Can Cats Eat Oranges?

Cats are pets that can be kept if you are the sort of owner who does not like to spend too much time and effort on taking care of your pets. You can be a good owner of a cat if you do not like too much maintenance of the pet that you are keeping. Unlike dogs, who appreciate the extra affection, cats will feel comfortable enough if they are left by themselves and if they are fed on a daily and a regular basis. They will not bother you too much and they are completely fine with a lack of companionship.

Cats do require going out once in a while and they prefer to roam around in fields. They will sit in the grass and at times eat the grass for their digestion. The grass is quite good for the cat’s digestion and if you ever find that your cat is feeling constipated take it to a park or anywhere outside where grass will be readily available and in abundance. Remember that cats are omnivores and grass is never harmful to their health. The health of the cat is very important if you want your cat to live long enough.

Importance of getting the right diet

Can Cats Eat Oranges? Is It Safe? - Tuxedo Cat

Humans and cats have different anatomy which also requires them to have a different diet based on their body functions and requirements. This major element distinguishes both living creatures from one another. For that reason, humans require certain food items more than cats might and vise versa. With the right diet, any creature is going to perform at its epitome.

It is important to have a healthy diet no matter who or what you are. Therefore, there cannot be enough emphasis on how it is important to look after a cat’s diet as an owner. Especially since they cannot look after themselves and are highly dependent on their owners. Which makes their owners responsible for their daily intake.

Improving your cat’s diet

The more you look after the cat and their diet the more likely they are to function well and healthily. This will also help you at keeping a healthy pet that fulfills your needs of nurturing a cat, especially if you are keen on keeping cats. This will help you become a responsible cat owner who understands their pet’s needs and requirements. 

It has also been noticed that cats with a healthy diet tend to have a positive personality as well which influences them to interact with their owners and people around them differently. Giving you more reasons to look after your cat’s diet by sectioning it as per their requirements and preferences. Not every cat might have the same taste or liking when it comes to certain foods. However, with the right supervision, you can ensure that your cat gets exactly what it needs. 

Considering how important it is to keep your cat’s diet healthy, with the wrong elements you can potentially harm your pet and their health. This results in several different issues that lead to outcomes that no pet owner wished to go through. 

Are oranges good for cats?

Can Cats Eat Oranges? Is It Safe? - Tuxedo Cat

Oranges are good for your health. Even as humans, oranges give you that vitamin C that your body needs to protect itself from cancer. There are fibers in oranges. Fibers are very important for the body because they give the body fluidity in terms of digestion. It is very unlikely that any human will feel ill or sick after they eat oranges, granted that they eat oranges in the required amount, and do not overdo it. Oranges also contain citrus. Citrus and vitamin C, both are very good for your skin.

Cats are omnivorous by nature, which is why many people think that they may be able to eat most fruits. They can eat some plants, but not all. For starters, cats might not be able to digest limes or kiwis, any type of fruit that contains citrus may severely harm your cat and its digestive system in the long run. Be sure that you do your research before you feed your cat any type of fruit, to make sure that you do not end up harming your cat in an attempt to make your cat healthier.

There are some fruits out there which lack any sort of citrus and any substances that may potentially harm your cat for the worse. It is important to understand that if you do plan on feeding your cat fruits and you feed it a fruit that is not good for its health. Watermelon is one of these fruits that can be given to your cats without any worries. It is low in calories and it will not make your cat obese in any way, shape, or form. It is the ideal fruit to give to your cat on a hot summer day.

Since citrus is not good for your cat, oranges are most definitely a no-no. Giving your cat oranges might lead to it having some digestive problems and apart from that, it might end up with an upset stomach. Citrus will not severely harm your cat but the entire taste and the senses that come with it will cause your cat some level of stress which is not good for its body. It will start to feel unsafe and it might become ready to attack if it feels any sort of threat. This is very important to consider.

Just because you can give your cat oranges does not mean that you SHOULD give your cat oranges. Any sort of distress that may be caused by the citrus may cause further issues within your cat’s brain. It might start associating its surroundings; which is your home with negativity. It will no longer feel safe and it will not trust the food that you are giving to it. in dire situations, this might even lead to starvation if your cat becomes too distrustful when it comes to you and the food that you are giving to it.

What other fruits are good for cats?

There are some fruits apart from watermelon that you can give to your cat. For example, blueberries and other kinds of berries are very high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are very good for your cat, they may help kill the bacteria that is inside its body and they may be able to protect it from diseases. Your cat may be able to develop a much longer lifespan if you give it berries when required. It does not have to be often because at the end of the day, even berries act as sugars and can lead to your cat is obese. Apart from that blueberries might be the safest choice when it comes to feeding your cat any type of fruit. Antioxidants may also be able to prevent any type of cancer that might start to develop within your cat.

Even when you do give it fruits, remember to give your cat a very small amount of that fruit. It is very important that you do not give it excessive fruit. This may do less good than it would harm, it may lead to an upset stomach and your cat might start to have diarrhea. In dire cases, you might find that the cat will start vomiting all over the place. You may even have to take it to the vet.

When it comes to oranges, you will rarely find the need to feed your cat because they do not give any sort of benefits for the cat’s health. They probably do not even taste good for the cat. The cat might not even prefer the tangy taste that they will get when they taste even a little bit of that orange. 

Precautions before giving fruits to your cat

Can Cats Eat Oranges?

Remember that even if you do plan on giving your cat some sort of fruit, always remember to take to the seeds first. The seeds may not seem like much to the human throat, but a cat will easily choke on them. Apart from that, cats are very likely to face health issues because seeds contain arsenic which is not good for the human body, let alone for the cat’s body. Arsenic is basically poison for cats and humans, if a cat does happen to intake a seed, it will eventually start to feel some sort of imbalance in terms of how it is feeling. There is a chance that in severe cases, it might even die.

There are some cats out there who might have developed the taste of oranges, in cases like this, it is your responsibility to keep them away from the cat. Do not let your cat anywhere near the oranges and do not let it eat them under any circumstances. This will not be the case for most because cats usually do not like the taste of oranges.


In conclusion, oranges have absolutely no health benefits for cats and it is always best to avoid feeding cats any types of foods that may be even slightly harmful to them and always remember to do your research.

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