?

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This is the hardest query to answer. You are asking us to fathom the way a cat’s mind works. Boy, oh boy, we could not do that in a million years. However, if you play your cards well, your cat might actually begin to love scrambled eggs, even more than you do, if possible. Best to mix them in the pet’s daily diet. This will bring new flavor to the diet, you can watch for the response if your pet likes it or not. If it is met by the kitty approval, you can go ahead and start dishing out the scrambled eggs separately.  


Well, that is all for now. Your cat would appreciate it more than you would, if you could summarize the takeaways from this discussion, in your head. Simply put, it is ok to offer some scrambled eggs to your cat. Raw eggs are an absolute no-no of course. However, there is not much wrong with scrambled eggs. However, caution must be exercised. The best way to offer such food items to your pets is naturally in the form of treats. Your cat must not become addicted to eggs; otherwise, there can be issues. Issues that are similar to the ones faced by humans when they have too many proteins. Will not it be simply too tragic if your cat became a heart patient?

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