Can cats eat potato chips?


We cannot resist the temptation of potato chips and French fries since they taste good, and this temptation makes us buy a packet of chips from supermarkets. You may feel like sharing these chips with your feline friend. Often people crunch on their packet of potato chips while watching TV, and on enjoying their favorite salty, crispy snack, they get to see their pet cat staring at them with their large eyes. They may fall into the dilemma of whether it will be alright to give few chips to their pet. Potato chips are junk food for cats, just like humans. Although potato chips are not recommended, they are not dangerous either. Your cats can eat them.

Why are potato chips harmful?

All of us know quite well that potato chips are regarded as unhealthy since they are quite salty and raise many health problems like kidney problems and issues of high blood pressure. You may also get heart disease. Potato chips negatively impact your health as they are high in saturated salts and lead to a no. of diseases such as obesity. These chips affect your health and heart in a variety of ways. If these chips affect your health, they can also harm your cat, so you need to be concerned about both your health and your cat while eating this snack. You must try to avoid products containing processed potato-like lays chips, which include excessive salt and lots of preservatives. These harmful things are bad for your cat’s health.

What are harmful to cats?

We know the consequence of eating chips, but our pet cats depend on us for their health and care. Cats are considered carnivores, so they need a sufficient amount of meat in their diet and a low level of carbohydrates to strive and suffice. If you feed them food containing high carbohydrates, then this may cause obesity and diabetes in your cats. It is not easy to break down carbs for a cat’s stomach. Besides protein, they also need other things in their diet, such as vitamin A, Vitamin D, and taurine. Vets recommend people not to feed their cats some foods that can be dangerous for them. Dairy products and chocolates are some of them. Vets don’t list potato chips as toxic food for cats. Neither do they suggest you feed them with chips?

Potato chips have no nutrition.

Potato chips have no nutritional value. All the nutrients of potatoes are lost in the process of washing, boiling, and deep-frying the potatoes until they turn crispy brown. So they are devoid of good nutrients, which makes them unhealthy to eat except for the taste. Potato is a starchy veggie rich in fibers and carbs and can be made worse by deep frying with vegetable oil and lots of salt.

Saturated fats

Devoid of redeeming quality, these chips make your cat thirsty as they contain lots of salt. They may feel excess urination and other symptoms in their body such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, sodium ion poisoning. Such symptoms are visible when they intake too many salts. It can be dangerous, especially for your older cats, since they take longer to process salt and experience health problems with the kidneys. Apart from salt, other things are included in the flavoring of chips like cheese, onion, and garlic, which can be dangerous. The seasonings of chips contain onion and garlic powder that makes your cat ill by attacking their blood cells and are the main cause of diarrhea and stomach problem. Although potato chips and French crisps are not dangerous to kittens and cats, they are not advised to cats by veterans.

What chips can be given to cats?

Tortilla chips are made of cornmeal which is safer to give, but they must not be provided regularly. Break a small chip and provide a treat for your cat once in a while to avoid choking hazards. You can give few chips or other human snacks as a treat when your cat looks at you with their large adorable eyes, but in general, you must avoid giving them these potato chips, which affect their health negatively. Chips being high in carbs with lots of carbohydrates, salt, and fat content should be avoided as cats can’t handle high carbohydrates since they are carnivores. You might want to give your cat healthy food with a basic nutritional level to make her healthy. You can give her a few grains or veggies, but they are not essential since their stomach uses nutrients from only animal sources, so she needs to have protein.

Can cats eat potatoes?

Cats can eat potatoes, but you must know whether mashed, raw, cooked chips or French fries are to be given or not. Among these types, mashed potatoes are recommended to cats in a small amount. 21 mg of sodium is required by cats having an average size, but 1ounce of such chips contains 150 mg sodium which is more than the upper limit (42mg). Crossing the upper limit causes sodium ion poisoning. Her daily sodium intake will reach half of the limit on eating a single chip. And on eating her regular food, which also contains sodium, your cat will intake an unhealthy proportion of sodium.


One or two chips may not be toxic but try not feeding them these chips often. If you make chips at home, try not to use much salt so that you can share them with your feline friend. It would be best to contact a vet if your cat has taken a good amount of salty chips to avoid dangerous consequences. Chips increase blood cholesterol levels in humans as they contain saturated fats, but unlike humans, cats have more good cholesterol, so they need not worry about excessive calories and saturated fats as they use them for fueling energy. But she also needs omega 6, omega 3fats, and other necessary fatty acids for good health, which are not provided by potato chips. You need to understand your cat by possessing good knowledge about her healthy diet. Only then can you enjoy your cat’s companionship. They may be independent based on their personality, but they will depend on you when it comes to food. If you have any questions about the cat’s diet and health, you should always take the valuable suggestion of your vet.

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