Can cats eat pineapple?

You must be thinking what a weird question! Maybe it will not sound so weird once you see your pet cat devour on pineapple leaves. Yes, sirs and madams, there might come the point where you might see your cat do this! Then, you will type the very same question in the Google search bar fanatically. But we got to tell you this; it isn’t much available on the internet to help you. You will have to scavenge information from various articles, some of which we found very dubious. If you fear for your cat’s wellbeing or if your cat has already had a taste of pineapples, this is just the page you need to be on. We answer the question that you thought was weird through a methodical approach but isn’t. Can cats eat pineapples? 

Can cats eat pineapples?

Without beating around the bush, yes. That is the simplest answer to this query. However, we are afraid that if you stop reading the discussion and walk away with that yes as a takeaway, you will miss out on some important details that we have to share with you. While it is true that you can feed your cat pineapples, you can’t just dice whole fruit and put it in the cat tray. No, there is an element of moderation involved, something that we would love to discuss in detail in this article! 

What do pineapples have to offer?

But before we jump into the debate about pineapples and cats, first, let’s have a look at the nutritional content of a pineapple. Why are pineapples even being discussed?  Pineapples are enriched with potassium and sodium. Manganese is found in abundance as well. But that is not all this yummy fruit has to offer. There is a decent amount of carbohydrate content as well, apart from a minute percentage of protein. Cholesterol free but fiber-rich pineapples have a lot to offer but is it any good for your cat? Let’s see that. 

Health benefits

We have mentioned the nutrients found in pineapples. It is not difficult to assume the health benefits associated with this juicy fruit. The feline digestive system needs something which can accelerate carbohydrate and protein metabolism. This is important since body functioning heavily relies on these two macromolecules. Manganese is one element that can fulfill this role efficiently. Apart from this, several vitamins are found in pineapples. Their manifestations are mostly of optical and sensory nature. A decent percentage of fiber means that your cat’s digestive system can process things better than ever. 

So many good things about pineapples; what on earth could be wrong with such a nutritious fruit? Well, there is nothing wrong with the fruit. It is how this fruit is fed! 

Serving pineapples to cats

Too much of nothing is good for your cat, and pineapples in a feline diet are hardly exempt from this rule. There is a possibility that your cat’s digestive system might not react too kindly to introducing pineapples on the menu. Therefore, you are better advised to start with a tiny amount at first. We daresay even two pieces are enough in some cases. Please do not forget to remove the seeds since they are hazardous for your cat and lead to a choking incident. If it is the first time you are feeding pineapples to your cat, you would have to watch and observe the dinner. Any sign of an allergy, you must snatch away that bowl immediately!  

Are canned pineapples safe?

Just because pineapples are fine doesn’t mean the same follows for the canned pineapple. Yes, there is a lot of difference between these two! Why are canned pineapples a no-no for your cat? Well, the canned version of the fruit has several downsides. One, it is loaded with sugars and preservatives of all sorts. Second, canned slices are no match for the fresh version of the fruit. And finally, purchasing canned pineapples for your cat makes no sense since you will give pineapples to your cat only as a treat! 

Did you know this?

Some canned foods have pineapple in them! Yes, we get the stunning look on your face, which came as a bit of a shock to us as well. However, we can tell you that it is not something which should upset you too much. As you might have gathered from our tone so far, pineapples are not exactly some poison that you should avoid at all costs. Rather, the pineapple flavor adds more to the taste of cat food. This is exactly why we see some of the famous cat food products featuring a tinge of pineapple in their formula. What should you do? The next time you are out shopping for cat food, make sure you read the label twice. Put that tin back on the shelf if it has pineapple in its formula. It might be a good idea to recheck some of the cat food you have got at home! 

Will my cat-like pineapples?

It is tough to fathom the way the feline mind works! Cats are quite unpredictable, and saying for sure what your cat’s response might be to a slice of pineapple is a hard thing to predict. However, there are a couple of factors on which you can base the answer to this particular query. One, cats love to sink their teeth into pretty much everything in front of them. Pineapples are exactly the sort of fruit your cat would love to bite on. But we don’t want you to force the issue in case you get the feeling that your cat isn’t really into pineapples. No point shoving something down your pet’s throat, which it doesn’t like, is there? 

What about pineapple leaves?

This has to be the most comprehensive guide about pineapples and their suitability regarding the feline digestive system. We are going to talk about the leaves now! We would advise against feeding pineapple leaves to your cat. Why must you ask? Well, the pineapple leaves are full of phloem sap, and this nutrient fluid can lead to an allergic reaction, at the very least. Several enzymes are found in the pineapple leaves, which can lead to a severe allergic reaction, for example, swelling. It is up to you to stop your cat from devouring these leaves out of curiosity. We say, throw away the pineapple leaves at the first chance; they aren’t of much use to you anyway. 

Pineapple tops and cats

Bromelain is the name of the enzyme found abundantly in the leaves and the pineapple crowns and tops. This is the very enzyme that causes allergic reactions in cats. So, you can understand why feeding pineapple tops isn’t a great idea either. We have got no issues with the occasional serving of a slice or two. But when you start experimenting with many things,, things begin to get out of control. People ask, is it toxic? Is it safe? Well, sometimes, there isn’t a black and white. Allergies aren’t poisonous, and we will stop ranting now! 

Is pineapple juice safe for my cat?

Yet another question that is asked frequently when it comes down to feline menus. We forbade you from feeding your cat canned pineapples, and the very same rule applies to pineapple juice as well. Pineapple juice isn’t great for your cat because it has a lot of sugar in it. One has to be careful when it comes down to managing the sugar content of a feline diet. You might not notice it at first, but your cat can gain some weight swiftly if the diet is a little imbalanced. So, to stay on the safe side, it is best not to offer your pet the pineapple juice!  

The verdict

Well, the final verdict is here, folks. One or two pineapple slices will do the trick, provided these are offered as a treat and not too often. There are several side effects associated with the leaves, crowns, or tops. So, in the best interest of your pet’s health, we implore you to ditch these side items. Pineapple juice is also not fine by us. So, we can assume that while cats can eat pineapple and it is certainly not a toxic fruit, there are certain side effects of overdosing on this sugary fruit. So, caution must be exercised! 


Well, folks, that would be all for now. We wish we could go on a bit, but the limitations of time and space force us to conclude this discussion here. There is so much to talk about when it comes down to feline diet. If you are thinking that is all that exists about cats and pineapples, you couldn’t be mistaken more! On an optimistic note that you learned something, if not everything from this discussion, we bid you farewell!

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